Join community footy writer, Beth Newman, for live updates from the SEQAFL Division One Grand Final day.

5:10pm: FULL-TIME PALM BEACH 18. 19 (127) – SPRINGWOOD 12.10 (82)
It was third time lucky for Palm Beach, beating Springwood in the grand final.

Springwood came out firing, but they couldn’t convert their advantage to scoreboard pressure.

It took until the 11th minute of the final term for any score, let alone a goal, with  Kristan Higgs slotting a crucial major, to take the margin to 38.

Bryce Perry-Bolt finished with seven for the day, after kicking five in the first.

Any chance of a Springwood resurgence were slashed when James Pennycuick was given a second yellow card in the final quarter.

Jesse Derrick was sensational for Palm Beach, with a super consistent effort playing off the half-forward flank, while Dean Shegog dominated in the ruck.

And a goal on the siren  sweetened the deal for the LIons.

5:08pm: There’s not much time left, but one vocal woman is still cheering for the Pumas. The overriding cheers are a chant of ‘CCCCaaaaarrrrollll” though.

5:04pm: Palm Beach kicks another behind. They haven’t kicked that straight, but they only need to keep it up their end to win this.

5:00pm: Perry-Bolt goes for his eighth, but misses.

4:58pm: Angus Munro kicks another for Palm Beach. And he’s about to become a premiership captain.

4:57pm: Springwood’s mini-resurgence is over now, with James Pennycuick yellow: carded.

4:55pm: Angus Hubert boots it to a running Dom Nash, who dribbles it through.

4:52pm: Higgs kicked a crucial goal. Palm Beach have basically sealed this.

Not enough time for the Pumas, they have run out of gas.

4:51pm: Springwood are trying to take the game on, but fatigue is catching up with them. They’ve been caught holding the ball heaps.

4:48pm: The margin has been at 32 for a while – there’s been no score this quarter.

4:46pm: Springwood have had the sway of the quarter, but they are still struggling to convert. I think they’re going to run out of time.

4:44pm: It’s been hot and bruising today and both teams are feeling it. It’s going to be last man standing.

4:42pm: Palm Beach are still dominating in the ruck. Dean Shegog shoulders the load pretty much single-handedly and he’s doing well.

4:41pm: Springwood have come out with intent. They’re not giving this up without a fight.

4:40pm: Last quarter – here we go.

4:35pm: THREE-QUARTER TIME: PALM BEACH15. 16 (106) – 11.8 (74)

Palm Beach continued their momentum in the premiership quarter, with the first two goals of the term.

Youngster, Angus Hubert, stopped the flow with a goal for the Pumas, and they started taking the game back.

Springwood’s tackling pressure lifted as the quarter progressed, and the enigmatic Rhan Hooper slotted the next goal of he game, taking the margin back to 22.

Both sides butchered chances as the quarter went on, but Kristen Higgs broke the deadlock.

Alarm bells would have gone through the Palm Beach box as Jackson Emblem was taken off the ground, with a stretcher almost brought on.

The Pumas will need a massive quarter, but whether Palm Beach’s injuries impact will be telling.

4:31pm: Jackson Emblem being taken off the ground in a bit of pain. Copped a bit of contact. Palm Beach’s injuries could come back to hurt them.

Blake Schneider also looking a bit sore, having gone for a stroll around the ground.

4:28pm: Jesse Derrick sprays one, and both sides are looking exhausted now.

4:27pm: I think I should apologise in advance, if Springwood lose this, because I haven’t tipped a Saturday game the whole finals series.

4:26pm: Palm Beach captain, Angus Munro, takes a mark and KRISTAN HIGGS FLIES! He’s 25m out on a very slight angle, and he’s kicked it.

This is getting harder for Springwood.

4:24pm: Kristan Higgs snaps from a pocket stoppage and it misses to the right.

4:22pm: The Pumas have lifted their intensity this quarter, they just need to start scoring.

4:21pm: Proud kicks it to Rhan Hooper, who could really put the Pumas back in action.

He’s kicked it! They need four goals now.

4:19pm: Springwood have managed to stop Palm Beach’s flow of goals, but they can’t capitalise.

4:17pm: It’s out on the full and someone in the crowd has put themselves in the mix for a call up with a mark in the crowd.

