QAFL Wrap: Round 4

Broadbeach 1.2,  4.5,  7.8,  14.11  (95)
Western Magpies 3.6,  8.12,  10.14,  12.15  (87)


We are only four rounds in, but this will be hard to top as the comeback of the year.

At three quarter time, the Cats were four goals down. They looked shot.

Nine minutes into the final quarter, when the Magpies kicked two in a row to restore the lead to 24-points, it should have been over.

What Broadbeach did over the next 20 minutes is the stuff that seasons are defined by.

They ran, they put their heads over the footy, they took the game on at all costs, and they kicked crucial goals.

The Magpies were running on treadmill, and the Cats looked like they could have played another quarter.

They kicked the last five-goals of the game to leave the crowd at Chelmer in a stunned silence. They pinched it.

The Magpies will have to do a bit of soul searching throughout the week. Costly free-kicks and turnovers, especially late is what killed them.

Kieran Brennan was huge in big moments, Palmer was great in the ruck, and Royes and Searl found the footy late when it counted.

What a win.

Coaches thoughts:
Glenn Humphrey – Western Magpies

“Disgusting… that’s all I’ve got for you.”

Brett Andrews – Broadbeach

“I thought half way through the third we looked a chance, I thought we could have put them away but missed our opportunities, but to their credit they fought back and kicked a couple.

“I thought it was going to be tough to win, but 7-2 [goals] in the last, that’s a phenomenal effort… a season turning win I hope.
“We had to get them on the outside.”


Morningside 3.6,  7.8,  10.9,  11.11  (77)
University of Queensland 1.3, 4.5,  6.9,  9.15  (69)

It was billed in the Friday Forecast as David vs. Goliath, and David nearly, and probably should have, got the job done.

Morningside took the four points, but UQ took it right to them all afternoon. If they were a bit cleaner, especially going forward, they would have won this.

Alarm bells were ringing early for the Red Lions, when Morningside kicked the first three of the contest, but a late one to Dolphin was reward for effort.

UQ put it all on the line this week. They tucked the ball under the arm and went for a gallop at every opportunity, which is exactly why they had more scoring shots than Morningisde for the day.

Hannaford is a jet, so no surprises he stood up again; he is unbelievable to watch in full flight.

For the Panthers, they just never clicked into gear. Six days after a huge game, and a huge win, they were a bit flat.

Mitchell was outstanding all day, supported well from Frame and Buntain in the back half.

Morningisde will be glad to get away with the four points from this one, and while UQ didn’t get the desired outcome, they will no doubt take a lot from mixing it with the best.

Coaches thoughts:
Matt Walder – Morningside

“If I could forget it I would, but I cant.

“Full credit to UQ, they kept coming, and we didn’t respond that well. They made us answer them in the last quarter.

“It’s nice to get through, take the points, and not be fully satisfied.”

John Tootell – UQ

“It was a much improved effort. We have been there abouts with our attack on the ball, but this week we took it on a bit more, but some bad kicking really let us down in the end.

“We didn’t turn the ball over as much this week, and worked really hard on our spread.

“The guys are happy with the result, but unhappy about losing the game. That’s our benchmark now. Any step behind that will be a fail for us.”


Palm Beach Currumbin 2.3,  4.8,  7.12,  13.14  (92)
Mt Gravatt 2.1,  5.5,  8.8,  10.12  (72)

This game was everything we had hoped; fast, clean, attractive footy.

The difference for Palm Beach this week is that they closed out; something they couldn’t do against Morningside in round 2.\

Until the last quarter, this game ebbed and flowed.

When Palm Beach would kick a couple, and look like they were gaining control, the Vultures clawed their way back and would hit the front again.

There were more ups and downs than a rough ride on the Spirit of Tasmania.

Both teams set up well from the back half. Jackson Emblem was outstanding for the Lions up one end, and Troc was excellent for Mt Gravatt up the other.

Once the final term started, the Lions honed in.

They spread, they ran harder, and they hit targets.

When they kicked the first six of the quarter, it was all over.

