Round 1 QAFL Rising Star: Jordan Bacic

With a heavy heart, Jordan Bacic, the round 1 QAFL Rising Star nominee, played inspired football for Mt Gravatt in their win over the Western Magpies last Saturday.

Jordan’s father Andre was tragically killed in a car accident in November last year. Saturday was the first game he has played since.

“I was really nervous for it to be honest, it was a big day for me personally, I just tried not to think about it the best I could but I was always thinking about the whole thing,” Bacic said.

The build up may have been hard for everyone involved, but Bacic’s performance on the Saturday left a smile on everyone’s face. He played some incredible football across half-back.

Like good footy clubs do, Mt Gravatt weren’t just playing for themselves on the weekend, they were playing for the Bacic family.

“I found it hard to even leave the place after about four hours after the game. The club was awesome, they really looked after me, all the boys as well, and they are like family,” he said.

Footy wise, this was the start to 2016 Bacic has been dreaming of.

“It’s an awesome start to the season, one I’ve been looking for, for a couple of years now,” he said.

“I’ve really just been looking to get going early and not be a slow starter like I usually am, but it was really good just to get that game under my belt.”

It was also the start Mt Gravatt needed after an outstanding pre-season.

“We came into this game knowing we need to start strong and send a message to the rest of the competition that we are here and we are ready,” Bacic said.

the 19 year old said a win like that definitely reflected the vibe around Dittmer Park at the moment.

“Everyone is just happier, feeling fitter, healthier, and everyone is really looking forward to the season,” Bacic said.

As for how far the Vultures can go?

“We definitely can play finals. You can never really count out any team, but I think we can definitely earn a spot in the finals,” he said.

Mt Gravatt travel to Lemke Road this Saturday to take on Sandgate.

By Andrew Wiles

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