4:15pm: They’ve exchanged turnovers and the Pumas have cost themselves an opportunity.

4:15pm: Angus Hubert kicks an absolutely crucial goal for the Pumas. It’s back to 28.

4:13pm: Jesse Derrick takes a mark in the 50, and he’s lining up for Palm Beach’s third in a row. He’s missed it and the margin is 34.

4:12pm: Palm Beach are looking confident now, and Springwood need to lift. The Pumas have been great finishers this season, and they’re going to need a mammoth comeback here.

4:10pm: Sam Bourke has a great pick up and boots it from 50. The Mullet gets his first.

4:08pm: Bryce Perry-Bolt for number seven. He’s picked a good day to kick back into form.

4:07pm: Nathan Carr takes a grab for the Lions and he’ll be kicking from outside  50. He’s shanked it – unusual for the generally reliable kick.

4:05pm: Pierce Field kicking off the third quarter action.

Jake Furfaro has the first clearance – perfect start for the Pumas

4:01pm: Last half of senior community footy for the year about to kick off.

Half time sprint winners were Sharni Webb (Zillmere) and Mathew Peters (PBC).

Ran a lot faster than I could ever hope to.

3:43pm:  HALF TIME  PALM BEACH 12.10 (82) – SPRINGWOOD 9.6 (60)

It was an arm wrestle in the second, with neither side really taking the game by the scruff of the neck.

Palm Beach’s Jesse Derrick continued his strong opening term into the second, playing further up the ground.

Springwood’s Josh Mitchell was exceptional on the half-forward line, taking some key intercept marks.

Youngster Angus Hubert got involved as the quarter went on.

Jackson Emblem stood up in the backline, particularly late in the quarter.

The Lions shot themselves in the foot deep in the Pumas’ forward line, but the Pumas couldn’t take advantage of the opportunities.

A goal umpire had to come off late in the term, adding an interesting twist to the game.

A goal to James Pennycuick stopped a run of Lions goals, but Bryce Perry-Bolt replied with his sixth, to keep Palm Beach ahead.

Then, like an instant replay, Pennycuick and Perry-Bolt  exchanged scores again.

3:41pm: PENNYCUICK!!! He has been sensational. Absolute X-Factor.

3:40pm: Perry-Bolt replies with his sixth of the day. Unbelievable performance from him after a quiet few weeks.

3:37pm: Pennycuick kicks a monster goal adding a massive high to his day ,and a crucial goal for the Pumas

3:36pm: Carr passes one off to veteran, Matt Carroll and he kicks another for Palm Beach.

3:33pm: Nathan Carr open goal square and he’s slotted it.The goal umpire was collected in the excitement and the third scorer will be replacing her.

3:31pm: Palm Beach are doing everything to give Springwood chances, but the Pumas aren’t biting.

3:29pm: Mark Thompson has just gone over the railing – some of the spectators getting a bit closer to the action than they anticipated.

3:28pm: Brent Pearson kicks his first of the day, after a bit of discussion from the umpires.

Palm Beach are 17 points up.

3:27pm: Rhan Hooper runs into an open goal square and kicks his first. He’s been serviceable so far today.

3:26pm: Rob Raudino snaps around the body, but Palm Beach’s Blake Schneider beats it to the line.

3:23pm: Angus Hubert finishes off a frantic passage of play, but it dribbles through to the left.

3:20pm: Clint Kelly nabs one for the Lions, they’re up by 15 points.

3:19pm: Bit of sprinkle on the windows now.

3:18pm: Springwood’s Josh Mitchell takes another intercept mark. He’s been strong this quarter – using his body well.

3:17pm: Palm Beach dominating at the stoppages, but can’t convert their chances – it’s been a problem all year.

3:14pm: Bit of a discussion about boot colours in the box. Hard to believe coloured boots were so controversial.

3:13pm: Jesse Derrick has pushed up the ground, and he’s still ripping it up. A few tipped him for BOG, and if it wasn’t for Perry-Bolt’s opening term, he’d be hard to beat.

3:11pm: It’s been a nice quarter-time break. Beautiful temp in the air-conditioned time keeper’s box.

3:06pm: QUARTER TIME:  PALM BEACH 7.5 (47) – SPRINGWOOD 6.1 (37)

The two best sides in the competition made it to the final day of the year, and they showed their desire from the get go.

