Queensland duo set for NEAFL umpiring debut

When the ball is bounced at Tidbold Park on Saturday, there will be two fresh faces to the NEAFL ranks in green shirts.

Andrew Adair and Peter Bock will take charge of the Redland vs. Ainslie game, with Adair on field and Bock on the boundary.

Queensland State Umpire Manager, Gary Fila, is delighted with how quickly both umpires have developed in a short amount of time.

“It is a fantastic achievement for both Andrew and Peter who both share incredible journeys but from different paths to come together at Tidbold Park on Saturday,” Fila said.

Adair was an inaugural member of the Umpire Academy, formed in 2014, being the first of his group to make his senior QAFL debut in the same year.

“His first full preseason has seen him take his umpiring to the next level. In the first quarter of the season has been knocking on the door for NEAFL selection,” he said.

Bock’s climb to the NEAFL has been incredibly quick, picking the whistle up for the first time six months ago.

“Peter has had a phenomenal rise this year after only coming out to training in November; he has been nothing short of sensational since,” Fila said.

“This is again another great example that regardless of your background or experience in umpiring, if you work hard enough and show enough dedication, there are tremendous opportunities for you.”

The game gets underway at 12:00pm this Saturday.

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