Toyota AFL Diversity Ambassador: Muhammed Ansary

Muhammed Ansary is an AFLQ Multicultural Community Ambassador who plays a key role in assisting AFLQ staff to have a strong community engagement presence through Brisbane and surrounds.

Ansary, who is of Islamic heritage, was a key contributor to the organisation and delivery of the Bachar Houli Cup and Iftar Dinner events in alignment with Bachar Houli Foundation state funding. In recognition of his service, Ansary was awarded The Bachar Houli Foundation Award in 2021.

In addition to his voluntary work as an AFLQ Multicultural Ambassador, Ansary is the Director and Founder of not for profit organisation, Merciful Servants. Inspired through the faith of Islam, Ansary and his team of more than 100 volunteers selflessly serve the homeless communities in Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast by providing food, water, clothing and much needed non-tangible items to those in desperate need.

On top of his full-time work commitments, Ansary spends his time organising and executing three service days per week.

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