Springwood were the first on the board, with a major to Greg Friis, but both midfields were showing their desire, with incredible

Jesse Derrick, on the half-forward flank, was instrumental for the Lions, setting up two early goals.

Palm Beach had most of the opportunities, but the goal kicking woes that have plagued them all season reared their ugly head once again.

Bryce Perry-Bolt had five for the quarter, towelling up Nick Tronc early, before Blake Wallis was switched on to the big man.

On a sour note for the Lions, Aaron Davis was stretchered off the ground with a suspected knee injury, late in the term.

Two late goals to the Pumas, courtesy of Braden Eddy and Jacob King, put the Pumas right back in the game.

King had a massive after the siren shot, and coolly slotted it to put the margin back to 10 points.

The Lions had the wind, so the onus is on the Pumas to take advantage of the breeze as the game goes on.


3:04pm: We’ve got an after the siren shot to King. AND HE HAS SLOTTED IT!

They’re right back in this.

3:02pm: Brayden Eddy kicks his first. And Springwood has another free kick nad shot at goal, for Jacob King.

Game on.

3:02pm: Bit of feeling in this one and James Pennycuick is given a yellow card.

3:00pm: The Pumas are looking a bit desperate now, they’re snapping at everything. They need to settle.

2:58pm: Perry-Bolt simply outmarks Wallis and he’s having a shot from point-blank range. HE HAS HIS FIFTH ALREADY!

2:57pm: Good vision from Albert Proud sets up a shot, but it misses, and they’re back to 22 points.

2:55pm: Zane Murphy kicks his first goal for the Lions. They’re out to a 23 point lead.

2:52pm: Massive blow for Palm Beach as the stretcher comes on for Aaron Davis. He can’t come back on for 20 minutes, but it doesn’t look good.

2:50pm: James Pennycuick kicks his first. He’s looking very fit, and warming into the game.

2:49pm: Blake Wallis has gone to Perry-Bolt.

2:48pm: Nathan Carr takes a strong mark and kicks his first.

They’re up by a bit now, but there’s a strong breeze.

2:47pm: Mark Hopkins is playing as a loose defender for the Pumas.

2:47pm: BRYCE PERRY-BOLT! HE HAS KICKED FOUR! It’s a snap around the body this time, he’s seeing it like a watermelon today.

2:45pm: He’s kicked it! It’s Tronc on Perry-Bolt – time for a change.

2:45pm: Perry-Bolt wins another free and he’s going for his third of the match already.

2:44pm: It’s a huge boot and he slots it. The Pumas need to reign him in.

2:43pm: Bryce Perry-Bolt presents beautifully and takes a mark. Lining up for his second now.

2:41pm: Palm Beach’s Matt Carroll wins a free kick, but it fades.

They’re now 1.4. Will their wobbly kicking come back to haunt them?

2:40pm: Matt Preston-Smith saves a certain goal, with a touch on the goal line.

2:39pm: Pumas co-captain, Mark Thompson, kicks his first of the day, and they’re back in front, by four points.

2:36pm: Jesse Derrick passes it off to a sprinting David Manning, who threatens but can’t finish.

He wins a free kick and will have a shot from about 40 out. He’s missed.

2:35pm: Clint Kelly takes a mark and passes to Bryce Perry-Bolt ,who lines up for the Lions’ first. He’s kicked it.

2:33pm: It’s ferocious early. Both sides want this. ( Just call me Captain Obvious).

2:32pm: Greg Friis kicks the first goal

2:31pm: Jesse Derrick has a shot on the run from the boundary, but it misses.

2:30pm: Proudy is already having a stamp on the game – with a sensational smother.

2:28pm: Here we go!!!!

2:20pm: Bench for Palm Beach is Sam Bourke, Ben Heffernan-Roper, Brent Pearson and Kristan Higgs. No changes to the tam they named on Thursday.

No changes for Springwood either.

2:20pm: It’s ACDC for the Lions. Long Way to The Top – they’ve had two grand final losses in the last two years, is there a bit of symbolism in their choice of song?

2:18pm: The Pumas are running out to Holy Grail. They’re the third S… team to run out in a grand final today and they’re two for two. An omen?

