Wednesday 29 September 2010

Dashing midfielder-forward Jamie Sheahan has won Aspley’s best and fairest award in an extra-tight vote count.

The top six players finished within 16 votes of each other, with Sheahan holding on to beat the ultra consistent Sam Carpenter by eight votes.

Reece Toye, equally as good in the midfield, was just two votes behind, while Rolls Royce Matt Shir’s late season injury prevented him from finished better than equal fourth alongside the fast-finishing Robert Copeland.

Sheahan was so dynamic in his first year in the QAFL that he was heavily tagged through the last two months but still claimed the top prize.

He joins Lucas Matthews as the winner of the Aspley club champion award in the State League.

Local area juniors Adam Hughes and Declan Bevan shared the Most Improved Award.

Top 10:

106: Jamie SHEAHAN
96: Reece TOYE
91: Matt SHIR
91: Robert COPELAND
90: Tyson  HARTWIG
75: Dan ROY  
74: Sean TIGHE
69: Brent EVANS
68: Bryce CARROLL

Most Improved: Adam Hughes and Declan Bevan
Best Team Man: Matt Nickerson
Most Courageous: Dan Roy
Coaches Award: Scott Waters
Most Consistent: Tyson Hartwig

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