QAFL Reserves Grand Final Preview

Submitted by Chris Yeend. 


Meetings in 2022
ROUND 5 – Labrador
Labrador 21.16.142 defeated Palm Beach Currumbin 3.5.23
ROUND 20 – Palm Beach Currumbin
Labrador 11.17.83 defeated Palm Beach Currumbin 9.2.56

Highest score – 24.11.155 v Morningside (Rd 19)
Lowest score – 8.11.59 v Aspley (Rd 17)
Highest winning margin – 137 v Morningside (Rd 19)
Biggest losing margin – 7 v Aspley (Rd 6)
61, 40, 24, 119, 20, 35, 82, 13, 132, 24, 66, 65, 28, 137, 27, 104, 62 = 17 101
1,039 (61 ave.)
100 points or more in a game = 7
Top 5 Goals
36 – Joel Baxter
26 – Paddy Turner
25 – Rhys Coombe
20 – Sam Mercer
17 – Shayden Close

The following is a list of data compiled across all matches that had complete scores only in Play HQ.
Quarters won – points
1st = 14 – 60.40 (400)
2nd = 16 –  67.62 (464)
3rd = 13 – 54.50 (374)
4th = 15 – 63.51 (429)

1st Half = 30 quarters | 864 points
2nd Half = 28  quarters | 803 points

Results against teams that finished in the top six
Aspley = +7, 0, +62 = +69 (33ppg ave.)
Broadbeach = +40, +24, = +64 (32ppg ave)
Wilston Grange = +65, (65ppg ave.)
Maroochydore = +61, +20 = +81 (40.5ppg ave.)
Palm Beach Currumbin = +129, +27, = +156 (78ppg ave.)
Total = 569 points (56.9ppg ave.)


Highest score – 22.19.151 v Mt Gravatt (Rd 16)
Lowest score – 3.5.23 v Labrador (Rd 5)
Highest winning margin – 141 v Mt Gravatt (Rd 16)
Biggest losing margin – 119 v Labrador (Rd 5)
43, 29, 63, 54, 4, 33, 141, 35, 10, 13, 5 = 11
425 (39 ave.)
100 points or more in a game = 4
Top 5 Goals
22 – Cam Pohrama
20 – Bronson Howard
19 – Will Tuck
17 – Jordan Gribble
7 – Oliver Churchill and Jackson Kinna
The following is a list of data compiled across all matches that had complete scores only in Play HQ.
1st = 8 – 36.53 (269)
2nd = 13 – 51.48 (354)
3rd = 10 – 41.46 (292)
4th = 9 – 51.41 (347)

Results against teams that finished in the top six
Labrador = -129, -27 = -156 (-78ppg ave.)
Aspley = -83, +5
Broadbeach = -49, -3, +10,
Wilston Grange = +33, -2,
Maroochydore = -39, +13,
W = 61 (15ppg ave.)
L = 332 = (47ppg. ave.)


Has Labrador performed better than it did in 2021 when it took the premiership?
The Tigers defeated Morningside in the decider by 39-points and since then, they have improved tremendously as a Senior group and it would be impossible not to. With Nick Malceski coaching the Seniors and Lachy Henderson being around the group, it makes perfect sense for the Seniors through to the Colts to improve as a group.

This Labrador team hit the scoreboard harder and played better in defense than it did in its premiership run in 2021. It’s very intimidating

How good as PBC’s run been in the finals?
The Lions have enjoyed a dream run. After sneaking into the finals ahead of Redland-Victoria Point, they have beaten three quality teams to advance through to the Grand Final.

To put things into perspective; Maroochydore had only beaten one team that finished in the top six in the Senior men’s home and away season last year to finish sixth. It beat three quality teams in three memorable close matches to make the decider.

PBC beat just one team in the home and away season that finished in the top six; before beating three quality sides by 10, 13 and five points respectively after finishing the home and away season in sixth position. This group were not expected to win each week in the finals but did, and it could be easy to say it played its Grand Final in the first week of the finals, but continued to do so each week since. This is not beyond them.

How handy will Paddy Turner be for the Tigers?
Paddy was in and out of the Senior team across the season much like last year. He kicked four goals in the premiership win including two key goals in the opening term. With 26 goals at Reserves level to his name this year, few teams have the capacity to find a tall and strong enough match-up for him in defense. He could be in for a big showing.

Key names dropped back for PBC, who stands out?
Rising star award winner Will Bella is an obvious stand-out and was impressive in the ruck last week. Brinn Little had his moments in defense and Jed Walter was the match winner with three goals from three enormous contested marks.

However, the highlight player in this game is Malachi Dumas. He, alongside Will Peppin for Aspley in the Seniors, are the star attractions for the day. He is quick, agile an breathtaking to watch. When he hits full stride from the forward line through to the midfield, he will stand out. Look out for the number 22.

Is there pressure on Labrador?
Absolutely there is, but nothing it can’t handle. It would prefer to face PBC than Aspley, a team that has beaten and drawn with it this season. After beating PBC by 20 goals earlier in the year, that confidence will be crucial.

Do PBC have a chance?
After trailing by solid margins at half-time in the past two weeks and winning in extra time and with the last score of the game; plus winning its last five last quarters, and with some solid bodies around them like Walter and Bella, of course, it’s a chance.

IF Labrador wins; how and who wins best afield?
Labrador must kick the first five or six goals of the game and put the result to bed early and drown out the chance of a Lions’ comeback. Best on ground tip would be Rhys Coombe

IF PBC wins; how and who is best afield?
If the margin is within three goals at three-quarter time, the confidence over the past three weeks will be enough to be a chance. It cannot win in a shoot-out. Will Bella to win the medal for best afield.

Tip – Labrador by 36 points 

Image by Anthony Byron Photography. 

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