Queenslanders leap to strong Combine start

Two Queensland prospects leapt into the top 10 on the opening day of the AFL Draft Combine yesterday.

On the first day of the combine, the players underwent psychometric testing and the vertical jump tests.

The vertical jump measures the distance a player can leap, relative to their height, both from a standing start and on the run.

Matthew Uebergang (Redland/Western Magpies) and Matthew Hammelmann (Redland/Morningside) both finished in the top 10 for the running jump, equal seventh, recording an 87cm jump.

Fomer American college basketballer, Marvin Baynham, recorded an 88cm standing jump, smashing the previous record of 85cm, held by Sydney Swans’ Dean Towers, and 12cm clear of his closest competition.

The 102cm running jump record, jointly held by Jared Brennan (Brisbane/Gold Coast) and Nic Naitanui (West Coast), stayed intact for another year.

Another American, Evan Burisma, took out that test yesterday, with a 97cm running leap, ahead of Baynham.

Day two sees the players is for sprint and agility tests.

Southport’s Lachie Weller, a highly-rated prospect, will not be testing at the Combine due to injury.


Standing Vertical Jump (cm)

1. Marvin Baynham 88

2. Jarrod Garlett 76

2. Nathan Drummond 76

4. Christian Petracca 74

5. Nakia Cockatoo 73

5. James Rose 73

7. Dean Gore 72

7. Nicholas Coughlan 72

7. Evan Bruinsma 72

7. Reece McKenzie 72

7. Tom Read 72

Running vertical jump (cm)

1. Evan Bruinsma 97

2. Marvin Baynham 95

3. Daniel McKenzie 94

4. Billy Gowers 93

5. Nathan Drummond 90

6. Nakia Cockatoo 89

7. Matthew Uebergang 87

7. Mitch McGovern 87

7. James Rose 87

7. Matthew Hammelmann 87

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