Queensland State Team appointments

David Lake, Peter McClennan, Barry Gibson, Jack Barry and Christopher Davis will support Queensland State Team Senior Coach John Blair in the representative game against the Western Australian Amateur Football League (WAAFL) on Friday, June 3.

Last year’s senior coach, David Lake, returns to the program as Chairman of Selectors.

Lake, who was also assistant coach of the Queensland team in 2014, brings more than 10 years’ experience in community coaching, including stints at the Mt Gravatt Vultures and in Morningside’s player pathway program.

He made a triumphant return to state league coaching in 2014, bagging the QAFL premiership with a Morningside team that was undefeated all season, and again taking the Panthers to the grand final in 2015.

Lake said the pride involved in representing your state is what keeps him coming back.

“I want people to want to play for Queensland. Pete (McClennan) and I, we have come together, and the reason we are involved is that we want to encourage people to play, and have the pride in putting on the Queensland jumper,” Lake said.

He said Queensland’s  150 year anniversary milestone makes selection in the 2016 squad even more significant.

“I thought it was terrific last year seeing all the old players reunite, and seeing how much it meant to them,” Lake said.

“The rewards for them came when they all caught up … some of your lifelong friendships are formed from this opportunity, and in the 150th year, you hope 10 years later these blokes are back in the room.”

Lake said when it comes to selection he has one key box players must tick if they want to play.

“You want them to be in form and be the best, but most importantly you want them to share the passion you have to be involved.  You want to be involved and you want to send a message about the state you play footy in; it’s about respect,” he said.

Western Magpies’ Football Manager Peter McClennan will be on double duty this year, as a selector and football manager.

McClennan, a surname synonymous with Mt Gravatt, grew up around the Vultures change rooms, before coaching their junior teams and NEAFL side.

He also coached the Western Magpies to the 2012 Pineapple Cup premiership, before taking over as football manager in recent years.

McClennan echoed Lake’s sentiments on the 2016 program.

“I’m excited to be part of the 150 year celebration, but also excited to be part of the process to rejuvenate the passion to play for your state and wear the maroon jumper,” McClennan said.

“We want our guys to strive to high levels of football, and continue to develop their football learning, and playing state football with quality players is a part of that.

“I think most people have the skills and ability to play at this level.  Basically, we are making sure we have the right fit of players, as well as that passion and belief of wanting to be involved … that’s very important.”

AFL Queensland State Football Operations Manager Barry Gibson and AFL Queensland Community Football Manager Jack Barry will also be on the selection panel this year.

AFL Queensland Community Club Development Manager (QAFL and Colts) Christopher Davis will be the program coordinator.

Match details:



Friday June 3, 7:00pm, Leyshon Park, Yeronga

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