QAFL Seniors Grand Final Preview

Submitted by Chris Yeend.


Meetings – 2022
ROUND 10 – Aspley
Broadbeach 14.11.95 defeated Aspley 9.13.67
Round 20 – Broadbeach
Broadbeach 12.7.79 defeated Aspley 8.7.55
Semi Finals – Broadbeach
14.9.93 defeated Aspley 10.8.68

Highest score – 24.13.157 v Surfers Paradise – (Rd 5)
Lowest score – 10.7.67 v Labrador (Round 2)
Highest winning margin – 129 v Surfers Paradise (Rd 5)
18, 2, 23, 129, 50, 115, 16, 28, 33, 2, 3, 27, 3, 64, 39, 24, 37, 25 = 18 
638 points (35 ave.)
100 points or more in a game = 4

Top 5 Goals
46 – Sam Jasper
34 – Brad Lynch
26 – Jordan Moncrieff
14 – Brad Lowe
13 – Connor Nutting

The following is a list of data compiled across all matches that had complete scores only in Play HQ.
Quarters won – points
1st = 13 – 61.44 (410)
2nd = 12 – 50.38 (338)
3rd = 10 – 57.52 (394)
4th = 13 – 57.57 (399)

Results against teams that finished in the top six
Aspley = +28, +24, +25 = + 77 points (26ppg ave.)
Redland-Victoria Point = +23, +3 = +26 points (13ppg ave.)
Labrador = +2, +3,  = +5 (2.5ppg ave.)
Palm Beach Currumbin = +27, +10 – + 37 (18.5ppg ave)
Noosa = +18 (18ppg ave)
Total = 163 points (16.3ppg ave.)

Highest score – 25.17.167  v Sherwood – (Rd 21)
Lowest score – 7.5.47 v RVP (Rd 8)
Highest winning margin – 131 v Sherwood (Rd 21)
Biggest losing margin – 28 v Broadbeach (Rd10)
65, 120, 91, 4, 86, 135, 20, 8, 40, 109, 38, 44, 15, 131, 13 = (15)
919points (61 ave.)
100 points or more in a game = 9
Games won v the final top 6 =  5

Top 5 Goals
78 – Connor Stackleberg
30 – Will Peppin
24 – Nick Dodge
22 – Pat McCarthy
12 – Ryan Banks-Smith

The following is a list of data compiled across all matches that had complete scores only in Play HQ.
Quarters won – points
1st= 13 – 67.48 (450) 
2nd = 11 –  59.47 (401) 
3rd = 11 – 62.52 (424) 
4th = 13 – 62.61 (433) 

Results against teams that finished in the top six
Broadbeach = -28, -24, -25 = -77 (-26ppg. ave)
Redland-Victoria Point = -2, +15, +13 = +26
Labrador = +4, +38 = 42 (+21ppg ave.)
Palm Beach Currumbin = +20
Noosa = -14
W = 90 (18ppg ave.)
L = 93 (19ppg.ave.) 

How challenging is it for Broadbeach to go without a loss this year heading into the decider?
There is absolutely nothing to be concerned about in this instance if you’re head coach Craig O’Brien and the coaching staff.

O’Brien has rotated players in and out of the line-up across the season, building the perfect formula for success. Much like Richmond during its premiership run, O’Brien has identified what he wants from each position and has molded numerous players across the season to find the best player for that role.

This team didn’t need the loss to learn how to bounce back. In fact, in several matches across the year, the group has had experience in trailing late in the game to come from behind and win close matches. This group has adapted to all match scenarios with different personnel. A loss is irrelevant, it is the best-prepared team in a QAFL Senior Grand Final in many years.

Has Aspley lived up to the hype since crossing from the VFL and NEAFL?
To make a Grand Final in your first season suggests that Aspley has more the fulfilled all expectations. It was tough to get an idea of how much of the list could be retained with the desire of so many to play VFL or higher state league honours, but it’s full credit to the club to maintain a vast majority of key personnel from that list from 2021, and the buy-in from the playing group to want to succeed at QAFL level.

Is there a weakness in the Broadbeach line-up?
It’s a tough question because how can you fault a team that has won every game for 1.5 seasons? Each player in this team plays his role really well. The concern is, if any, is who is going to stand-out and lift this team when the game is in the balance; have a nice little purple patch and turn the game on its head; make his mark and lead the team to victory and take the best on ground honours?

Who is the X Factor that could guide Aspley over the line?
It would be hard to go past 2022 Gorgan Medal winner Ryan Banks-Smith, but in this case, he isn’t the answer to this one. Coen Harker had an outstanding game in the Semi Final loss to Broadbeach, and he was arguably, best afield in the win over Redland-Victoria Point last week. His work rate and pressure in second half were the reason the Hornets made the Grand Final.

Can Aspley’s Will Peppin deliver a great Grand Final highlight?
Absolutely yes he will. He had five attempts at some absolute screamers last week and landed two of them. He will most definitely take a mark inside a crowded 50 that drive the crowd insane, take those odds at $1.05.

Lucas Jellyman Turner must be creating history?
LJT played a pivotal role in the premiership win last season in the QAFL, spent the summer season dominating for St Mary’s in the NTFL and played in the Senior premiership win in March, and then is in line for his third state league premiership medal this weekend in the space of 12-months. This shows extraordinary ability from the dashing, long kicking star. If we’re looking at X Factors, his experience in Grand Finals in the past year may suggest he’s the one to do the damage for the Cats.

Who takes 2021 Grogan Medal winner Jordan Moncrieff?
Prior to last weekend, Aspley’s Liam Dawson would have been the likely tip, or even James Nelis, but Errin Wasley-Black was sensational in holding Matt Hammelmann to several goals and shutting down his influence after quarter-time. He had Hammelmann covered for most of the game.

How does this game unfold?
Both teams are evenly matched, and as a basis, execute the simple things well for longer periods of the game. This is why both teams are so solid across all lines. They may not play the most attractive football at times, but both can adapt to the change of play across the game.

We won’t see a team kick 20 goals, and we may not even see a team kick 15. We will see two teams battle tooth and nail for 3.5 quarters and the game decided in the final 10-minutes. All men’s finals have gone the distance this final series and it’s fitting we get that here.

IF Broadbeach wins – how and who gets the medal
Broadbeach play really well defensively and then switches from defense to attack pretty quickly. It will frustrate the Aspley forward line, and deny its forwards space and the midfield of possessions.

In term of best on ground medal; the game is going to come down to the final stages and the strength and poise of Blake Erickson is just the tonic this team needs to toast to another flag.

IF Aspley wins – how and who gets the medal
Aspley is the best scoring team in the competition and has many elite runners and ball carriers. It may have to risk defense and play a lot more offense, quickly. Ther sentimental favourite for the Hornets to win the award suits his game style and what is expected to topple Broadbeach over for the first time in four attempts; your 2022 Grogan Medal winner; Ryan Banks-Smith.

Tip – Broadbeach by 13-points

Image by Brooke Sleep Media. 

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