2:13pm: Up There Cazaly has just come on the loud speakers. Setting the tone. The big one is 15 minutes away.

2:05pm: Dylan Armstrong is best on ground.

1:58pm: THEY’VE DONE IT! Surfers are undefeated and back-to-back premiers.

They’ve beaten the Magpies with a strong performance, 16.8 (104) – 9.11 (65).

1:54pm: Daniel Green cleans up and he’s had a pretty good game today.

1:52pm: Philip Nolan kicks his third and the Demons are out to 40 points.

1:51pm: Bryce Crossley kicks one for the Magpies, and the margin is 34 again.

1:48pm: Team sheets are in for the seniors game – No Tim Fielding for the Lions.

1:44pm: Jay Suban goes back for his third and he’s kicked it. The Demons are loving it!! The big unit has had a great second half.

1:42pm: Cameron Steward kicks his first for the day for Surfers, they’re out to a 34-point lead.

1:41pm: Another Surfers goal, to Daniel Green, and surely it’s game over now. Though, anything can happen.

1:38pm: KUBBY KICKS ANOTHER! kicked it from the boundary, with a dribbler. The little bloke has finally found his voice, after being well-held early.

1:31pm: Kale Reed kicks his first for the day.

The Magpies are playing with 17 men, after a red card to Jack Green.

1:26pm: THREE-QUARTER TIME: SURFERS 11.7 (73)  – MAGPIES 5.8 (38).

The Magpies hit back in the third term, but couldn’t wrestle the advantage off the defending premiers.

Big man Jay Suban stamped his authority on the forward line in that term.

Magpies’ Matt Green has been good for his side.

One quarter to go and the Demons are 30 minutes away from a possible back-to-back flags and a perfect season.

1:24pm: Mason Doyle goes for a run down the far wing, and it’s back in the Surfers 50.

1:22pm: Daniel Green picks it up out of traffic and hands it off to Benji Neal, who kicks another for the Demons. They lead by 35 points.

1:20pm: Jesse Hampel gives the Magpies a sniff, with his first goal of the day.

1:17pm: Kaleb Ross kicks one for the Magpies, but they’re still on the back foot.

1:15pm: Patty Rankin goes for a goal square mark but it ends up in a tumble.

1:12pm: Chris Mitchell’s shot drops short and Philip Nolan goes ssoooo close to a great pack mark. He can’t grab it and it looks like he’s cramping.

1:09pm: Suban lines up for his second. He’s got a bit of the Josh Kennedy twinkle toes, but it obviously works, because he kicks it.

1:06pm: Jay Suban takes a strong pack mark and he’s lining up for a Surfers goal. He slots it. They’re getting some breathing space now.

1:04pm: Magpies’ Jadan Morton boots one from 50, but it’s touched on the line.

1:00pm: Rhys Nossiter kicks his first for the game and Surfers’s lead is out to 27.

12:59pm: Third quarter just started and Chris Mitchell has taken a mark in Surfers’ 50 already. He’s just missed, but having a good game so far.

12:51pm: Last burger of the finals campaign, and it’s finishing on a high. No beetroot, but best bread of the tour and the patty is definitely quality.

For those not that interested in burgers, they’re also serving Subway. Genius!

12:39pm: One half to go, and it’s burger time. See you soon.

12:37pm: HALFTIME: SURFERS 7.2 (43) – MAGPIES 3.6 (24)

The Magpies clawed their way back into the match in the second quarter, but couldn’t convert their opportunities.

The Demons punished them the other way, despite good efforts from the Magpies’ defenders.

Daniel Green and Philip Nolan have two for the Demons.

12:36pm: Surfers has kicked one against the run of play. Christopher Kranz runs into an open goal. That’s a bit of a heartbreaker for the Magpies, who have been fighting hard all afternoon.

12:35pm: Magpies’ Clock Thompson takes a step and his shot just misses, to the right.

12:33pm: Surfers has upped the ante midway through this quarter. And, right on cue, they turn it over. The mozz strikes again.

12:29pm: The wind could play more than a bit part in this match. The magpies have sliced the lead back to only 14 points.

12:28pm: Two in a row for the Magpies! They’re using the breeze well this quarter, and Jadan Morton slots his first.

