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Elimination Final 1
Jimboomba vs. Collingwood Park

Friday August 5, 7:30pm, Collingwood Park

(Please note venue change from Jimboomba to Collingwood Park)

Jimboomba will start heavy favorites in this one, after just missing out the top two, but Collingwood Park will be up for the fight.

After Jimboomba had a light issue earlier today, the game was moved to Collingwood Park. That brings the gap between the two even closer.

Jimboomba are big and strong, so will try and push Collingwood Park around a bit if they get their hands on the pill first.

It’s their bread and butter. They play like the big brother on field, bigger and stronger, and good on them for being able to pull it off.

Collingwood Park’s best chance is to play it wide, play on at all costs, and get on their bikes.

It’s their speed that is going to win this one.

Tim Martin is going to be the go to for the Redbacks. Sitting on 62 goals this year, it’s obvious where their defensive attention needs to go.



Elimination Final 2
Sandgate vs. Woodsmen
Friday August 5, 8:00pm, Lemke Road

No, you’re not suffering from Déjà vu, these two teams are squaring off twice in two weeks.

This one is a little bit more important than their round 16 game last Friday night though. Winner goes through, loser packs its bags.

Last weekend, it was the Woodsmen who romped home with an impressive defensive performance, holding the potent Sandgate forward line to just three goals.

The final round is always a tricky one, and who knows what cards each team were holding to their chest, but the mental advantage of beating a team seven days before has got to be worth something.

Widt will be a big key for the Hawks if he can kick a handful, as will Suitor. They have combined for 80 goals this year.

The Woodsmen will back in their experience. Blokes like Mihalopolous and Thompson know how to get it done on the big stage.

It’s going to be won in the middle, that’s for sure. Whoever wins the contested possession count should win the game.


QAFA B Sunshine Coast

Semi Final 1
Maroochydore vs. Nambour and Hinterland
Saturday August 6, 2:00pm, Maroochydore Oval 3

The ball is definitely in Maroochydore’s court for this game, but it’s not rubber stamped just yet.

The Roos are the in form team, and have a lot more to lose, but Nambour haven’t been as bad as the ladder suggests.

They have pushed all finals contenders right to the final siren. It won’t take much to turn those results around.

But Maroochydore will go in confident. They have to.

Epstein has been the conductor behind the Roos’ orchestra this year, so look for him to have a big impact when it counts.

For Nambour to be a chance, they need guys like Aumann and Westwick playing their best footy, which is sure to lift the whole team.

I’ll stick to the season script, and go with Maroochydore advancing.


Semi Final 2
Pomona vs. Gympie
Saturday August 6, Pomona

Could this be a grand final preview? The signs say yes.

Winner of this goes straight into the big dance, while the loser plays the winner of the other game next week.

Pomona will start favorites, and rightfully so.

Not only did they finish on top of the table, but they have beaten Gympie in all four encounters this year.

That’s a pretty impressive record, but guess what, it now means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things.

It’s going to be a massive first 10 minutes, full or nerves and intensity. For the Cats to win, they are going to have to settle quickly.

If they are on the back foot by quarter time, it’s going to be a long way home.

But, if the last five weeks have shown anything, it’s that Pomona are gettable.

Game on…

By Andrew Wiles

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