QAFL LIVE: Surfers v Morningside

Join community football writer, Beth Newman, with the live action of the Surfers Paradise v Morningside clash at Sir Bruce Small Oval.


The Panthers ran out with a comfortable win over the Demons today.

An eight-goal second term to Morningside proved the difference on the scoreboard, with the Demons’ defensive pressure slipping. Contrastly, it was the Panthers’ back line which stayed solid, despite the absence of Josh Brown, with Nick Tomlinson and Matt Logan proving rocks in the Panthers defence.

Kent Abey was strong up forward for the Panthers, with six goals, while Dustin Gordon and Blane Delbridge pitched in as well.

Surfers Paradise youngster, Cassidy Haberfield, worked hard in the midfield, but the Panthers dominated the centre clearances and had most of the opportunities all day.

4:35pm: Huge blow for Surfers as Ben Merrett comes off the ground with what looks like an elbow injury.

4:33pm: Jake Ryan in  the right place at the right time, as Morningside full-back, Ben Niland-Rowe drops a mark deep in the Surfers forward line. Ryan runs into the open goal square for his first major of the day.

Morningside still holds a 61-point lead.

4:32pm: Green gets another go at it, from a seemingly tougher angle, but slots it easily.

4:29pm: Dan Green misses a very gettable goal for the Demons. Their forward pressure is keeping it in their attacking 50, though.

4:24pm: Nathan Kinch streams through the middle of the ground and looks on track for a ripper, but it falls short.

Young ruckman James O’Donnell has a shot for the Panthers and finishes off. Out to a 64-point lead now.

4:20pm: A laces out delivery to Kent Abey, gives him a chance for his seventh. He misses and Surfers are rebounding.

4:19pm: Dustin Gordon kicks another for the Panthers, from close range out of traffic. The margin is starting to blow out now.

4:17pm: Dan Green has a shot for Surfers, but it ends to the right of the big sticks.

4:15pm: Hackett, Faure, Hackett, Delbridge, GOAL. Panthers out to a 51-point lead now. All those guys have featured pretty heavily this game.

4:13pm: Last term underway. Surfers will be looking to claw their way back.


Both sides gave the scoreboard plenty of work that quarter, with 12 majors in the term.

4:04pm: Jake Ryan tries to break a tackle and go on his own, but he’s held back. Bit ambitious from the comeback kid there.

4:02pm: Daniel Daye kicks his first of the day, and it’s the 12th of the third quarter. Not short of attacking highlights in this quarter.

4:00pm: Morningside’s Ryan Johnson misses a sitter and it’s in dispute, before Trent McIntyre snaps it up and then snaps it through. GOAL!

3:58pm: Cassidy Haberfield nabs a mark just before it hits the deck and passes it off to Jake Tooma – the guy with the brightest boots on the ground. That doesn’t seem to help, though, it’s a behind.

3:57pm: Ryan Dienjes spots a solo Trent McIntyre in the forward 50 and hits him up. The big forward converts.

3:55pm: Simon Fenton somehow manages to get his foot to the Sherrin in a one on one tussle and it bounces through.

3:53pm: Blane Delbridge finishes off yet another winning centre clearance for Morningside. Surfers not getting their hands on it at the moment.

3:52pm: Lachie Russ kicks another Panthers goal, and the lead is out to 53 points.

3:50pm: Lachie Russ escapes the clutches of a Demons defender, with a clean handball to Kent Abey in the goalsquare. Abey is having a day out today.

3:47pm: Surfers have their best attacking surge for some time, starting with a switch at half back, but it’s ultimately a behind.

3:44pm: A midfield turnover ends up in a shot for Dustin Gordon shot at goal. It’s deja vu as Kent Abey snaps a mark short of the behind line. This time he misses, though.

3:42pm: A couple of coach killers for Surfers ends in a Tyson Upton goal. Regan Finlay a bit hesitant with the ball for Surfers, taken down in a tackle. The ball was collected by Nathan Kenny but a poor handball saw him cough it up.

3:41pm: Dan Green launches one from just on 50 and kicks another for the Demons.

3:40pm: Tyson Upton has a clean shot, but handballs it over  the top to a waiting Sam Faure, who finishes off well.

3:38pm: Cassidy Haberfield kicks his second, out of traffic.

3:35pm: Jamie Hackett kicks Morningside’s first goal of the term, stretching their lead out to 31.

3:34pm: Third quarter underway. Surfers has the first clearance., but it’s turned over and Morningside have the numbers.


Morningside piled on the goals in that term and, which will be disappointing for Surfers. The Demons are working hard but any time they gave an inch to the Panthers forwards, they were punished.