12:27pm: Peter Kilroy has absolutely thumped it for the Magpies’ second goal of the day.

12:25pm: The Magpies’ Brady Thomas is lining up from the timekeeper’s pocket, and it misses to the right.

12:22pm: Daniel Green takes a mark and picks up his second. The Demons lead 6.1 (37) – 1.3 (9)

12:19pm: James Power went down in a tackle and was clutching his leg. He is being helped off the ground.

12:15pm: Phillip Nolan kicks his second of the day to open the second-quarter scoring. It took thirteen minutes in the first quarter, but it was only a minute this time around.

12:14pm: Second quarter ready to go.

12:08pm: QUARTER TIME: Surfers 4.1 (25) – Magpies 1.1 (7)

12:07pm: Matthew Green slots the Magpies’ first, they’re trailing by 18 points now.

12:04pm: Nolan’s kicked a cracker for the Demons, and they’ve planted some authority on this match.

12:02pm: Chris Mitchell has another chance for the Demons. They’ve got the breeze on their back, and he slots it!

Surfers Paradise are up 3.1 (19) – 0.1 (1).

12:00pm: Daniel Green proves his value kicking the Demons’ second. They’re starting to convert their midfield dominance.

11:56am: The Demons’ Matthew Skrinnis takes a mark in the pocket and kicks the first goal of the game.

11:54am: Surfers’ Patty Rankin is being helped off the ground, looking a bit sore.

11:52am: Finally a score! But it’s only a point to Surfers Paradise’s Luke Gavin.

11:49am: It’s been parked in the Surfers 50 but the Magpies are tackling incredibly effectively.

11:47am: It’s been suffocating early. Neither side can break the duck. Not even a behind so far.

11:45am: Plenty of Surfers supporters have made the trek out to Giffin Park today. Should be some noise either way, from both supporter groups today.

11:43am: Ready to go. Can Surfers complete their perfect season and go back-to-back? We’re about to find out.

11:40am: reserves about to get underway. National anthem is a go.

11:30am: Luke Barker is man of the match and Adam Tipungwuti steals the show at the presentation, with a back flip.

11:16am: The Hawks have upset the Gorillas 13.17 (95) – 7.13 (55).

11:13am: The Hawks look to have the gas in the last and Trent ELY kicks the sealer!

11:07am: John Shaw gets one back for the Gorillas, reducing the margin to 33.

11:04am: ANOTHER FOR THE HAWKS! Corey Ladgrove gets it and they’ve got one foot on the flag. Still a bit of time left, though.

11:03am: Four in a row for the Hawks, with Tyler Cester kicking another. It’s the Hawks’ game to lose now. They lead 11.15 (81) – 6.12 (48)

11:01am: Hunt kicks another for Sandgate.

Meanwhile, it’s bad news for the Gorillas, as Boy-O Christie is helped off the ground.

11:00am: Cometh the man, cometh the moment. X-factor, Adam Tipungwuti pulls off a sensational step and kicks an absolutely vital goal for the Hawks.

Watch out if he gets on a roll now.

10:59am: Gotts is getting a bit too much space early and he’s got his second shot for the quarter. Will he get it?

10:54am: Sandgate’s Trent Ely slots the first for the Hawks, and his teammates love it!

10:51am: Last quarter. Who’ll take out the colts flag today?

10:48am: It’s been a great game so far and we’re all set for a cracking final quarter.

That third term was pretty even, but I think the Hawks will finish strong. Luke Barker and Josh Elmslie have been sensational for Sandgate, while Lachlan McKellar has been close to best on ground for the Gorillas.

No shortage of talent out here.

10:46am: Bit of White Stripes action for the final change – great pump up music.

10:45am: 3QT: SANDGATE 7.13 (55) – WILSTON GRANGE 6.10 (46).

10:44am: This quarter has been very even, but it’s still the Hawks by 10 points.

10:43am: Barker speeds off down the wing – he’s having a major impact today.

10:40am: Corey Ladgrove lines up for Sandgate – interesting run up and it’s marked on the line.

10:37am: Lachlan McKellar kicks a beauty! He’s been burning Hawks all day.

And some more cramping after that goal.

10:35am: Cramp setting in already for one of the Grange players. It’s hot and muggy today – fitness could be a massive factor.

