Queensland Clubs to go Silver

Community football clubs in Queensland can work towards the next level of accreditation in the Quality Club Program.

AFL Queensland is excited to announce the release of Silver accreditation in its Quality Club Program.

The AFL Quality Club Program is a nationally recognised community club accreditation program.

The program aims to recognise quality football administration by volunteers, and promotes positive environments within community clubs across three stages, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

In Queensland, 23 clubs have already gained Bronze accreditation, with 64 clubs currently working towards being accredited.

Excitingly, Queensland Bronze level clubs are now able to work towards Silver accreditation.

While the Bronze level focused on the foundations of running a football club, the Silver level of the program aims to recognise excellence in club administration.

The AFL Queensland Silver level has been specifically designed to uphold the state’s community football priorities of supporting volunteers, in-club education and promotion and effective club management.

Many Silver level requirements are already being undertaken by clubs and templates have been created in order to help complete this level of accreditation.  

To be accredited at the Silver level will place clubs in a prestigious group as the most effectively managed clubs in the state.

Benefits of being accredited at any level of the Quality Club Program include creating a positive environment to help attract and retain participants and volunteers as well as promoting the club within the community.

To learn more, or to start the accreditation process visit,  https://aflq.com.au/index.php?id=725

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