Wednesday 16 February 2011

Last year’s QAFL grand finalists Labrador will have searching test first-up in the Club Aid pre-season competition when they clash with Southport and the Gold Coast Suns on the opening day.

With two 40-minute matches for each team, it provides for a bonanza of football at both Southport and Redland on 12 March.

Labrador and Aspley host the second round of fixtures involving the NEAFL clubs plus four under 18 sides on Saturday 19 March.

Matches will be played over two by 20 minutes halves, with a 10-minute break at halftime.

Clubs will be allowed to field a maximum of 28 players in each game.

The winner of the competition will be the team with the most wins and the highest aggregate score for the four matches, not percentage, encouraging attacking football.

The Gold Coast Suns will not participate in the second week of the competition, but the Brisbane Lions will.

Dates and times of the fixtures are:

Round 1

Saturday 12 March

Fankhauser Reserve, Southport

11am: GC Scorpions 1 v GC Scorpions 2
12.10pm: Southport v GC Scorpions 2
1.20pm: Broadbeach v GC Scorpions 1
2.30pm: Labrador v Southport
3.40pm: Broadbeach v GC Suns
4.50pm: Labrador v GC Suns

Victoria Point, Redlands

10.00am: Bris Scorpions 2 v Bris Scorpions 1
11.10am: Bris Scorpions 2 v Mt Gravatt
12.20pm: Aspley v Bris Scorpions 1

1.30pm: Redland v Mt Gravatt

2.40pm: Morningside v Aspley

3.50pm: Redland v Brisbane Lions

5.00pm: Morningside v Brisbane Lions

Round 2

Saturday 19 March

Cooke-Murphy Oval, Labrador

11am: Labrador v GC Scorpions 2

12.10pm: Labrador v Broadbeach

1.20pm: Broadbeach v GC Scorpions 2

2.30pm: Redland v GC Scorpions 1

3.40pm: Redland v Southport

4.50pm: Southport v GC Scorpions 1

Graham Road, Aspley

11.00am: Bris Scorpions 1 v Mt Gravatt

12.10pm: Morningside v Mt Gravatt

1.20pm: Morningside v Bris Scorpions 1

2.30pm: Aspley v Brisbane Lions

3.40pm: Brisbane Lions v Bris Scorpions 2

4.50pm: Aspley v Bris Scorpions 2

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