Saturday 12 March 2011

A young team of teenagers playing under the banner of the Brisbane Scorpions are the shock leaders in the NEAFL Club Aid Trophy pre-season competition following today’s opening fixtures.

The young Scorpions and the Brisbane Lions Reserves are the only unbeaten teams, although the Scorpions have a far better aggregate.

Highly regarded midfielder Adam Oxley, a star performer at the State Under Championships last year, led the charge in a 42-point win over Aspley after the Scorpions easily accounted for another Under 18 combination in their opening game.

The two best contests in the northern division at Colburn Avenue, Victoria Point involved the Lions in a 10-point win over Redland and three-point success of the last QAFL premiers Morningside.

Recruits Caleb Brown and Adam Spackman showed they will add plenty to the Panthers when the premiership season begins, while Albert Proud was solid in his first hit-out for Mt Gravatt.

In the southern division at Labrador, Broadbeach and the Gold Coast Suns finished as the most successful teams with a win and a draw each.

The two clubs fought out a thrilling draw late in the day with the scores being locked after 20 minutes and again at fulltime.

Rover Dayne Zorko was in blistering form in the second game.

Most clubs opted to rotate plenty of players through their teams in the two games on the day, but the Cats should take plenty of heart from their efforts.

Club Aid Round 1 Results:

GC Scorpions 2: 2.4, 2.9.21

GC Scorpions 1: 5.0, 7.3.45

Goals GC Scorpions 2: F Eaton W Bacon.

Goals GC Scorpions 1: D Payne, S Michael, A Patton, L Chitty, N Sharp, K Scown, J Nundhirribala.

Best GC Scorpions 2: B Haberfield, J Wardle, F Thurlow, K Brennan

Best GC Scorpions 1: S Michael, N Sharp, L Chitty, J Nundhirribala

Southport: 4.4, 10.6.66

GC Scorpions 2: 0.0, 1.1.7

Goals Southport: M Payne 3, A Rentoul 2, M Huxtable, D O’Brien, D James, B Grant, G Screech

Goals GC Scorpions 2: K Brennan

Best Southport: T Daniels, A Rentoul, B Headland, N Trevena.

Best GC Scorpions 2: H Joyce, B Haberfield, J Royes, J Wardle.

Broadbeach: 4.4, 10.6.66

GC Scorpions 1: 3.1, 4.1.19

Goals Broadbeach: R Hooper 3, T Rolfe 2, S Goodheer, A McKenzie, T Hansen, M Corria, A Campbell.

Goals GC Scorpions 1: L Chitty, T Fields, D Van Derwerkin, D Dewis.

Best Broadbeach: T Rolfe, N Brown, B Nelson, B Morgan.

Best GC Scorpions 1: J Skennar, A Patton, N Sharp, J Kolka.

Labrador: 2.4, 7.7.49

Southport: 3.2, 4.3.27

Goals Labrador: J Howard 3, N Stockdale 2, M Talbot, A Clarke.

Goals Southport: B Slater, K Morris, J Baxter, D Putt.

Best Labrador: M Clarke, N Stockdale, J Howard, M Talbot.

Best Southport: K Morris, J Baxter, D Weymouth, D Putt.

Broadbeach: 1.3, 3.4.22

GC Suns: 1.3, 3.4.22

Goals Broadbeach: D Zorko 2, R Hooper

Goals GC Suns: J Stanley, S May, N Walker.

Best Broadbeach: D Zorko, M Fife, J Emblem, J Pantic.

Best GC Suns: J Tippett, R Thompson, M Shaw, S May.

Labrador: 0.1, 0.1.1

GC Suns: 0.3, 7.5.47

Goals GC Suns: R Thompson 3, S May 2, N Ablett, J Wilkinson.

Best Labrador: T Zimmer, D Gavin, M McGill, J Slattery

Best GC Suns: R Thompson, L Sands, J Wilkinson, J Crawford.

Brisbane Scorpions 1: 3.3, 10.5.65

Brisbane Scorpions 2: 1.2, 3.2.20

Goals B Scorpions 1: N Davidson 2, C Murphy 2, J Smith, T Brimble, A Sexton, C Wittkopp, C Cameron, J Bourke, A Dickfos.

Goals B Scorpions 2: S Crook, N Lancaster.

Best B Scorpions 1: S Adams, S Panaho, J Smith, S Cabrera.

Best B Scorpions 2: D Daye, N Lancaster, C Malone, T Colburn.

Brisbane Scorpions 2: 2.1, 3.1.19

Mt Gravatt: 4.2, 11.3.69

Goals B Scorpions 2: J Ives, J Bain, M Waltisbuhl.

Goals Mt Gravatt: L Scott 2, R Estall 2, N Reid 2, D Mowat, Troy Jamieson, J Smith, C Smith, J Murphy.

Best B Scorpions 2: A Laskey, J Allen, L Reynods, C Malone.

Best Mt Gravatt: D Mitchell, R Estall, L Scott, K Buis.

Aspley: 1.0, 2.2.14

Brisbane Scorpions 1: 4.2, 8.8.56

Goals Aspley: G Page 2

Goals B Scorpions: T Brimble 2, P Yagmoor 2, B Coleman-Broome, C Murphy, C Cameron, A Sexton.

Best Aspley: D Kirwan, M Hutchinson, G Page, M Scholard.

Best B Scorpions 1: A Oxley, C Murphy, J Smith, J Wagner.

Redland: 3.2, 5.8.38

Mt Gravatt: 1.0, 2.1.13

Goals Redland: A Corrie 2, S Clouston, J Pullman, P Carse.

Goals Mt Gravatt: M Hamill, R Cash.

Best Redland: J McDonald, M Thomson, J Pullman, S Clouston.

Best Mt Gravatt: M Harley, A Scott, C Smith, A Proud.

Aspley: 1.2, 3.2.20

Morningside: 5.0, 5.3.33

Goals Aspley: J Nelis, J Brain, S Stavenuiter

Goals Morningside: J Williams 2, C Brown, S Faure, J Angus

Best Aspley: J Brain, D Bevan, M Davis, T Falconer.

Best Morningside: C Brown, S Brown, A Spackman, A Potter.

Redland: 2.1, 5.3.33

Brisbane Lions: 3.3, 6.7.43

Goals Redland: S Clouston 2, B Weightman, J Carey, B Rees

Goals B Lions: J Polec 2, T Collier, C Hudghton, B Retzlaff, P Karnezis

Best Redland: B Howard, S Clouston, J McDonald, T Reynolds.

Best B Lions: B Retzlaff, J Green, J Fox, J Polec.

Morningside: 3.1, 5.2.32

Brisbane Lions: 4.2, 5.5.35

Goals Morningside: B Keyser 3, K Abey, A Spackman.

Goals B Lions: J Polec 2, R Newell, N McKeever, R Harwood.

Best Morningside: A Spackman, L Edwards, N Kinch, L Ferguson.

Best B Lions: S Sheldon, J Polec, R Harwood, J Dyson.

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