QAFL: Tuesday Talking Points

By Beth Newman

1. Golden rivalries pulling crowds

The restructure of the QAFL has seen a number of rivalries revived, particularly on the glitter strip. Surfers Paradise took on Labrador for the first time in a long time on the weekend, coinciding with a 40-year premiership reunion. It was impossible to get a parking spot before the senior game had started at Sir Bruce Small Park and from all reports the atmosphere was fantastic.  It’s not the first time this year that the QAFL has pulled big crowds, and that looks set to continue after some close matches on the weekend.

2. Complacency is enemy number one

It’s been a popular refrain for Morningside this season and it was again, after their performance on the weekend, which was not as clinical as their opening five weeks. It’s not just the Panthers who need to beware complacency in the 2014 QAFL, though. Palm Beach got ahead of themselves at Coolangatta on the weekend and the Gorillas nearly made them pay, while in previous weeks, sides like Surfers have counted their winnings before the final siren. Every week, every team has to be switched on for the whole game or anyone can fall victim to the ego curse.

3. Cats may need nine lives

Two weeks in a row Broadbeach have withstood some fierce challenges from opposition and come away with the points. It makes for thrilling viewing, but they will be keen to buck that trend. They started the year under the radar, a position they certainly don’t occupy anymore sitting in second spot on the ladder. They have been pushed by two teams on the lower end of the ladder and have shown plenty of character, a key element for a young group. The next step is to show that character against the top half of the ladder, a chance they will have in the next three weeks with games against the Magpies, Labrador and Palm Beach.

4. Dienjes gets it done

There was a lot of expectation on Ryan Dienjes at the start of the season. The newly appointed Demons captain struggled with a foot injury in pre-season and started slowly. His journey is strangely reflective of the Demons’ 2014 plight, and it was fitting that his standout game was their biggest win of the year. His six-goal effort was labelled his best game for the club by his coach, and should give him plenty of confidence. The most exciting thing about his performance is that he is a fair way off top flight, so there should be a few more games to add to the highlight reel as the year goes on.

5. Gorillas need to support their stars

Wilston Grange have shown they will likely be in the dog fight for a finals spot at the end of the year. Their game against Palm Beach showed they can get close to quality sides and have a strong ability to run out games. They need to spread the load a little bit more, though. They’re working hard but too often, it’s one individual effort that is the difference for them. If their mid-tier players can improve their consistency, the Gorillas might not find it such a dog fight after all.

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