QWAFL Round 1 Wrap

Coolangatta Tweed 6.10.46 defeated Zillmere Eagles 5.3.33

As expected, this one was tight all game.

Zillmere had plenty of forward 50 entries, but struggled to find a target; while Coolangatta had their own issues up forward, with Eagle Tayla Harris on the receiving end of several kicks.

Arianna Clarke was a standout for Cooly, winning the ball at the contest and working hard around the stoppages.

It was a game where either side was deserving of a win, but Coolangatta held out, starting their 2016 campaign with a confidence boosting win.


Final Score: Coolangatta       2.1, 3.4, 5.6, 6.10 (46)

Zillmere              1.0, 3.2, 3.3, 5.3 (33)

Goals:            Coolangatta       R. Adamson 2, M. Roberts 2, A. Murray, K. Howarth

Zillmere              M. Timms 2, S. Law, T. Harris, S. Conway

Best:              Coolangatta      A. Clarke, A. Hamlyn, Z. Lattanzi, N. Wallace, M. Roberts, C. Butler

Zillmere             A. Anderson, K. Guarino, K. Lawrence, S. Conway, G. Krautz, N. Clark 


Ladder Position: Coolangatta 3rd.  Zillmere 4th.


Coach’s Thoughts:

Aaron Russell, Coolangatta

“We made it hard for ourselves going forward, and we continued to kick it to Tayla Harris all the time- so we definitely made it hard for ourselves in the first half.”

“Our first quarter was very scrappy, but to the girls credit we adjusted just after halftime and came out to amend our mistakes from the first half.”

“We had nine girls play on the weekend who had never played a game for our club, so we were very happy with the result we got.”
Jacob Simmons-Bliss, Zillmere

“It was an arm wrestle for our first hit out- both sides were definitely up for winning the game but unfortunately we weren’t able to get the result in the end.”

“They took six mark inside our forward goal square, uncontested which is disappointing.”

“We had plenty of forward entries, especially in the second half, we just did not capitalise on our opportunities which was the difference in the end.”

“However, I was proud that we were able to limit their opportunities but full credit to Coolangatta they made the most of every chance.”


University of Queensland 11.11.77 defeated Coorparoo 3.2.20

In what was set to be match of the round, UQ came out firing from the first bounce, kicking four majors in the opening 20 minutes.

They meant business from the get-go, stunning Coorparoo with their effective linkages and forward 50 entries.

Breanna Koenan thrived alongside new teammates Emma Zielke, Megan Hunt and Dania Herdman.

Coorparoo battled all afternoon, but struggled going forward; left chasing UQ when they switched play.

Marnie McGorm was outstanding for UQ, collecting plenty of touches and kicking two goals.

Annameika Mole fought hard in her first game back for Coorparoo and was a standout.

UQ take the four points and the upper hand, knocking off the reigning premiers in Round 1.


Final Score: UQ                    4.0, 6.6, 9.9, 11.11 (77)

Coorparoo     0.1, 1.1, 2.2, 3.2 (20)

Goals:            UQ                    D. Jensen 2, A. Shewring 2, M. McGorm 2, S. Webb 2, B. Koenen, D. Herdman, M. Hunt

Coorparoo      E. Robertson, E. Gibson, H. Cornish

Best:              UQ                    D. Jensen, B. Koenen, A. Mason, T. Joyce, J. Wiggan, E. Zielke, M. McGorm

Coorparoo      A. Powell, R. Crack, K. Akari, C. Davis, E. Gibson , A. Mole Krautz, N. Clark 

Ladder Position: UQ 2nd. Coorparoo 5th.


Coach’s Thoughts:

Damien Richards, UQ

“It was good to get all the girls together and win in their first game- hopefully it was a sign for some things to come.”

“I wasn’t super happy with the way we spread of contests, we were still very congested, not enough space.”

“At training the new girls have really added experience and knowledge.”

“When you bring in those players, the standard does lift but it’s been exciting to see how they’ve enhanced other girls as well.”


Daniel Selby, Coorparoo

“When we had the footy, we failed to captilise going forward.”

“When we were out by ourselves we were just kicking it to an opposition player, rather than lifting our eyes and trying to hit a target.”

“We only had seven girls out there on the field today who played in our premiership team from last season- which is a significant amount.”


Yeronga 19.20.134 defeated Wilston Grange 1.2.8

Yeronga kicked off their 2016 campaign with a bang; sending a very strong message to the rest of the competition.

The Devils applied immense pressure the entire match, rarely letting Wilston Grange keep the ball.

Wilston fought hard against a star-packed Yeronga. Keep in mind, they are a young, developing side and it was always going to be tough facing a finals favourite first up.

Yeronga have some homework to do, 20 points on the board suggesting some work needs to be done in front of goal.


Final Score: Yeronga                    5.3, 9.9, 14.13, 19.20 (134)

Wilston Grange      0.0, 0.1, 1.2, 1.2 (8)

Goals:            Yeronga                    H. Newberry 5, J. Vandyk 4, J. Ransfield 4, N. Thomas 2, K. Cantrell 2, J. Zanchetta, D. Leach

Wilston Grange      T. Barrett

Best:              Yeronga                    J. Vandyk, C. Bromage, K. McCarthy, K. Welsh, E. Bates, J. Zanchetta

Wilston Grange      T. Randall, C. Daniec, A. Pittendreigh, T. Barrett, K. McGlade, S. Hewitt


Ladder Position: Yeronga 1. Wilston Grange 6.


Coach’s Thoughts:

Scott Stephens, Yeronga

“The pleasing thing was our pressure that we gave to the opposition- whenever they got to the ball, we were tackling extremely hard.”

“And our linking up through the middle of the ground was superb.”

“We will definitely have to work on our goal kicking going forward.

“But we’ll just stick to the process and what we’ve been working on during the preseason.”


Marcus McDonald-Camden, Wilston Grange

“Yeronga are a very classy side- you can’t do much about it when a team like that sticks to their game plan and really works together as a whole group and not just individuals.”

“We had ten debutants to the club and a few of them to the game altogether, so we are slowly trying to understand the game plan and looking to the future.”

“We are developing group and it was good to come out against Yeronga first up so they could show us where we need to be in the long run.”


3 Things we learnt:

  1. Battle of the birds continues to deliver

Last season, an average of 20 points separated these two teams every time they met. And history has repeated itself in the first game of 2016 with Coolangatta defeating Zillmere by only 13 points. The big question is, why are they always so close? There is a fascinating similarity between the two teams; something I can’t quite put my finger on just yet. Hopefully we’ll learn more when the two sides meet again in Round 10.


  1. You bring in the stars, you shine

The three ex-Coorparoo premiership players, Emma Zielke, Megan Hunt and Dania Herdman were pivotal in UQ’s win over Coorparoo. UQ has a vast amount of depth, but every time the ball went forward, it was linked cleanly between that trio. Noticeably, Breanna Koenan’s ability to impact the game lifted immensely with her new teammates giving her plenty of outside options.


  1. Courteney Bromage is a star in the making

In her first senior game, Yeronga’s Courteney Bromage proved from the get-go why she could be this year’s rising star of the QWAFL. She played mostly on the wing, providing some superb run, taking at least five marks and winning plenty of contested ball. Her coach, Scott Stephens was impressed by the U18 Queensland representative in her first game of senior footy, naming her as one of the top six players on the day.

By QWAFL writer Jessica Stewart

Twitter: @Jess_Stewart16



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