AFL Queensland Statement: Jesse Derrick Appeal

AFL Queensland today advised Palm Beach Currumbin Football Club and Broadbeach Football Club that Palm Beach Captain, Jesse Derrick, is cleared to play in this Saturday’s Grand Final between Palm Beach and Labrador at Southport.

Jesse Derrick was charged for ‘Engaging in Unreasonable Rough Conduct’ by the AFL Queensland Match Review Panel (MRP) following a dangerous tackle in his side’s qualifying win over Broadbeach in week one of the finals series.  Jesse Derrick was offered a three-week suspension that could be reduced to a two-week suspension with an early guilty plea.

Jesse Derrick chose to have the matter heard by the AFL Queensland Independent Tribunal. At the hearing, he pleaded guilty to the charge, however in accordance with Clause 2.14 (d) of the 2017 State and Territory Tribunal Guidelines, sought a reduction in penalty based on his exemplary record.

Through his advocate, Jesse Derrick was successful in putting forward a case for a reduction of penalty and was suspended for one match. Jesse Derrick served his suspension the following week in the club’s semi-final win over Labrador.

Subsequently, the Broadbeach Football Club requested an appeal of the decision on the grounds that the penalty was ‘manifestly inadequate’. The matter was referred to the AFL Queensland Independent Appeals Board, who presided over the matter on Wednesday 13th September.

The Appeals Board upheld the appeal brought before them and imposed a three-match suspension on Jesse Derrick, of which one week had already been served.

Following the Appeal, AFL Queensland received correspondence from the Palm Beach Currumbin Football Club requesting the procedures surrounding the Independent Appeal hearing be urgently reviewed.

AFL Queensland referred the matter to an independent legal practitioner for review and sought counsel from AFL Legal.

Following receipt of the advice AFL Queensland has determined that:

  • that the findings of the appeal board be set aside.
  • The original sanction imposed by the Tribunal at first instance be reinstated

AFL Queensland has informed Broadbeach, Labrador and Palm Beach Currumbin of the above determination and that Jesse Derrick is now eligible to play in the Grand Final.



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