I have a feeling we will be seeing these two teams square off in the business end of the season.

Coaches thoughts:
Brad Pollock – Mt Gravatt

“It was a pretty good game of footy to be honest, but when it was there to be won in the last quarter, Palm Beach stepped up and out played us.

“They probably just got us with their run and spread from the backline. We just didn’t have the ability to counter that.

“We certainly learnt a lot about ourselves and what we need to do differently next time.”

Chad Owens – Palm Beach Currumbin

“Our decision making process was really bad in the first half, and even into the third quarter. Every time we got out to a lead we gave it back to them.

“In the last quarter we didn’t do anything special, we just banged the ball forward instead of trying to be too cute. We just went with what is obvious.

“That’s a massive win for us, on the road.

“They are young and they are quick, and a really well coached team.”


Surfers Paradise 5.4, 10.5, 14.6, 19.11 (125)
Labrador 3.2, 6.3, 6.6, 7.8 (50)

Another week, another upset. We should be used to it by now I guess.

Surfers have promised this result for a couple of weeks now; they just needed to stick at it for the full four quarters.

Today they did, and they produced their best win in a couple of years.

The Demons were on from the opening bounce, and were relentless for the entire afternoon.

With Labrador’s injury list currently sitting at 25 players, they smelt blood in the water.

Conditions weren’t fantastic, the breeze was stiff and it drizzled throughout the day, but the Demons handled it the best.

For the majority of the contest, they controlled midfield, defended well, and hit the scoreboard. Their pressure was through the roof.

Labrador pressed hard in the third quarter, with entry after entry into their forward 50, but the Surfers Paradise defenders were steadfast… so steadfast they held the Tigers to a single goal in the second half.

The Haberfield brothers were sensational for the red and blue in the midfield, they were the catalyst for their run.

In fact, Cassidy had 17 touches in the first quarter alone; there is your match winner right there.

For Labrador, Matt Daniel battled hard, as did Sam Folan, but they had their work cut out for them all day.

Surfers showed today that when they play four quarters, they are as good as anyone.

Coaches thoughts:
Peter Young – Surfers Paradise

“Today we started well, had four good quarters of footy, and I don’t think we had a passenger.

“Our midfield got on top, especially early.

“That’s the standard now, we expect that every week.”

Labrador coach Perry Meka declined to comment


Sandgate 4.4, 7.5, 12.12, 13.12 (90)
Wilston Grange 1.1, 4.4, 6.7, 8.11 (59)

Graham Adams has been saying all year, Sandgate have improved.

Last week they showed signs; this week they had his back.

It was a huge night for the club, and the 22 who ran out made sure packed crowd at Lemke Road knew it.

They played with an intensity a young Gorilla’s outfit couldn’t replicate. They hunted, they crashed in, and they refused to take a backward step.

With the breeze in the first, they kicked four in a row to lead at the first change by 21-points.

When they evened the quarter in the second, you knew they were in control.

The biggest knock of the Hawks in the past has been them playing patchy footy.

That wasn’t an issue tonight. They came out after half time and played the exact brand of footy that they did in the first, and ran out the game the best.

For the Gorillas, their young kids will take a lot from the occasion.

It was a big crowd, big game, a lot of noise, and they will learn from it.

Liam Rutledge was huge down forward, as was Taylor in the ruck for the Hawks.

If Sandgate maintain that hunger, that intensity, their season is just getting started.

Coaches thoughts:
Graham Adams – Sandgate

“I’ve been saying we have improved, we needed this result to show we have. It’s a little step forward, but at the same time it’s a big one.

“We were huge tonight. Our attack at the footy was tremendous, I don’t think we had a weak link in the whole 22.

“Now that we have reached this level, we need to maintain it.”

Matt Trewhella – Wilston Grange

“It was a disappointing night. We were outplayed.

“It was a hostile environment, their team was up and about, and we were very young, with some considerable changes.

“I don’t think we coped well with the pressure. That was probably the best Sandgate team I have played against since being here.”

By Andrew Wiles

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