QLD Youth Girls in grand final thriller

THE 2015 AFL National Youth Girls Championships has ended in Mandurah after a successful week featuring players from all eight teams represented in the All-Australian team.

The National Youth Girls Championships concluded on Friday with Victoria Metro beating Queensland in a thrilling Pool A grand final by seven points. Western Australia earlier beat Vic Country to finish third.

Queensland’s Tayla Harris was named the fairest and best player for the championships from Pool A while also being named the best player in the grand final.

WA’s Jasmin Stewart was named as the best player in her team’s third place playoff victory over Vic Country.

South Australia proved victorious in Pool B beating NSW/ACT in the grand final on Friday while the Woomeras finished third after beating the Thunder Devils.

South Australia’s Sarah Allan was named the fairest and best player also for the championships from Pool B along with being named best afield in the grand final victory over NSW/ACT.

Hayley Smith was named the best player in the Pool B playoff for third position for her efforts in helping the Woomeras beat the Thunder Devils.

The All-Australian team was named following the Youth Girls National Championships featuring five players from Vic Metro, five from Queensland, four from WA, three from South Australia, two from Vic Country, two from NSW/ACT, two from the Woomeras and one from the Thunder Devils.



B: Angela Priftis (NSW/ACT), Emily MacGuire (Woomeras), Demi Okely (WA)

HB: Katherine Smith (Vic Metro), Tayla Harris (Qld), Beatrice Devlyn (WA)

C: Monique Conti (Vic Metro), Rachel Ortlepp (WA), Elisha King (Qld)

HF: Madison Prespakis (Vic Metro), Ashleigh Woodland (SA), Ainslie Kemp (Vic Country)

F: Deanna Berry (Vic Metro), Sarah Allan (SA), Courtney Hodder (WA)

RUCK: Tahlia Randall (Qld), Ebony Marinoff (SA), Brittany Bonnici (Vic Metro)

INT: Ellyse Gamble (Thunder Devils), Gabby Collingwood (Qld), Reni Hicks (Vic Country), Delma Gisu (Woomeras), Jodi Hicks (NSW/ACT), Shaleise Law (Qld)



Pool B Third-place playoff – Hayley Smith (Woomeras)

Pool A Third-place playoff – Jasmin Stewart (WA)

Pool B Grand Final – Sarah Allan (SA)

Pool A Grand Final – Tayla Harris (Qld)



Pool B – Sarah Allan (SA)

Pool A – Tayla Harris (Qld)

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