Queensland says ‘Thanks Ump’

‘Thanks Ump’ Round will be celebrated from May 31 to June 2 across the NEAFL and Queensland community football leagues, as a part of the Umpiring is Everybody’s Business campaign.

The Umpiring is Everyone’s Business’ campaign aims to raise awareness for the need to create a more positive match day environment for umpires, particularly at grassroots level where are there are issues with recruitment and retention rates of umpires.

It also provides the AFL community with a greater understanding and appreciation for the role of umpires at all levels of our game.

The key focus of the Queensland ‘Thanks Ump’ weekend recognition of the contribution that umpires make to AFL.

The weekend also highlights the role that everybody plays in creating a positive match day environment for all participants.  

In recognition of ‘Thanks Ump’ weekend, umpires players and coaches will be encouraged to wear green tape on their right arm and/or around their boots to promote awareness of the great work umpires do.

Before each match, all coaches, players and umpires will line up for the coin toss and shake hands with players and coaches.

Umpire Facts

* There are approximately 500 games that are covered on a weekly basis by both appointed umpires and club umpires. That is approximately around 6000 umpire appointments.

* There are currently 1161 league and club umpires registered across the state

*There are currently 11 Queenslanders listed on the AFL Umpires Panel

o   Field – Ben Ryan (Rockhampton) and two Rookies: Aaron Hall (Gold Coast) and Andrew Stephens (Brisbane)

o   Boundary – Nick Liparota (Brisbane), Nick Wade (Brisbane), Aaron Deckys (Sunshine Coast)

o   Goal – Troy Mavroudis (Gold Coast), Shaun Apted (Brisbane), Tristan Symes (Brisbane), Chelsea Roffey (Brisbane)

* There are 105 female umpires officiating across Queensland. This gives Queensland one of the highest rates of female umpire participation nationally

*Queenslander Chelsea Roffey, was the first female umpire to ever officiate in an AFL Grand Final

*62,4% of umpires begun umpiring due to their love of the game

*Approximately 20% of umpires who have left the game left due to poor match day environment.

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