Two days until the Draft: QLD clubs

There are  two days left until the AFL draft, and now the final order has been locked in.

In a draft that runs deeper than most, it is widely expected that there will be around 70 live picks in the draft, meaning it’s one of the most intriguing in recent history.

St Kilda will be the first non-expansion team to hold the top pick since Melbourne selected Tom Scully in 2009 (ironically, now playing with GWS).

Our Queensland teams have already had to make some selections, with the Lions using two selections on Academy players, Liam Dawson and Harris Andrews and one on father-son selection, Josh Clayton, while the SUNS are upgrading three of their rookies.

So, come Thursday, when will the Lions and SUNS have to make their calls?


The draft will be a much more low-key affair for the Lions this year, with many of their draft picks already tied up. Last year, a raft of player departures meant the Lions had six picks before end of the second round.

As well as the Academy picks, the Lions traded away their first two picks of the draft (5 and 21) for Dayne Beams and Allen Christensen and because of that, they will have a pretty cruisy draft night.

Here is how their picks stand now:

44. Liam Dawson

61. Harris Andrews

65. Pick from Collingwood received in Beams trade

73. Round five pick

81. Round six pick

86. Father-son


The SUNS used their minimum three picks in the 2013 draft but they could have a bit more to do this Thursday night.

While Gold Coast haven’t pre-selected any Academy players, they have committed two of their picks to upgrading rookies, Queenslanders Andrew Boston and Josh Hall. These upgrades are included in the minimum of three selections required by each club. Given they have three picks in the first two rounds, expect them to select at least three other players on top of the rookies.

8. Round one pick

15. Received from Geelong via a trade in 2012; originally received by the Cats as compensation for Gary Ablett)

29. Round two pick

64. Round four pick

74. Round five pick

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