South East SUNS honour their origins

New club, new culture, new values, but still very respectful of the past.

At half time of their game against Beenleigh tomorrow, the South East Suns will honour the life members of its origin clubs.

South East Suns president, Benny Head, said that it’s important to acknowledge all parts of its history.

“It’s a new club. When Logan City Cobras were the Woodridge Woodpeckers, they acknowledged all those members 30 years ago. So as we change names and identities it is important to honour your past and keep your heritage and history,” Head said.

It wont just be the senior club life members out there tomorrow tomorrow, the Logan City junior club life members will also be recognised.

“We are expecting up to 30 life members tomorrow, who will all be presented with a Suns membership badge,” he said.

Head believes that honouring the previous history that lead to the rise of the Suns will help them establish themselves within the community.

“It’s a new culture, it’s a new beginning, and it’s about getting a bit of respect of the community,” he said.

“It’s all about creating a community atmosphere and a culture where all people can attend, watch, and play.”

As for on field, the Suns have started brilliantly in their first season.

After 11 games, they are 8-3, sitting in third spot on the ladder, with a finals appearance beckoning.

“We have a solid executive committee of seven, a normal committee of 14, there’s a lot more people involved than in the past, we have a lot more at training, we have line coaches, we have a professional coaching group, and it’s reflected in our position on the ladder,” Head said.

The future is bright.

1973 – Woodridge Woodpeckers formed, who later became the Logan City Cobras.

1998 – Beenleigh Buffalos formed off of Logan City

2014 – Logan City Cobras became South East Suns

By Andrew Wiles – @andrewjwiles

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