SEQAFL 60 Secs: Shane Williams

Shane Williams is in the SEQAFL 60 Secs hot seat this week.

Burleigh’s Shane Williams is not an overly intimidating man, but he commands respect.

He is coaching the Bombers seniors for the first time, after three years leading the reserves.

One of his most memorable moments in his coaching career revolves around one player not giving him the respect that a coach deserves.

“I took one of the 18 year-olds off the ground during the second quarter of a game to instruct him on a mistake. He strolled up to me from the interchange gates, placed his arm around my neck, the other hand on his hip, crossed one foot over the other and started explaining the reasons behind his on ground mistake,” he recalls.

“Most of the senior players were standing directly behind us watching the game and were amazed at this show of arrogance and confidence from this young player.

“I very quietly suggested he take his arm from around my shoulder, explained his mistake and then a little about respect and gave him a bit of time on the interchange to consider it.”


To view Shane Williams’ 60 Secs video, click above.

Williams played footy until he was 21 as a rover, half forward flank before he became a physiotherapist.

Now, he is working in his dream job as the managing director of Arctic Heat, developing cooling vests and heating products for athletes.

A Collingwood supporter, he rates Nathan Buckley as his favourite AFL coach and Andrew Krakouer as his favourite AFL player.

He is a fan of discipline in his approach to coaching and believes that game days must be well-structured.

Equality is one of the pillars of his coaching philosophy, with fairness as the cornerstone of his approach.

“I believe in the same rules for everyone. Listen to everyone and make sure that everyone is given an equal opportunity.”

Outside of footy, Williams nominated boxing as his favourite sport.

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