QAFL numbers game: Lists

With finals quickly approaching, teams are now starting to settle on their best 22. Because of this, we thought we would take a look at how many players each team has played in the seniors so far this year. Check out the numbers below.


Palm Beach – 52

The highest amount of players of any QAFL team this year. It’s a combination of two things. They have had a few injuries to deal with throughout the year, but have also got a talent pool large enough that some players have had the opportunity to play NEAFL football and represent Queensland in the Under 18 program. Players like Stephen Thynne, Tyler Cornish and Zac Harrison are NEAFL regulars, and Brad Scheer (after a return from injury), Jesse Joyce and Max Spencer were key members of the championship winning Queensland under 18 team.

Broadbeach – 49

It might not be an official process, but there has no doubt been a youth policy mentality down at H&A oval of late. It’s been a high turnover of players throughout the year, but it’s not all doom and gloom. Seb Fahey played arguably his best ever game of football ever on debut in the seniors a few weeks ago, Brade Palmer has been excellent in the ruck, and some of the leaders of the club, like Ryan Dienjes have plenty of good football ahead of them. When missing players like Moscher-Thomas, Quick and Pantic, it has been the youth who have stood up.

Surfers Paradise – 46

Surfers Paradise have huge number of players this year, and by their own admission, are yet to get close to having their best team on the park.  The Demons seem to be missing a few key players every single week. Cunningham going down with a broken foot earlier in the year was a huge loss, as ruckman of his size and ability are hard to replace, and Trent McIntyre’s presence deep down forward has been missed in the last few weeks. The positive is that they have been able to get games into kids throughout the year.

Mt Gravatt – 44

It’s been an injury merry-go-round for the Vultures this year. Losing skipper Joe Murphy for the season due to a knee injury early was far from ideal, and add to that Chris Murphy’s recurring AC joint issues and you are two leaders down for the majority of the season. Most weeks there have been four to five changes in the lineup, but it has allowed some of the younger brigade to flourish. Wylie Buzza has been good of late when available to play, and Samuel James has been consistent all year. As these kids get more game time into them, Mt Gravatt as a club will only grow stronger.

UQ – 44

A team that is learning a new game plan, with new personnel at the top, is always going to have a reasonably high turnover of players through the senior team. UQ’s development this year has not only been in game plan, but figuring out who the best candidates are to take their team forward. Phil Lovett’s absence hurt their key defender stocks, but in recent weeks, the lineup has settled down considerably.

Wilston Grange – 44

A surprisingly high number considering the position they are in.  Steve Brittain has missed a few games earlier this year with a calf injury, and then jetsetted overseas for a few weeks as well. Joining him in the overseas club was Eric Kuret, and Declan Bevan, all players off massive importance to the Gorillas. No injury was more pivotal than that of coach Matt Trewhella, who tore the plantar fascia in his foot, with a return date still unknown. The addition of Albert Proud mid year, who has recently foudnd his feet in the lineup, was a huge result. All of these guys should be fit and firing for the business end of the year.

Sandgate – 40

It’s been a relatively stable team for the Hawks this year. As is the case with any young team, there have been kids that have good days and bad days, good months and bad months, so a few come in and out each week, but for most of the year, their better players have been able to stay fit. Dan Daye has been unlucky with minor injuries, and Liam Rutledge would like a more consistent string of games, but their spine, in Aden Rutledge, Tom Overington, and Ben Beaven have been able to string together good, consistent football for the majority of the year.

Morningside – 38

Morningside have been reasonably lucky on the playing list front. Yes, there has been a few niggling injuries that have reoccurred during the year, they did miss their skipper Sam Brown for a while with a hammy strain, but they have escaped without any major injuries so far.

Labrador – 38

Labrador had the most stabalised list in the competition through the first half of the year, which has no doubt been a factor in their form. Unfortunately for the Tigers, in the last few weeks, bad luck surrounding injury has set in. Matthew Lappin season is in the balance with a knee injury, there is some serious doubt over skipper Ryan Davey’s return date, gun recruit Billy Hicks is still out, and so is Tom Daniel.

The beauty of Labrador’s season so far is that they are in a position to cover those losses, and if it does come to a point where they lose one because of it, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not the end of the world.

Western Magpies – 37

There is no doubt the Western Magpies good form over the last two months can be attributed to the stability in their lineup.  They had a few jumper numbers through the team early, and were missing some stars like Luke Scott early, but in the last few weeks, it’s only a few injuries, like that to co-captain Lachie Woods that have thrown a spanner in the works.

By Andrew Wiles – @andrewjwiles

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