10:31am: A beautiful passage of play from the Hawks – Tipungwuti to Barker to Marquis. And Josh Elmslie finishes with his third of the day.

10:29am: Connor McLean burns the pack and kicks a runaway goal – the first for the quarter.

10:25am: Adam Tipungwuti launches a massive torp, but it’s touched through.

10:23am:Grange’s Lachie McKellar’s gone for a run, but couldn’t quite finish it off.

10:20am:  Second half -here we go!

10:12am: DJ Pricey is giving us a treat out here today. A bit of Florence at half-time. Excellent. Party time.

9:59am: And we’ve just drawn the half-time raffle. And the winner is…. *drum rooollllllllllllllllllll*……… RED E 18.

9:58am: HALF TIME: SANDGATE 6.6 (42) – WILSTON GRANGE 4.6 (30)

9:57am: It’s quality finals footy out there, with plenty of feeling from both sides. Either side could take it out from here, and that’s exactly what .you want from a grand final

9:53am: Adam Tipungwuti snaps from a pack. He’s started quietly, but I reckon it’s only a matter of time before he gets into the game.

9:49am: It’s been a bit of a stalemate the last few minutes. Pressure from both sides stopping the ball from going anywhere.

9:44am: A lot of congestion just shy of the Sandgate 50 and Trent Ely comes up with it. He dribbles it through for his first of the day.

9:42am: Jackson Hanley has been taken off the ground, looking a little bit worse for wear.

9:40am: Mason takes a cracking mark for the Hawks, and one of the Grange players has come off second best.

9:39am: Another one for Grange to Lachlan McKellar, and the margin is back to only five points.

9:37am: Adam Tipungwuti has been hanging out the back of the packs and is looking dangerous.

9:35am: Connor McLean kicks the first of the term, and the Gorillas are 16 points down.

9:33am: There’s some impressive cuts out there too. Most notably, Boy-O Christie from Grange. One of the most impressive ‘fros I’ve ever seen.

9:31am: Sandgate looking the more composed side so far today. And Tom Watson is lining up from the time keeping boundary, but he just misses.

9:29am: Second quarter underway.

9:24am: Jordan Menheere slots an after the siren major, and the Hawks are out to 5.1 (31) – 2.4 (16) lead at the opening break.

9:20am: Luke Barker kicks one for the Hawks. Heard some good things about this kid – beautiful left foot kick.

9:17am: The Gorillas have wrestled the advantage back, but they’re not converting.

9:14am: Alex Ritchie kicks his first and the margin is four points.

9:13am: Jimmy Gotts lines up from a very tight pocket, and it’s…a very lucky pass to McCaw, who hits the post.

9:12am: Josh Elmslie kicks his second for the day .Winning runs in his family apparently – his sister is Brittany, the Olympic swimmer.

9:10am: The Gorillas have it stuck in their 50, but the Hawks’ defense is staying solid.

9:07am: Tyler Cester kicks another for Sandgate

9:06am: Josh Elmslie kicks one for the Hawks. After that Gotts special, the Hawks have had much of the say so far.

9:05am: The sun is peeking out from behind the clouds – crossing my fingers it stays fine today.

9:03am: In other news, I am currently sitting on my handbag because of a severe deficiency in the height department.

9:00am: JIMMY GOTTS!!!!! The youngster has kicked the most sensational goal I’ve ever seen almost – think Justin Westhoff from last night.

8:58am: There’s some talent out there today. Queensland under-16 reps, Adam Tipungwuti and Josh Elmslie for the Hawks, while The Gorillas have the league’s leading goal kicker, Jimmy Gotts.

8:56am: And Olivia Newton-John is here! Well, her voice is. The Grease songbird is singing the national anthem today. And it sounds pretty lovely.

8:49am: Their grand final opponents, Sandgate, are on the ground now – ran out to One Day In September. Not a bad footy anthem either.

Click here for a preview of the colts grand final:

Download today’s record here:

8:48am: Wilston Grange have just run out for the colts decider, to the greatest footy tune of my childhood – Holy Grail. Now, it feels like grand final day.

8:47am: We’re all ready to go for Grand Final day 2013.

I’ll be hanging out at Giffin Park all day for what should be a cracking day of footy.

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