Still plenty of time left, though.

3:12pm: Nick O’Hare takes a nice mark for Surfers in their 50 and he’s got a shot. Didn’t look confident in his run up and it ends in a behind.

3:11pm: It’s locked in the Morningside 50 at the minute. A couple of kick and hopes from both teams, but no joy.

3:08pm: Mick Cunningham launches a huge roost and Ben Merrett claims the mark in a pack of players. Twenty metres out, he slots it and gets one back for the home side.

3:07pm: Seesawing play, ultimately ends up in the hands of Panthers’ Tyson Upton. He misses.

3:05pm: Abey kicks his fifth and the Panthers have a 41-point lead late in this second term.

3:01pm: Morningside’s Jamie Hackett looks to have a shot, but it drifts right into the hands of Kent Abey, in the pocket. Abey kicks his fourth.

3:00pm: A couple of hospital handpasses in front of Morningside’s goal, by the Demons, but a Panther throw gives them a reprievee.

2:58pm: Adam Spackman takes a mark in the Panthers’ 50 and passes it off to Jamie Hackett, who kicks Morningside’s sixth of the term. They’ve opened up a five goal lead now.

2:55pm: Nathan Kinch marks it and hands it off to Adam Spackman, for his first of the day. The Panthers have piled them on early this quarter and the Demons need to stay in touch.

2:54pm: Adam Spackman dances away from an opponent and gives off the hands. The Panthers’ attack is cut off by Demons numbers in the 50 arc, though.

2:53pm: Morningside’s Blane Delbridge snaps around the body out of traffic, for his second goal of the day.

2:52pm: Tyson Upton has another shot for Morningside, but it drifts right. The margin is two goals, to the Panthers.

2:50pm: Cassidy Haberfield replies for the Demons, with a spectacular running goal. The youngster has been playing SUNS reserves for much of the year, so he’s a handy in for Surfers.

2:49pm: Dustin Gordon kicks his first of the day. Dusty came to the Panthers after a 60-goal season in Victoria last year. He paid his dues in the reserves and has been handy since his elevation into the seniors.

2:48pm: The Demons are starting to give the Panthers a bit too much space and Blane Delbridge makes them pay, with a goal.

Surfers need to keep their pressure up, because any extra inch is basically a goal.

2:47pm: A solid clearance from Morningside’s Tyson Upton, handing it out to Sam Faure, but no one can take a mark in the forward 50, and Surfers have the chance to rebound.

2:46pm: Kent Abey starting to get the better of his match up with Finlay, taking another mark one on one. He kicks his third of the game and the lead swings back the Panthers’ way.

2:44pm: VAN DE WERKEN!!! The man with three last names in one kicks a brilliant goal for the Demons and they take the lead early in the second. Game. on.

2:43pm: Surfers have a couple of opportunities but can’t convert. Their forward pressure has been good, though, and thus they’ve had most of the pill early.

2:40pm: Second quarter up going. Demons’ Daniel Van de Werken stops Morningside’s first attacking foray of the quarter.


It’s been a tight first quarter, with both sides competitive. The Demons have been intense in their pressure and they’ve converted their opportunities.

Morningside’s defence has been solid and all signs point to a high quality contest early.

2:31pm: Dienjes  shows he can doe the team thing, laying a textbook tackle, to give Surfers a free kick.

They kick their first behind of the day, but the Panthers are pretty aware of their presence.

2:30pm: It’s not the prettiest of attacking charges, but Ryan Dienjes ends up with the ball in his hands in the goalsquare and finishes easily. The Demons have kicked four straight this afternoon and it’s keeping them in touch.

2:29pm: Nathan Kenny dribbles one through into an open goal square. Margin is now 12 points in Morningside’s favour.

2:26pm: Sam Faure has a shot It goes high and hits a pack. There are a few attempts to hand it out the back, but it’s too congested .The Demons come up with it, but it’s cut off at the 50.

2:24pm: Tyson Upton takes a classy run and Kent Abey snatches a strong contested mark. He kicks his second in three minutes. The Demons will be disappointed with the last few minutes, which have negated some of their early good work.

2:22pm: Kent Abey kicks his first and the Panthers are 11 points in front with about ten minutes to go.

2:20pm: Morningside back pocket, Nick Tomlinson, has found himself with a rare shot on goal. Straight in front, Doc kicks truly and gives Morningside the lead.

2:19pm: Surfers co-captain Ryan Dienjes has a lot of confidence from his six-goal game last week, taking a break into the forward 50, but he boots it out on the full.

2:18pm: Abey has his first shot of the day from the scoreboard pocket. Distracting car beeps put him off, and it’s across the face. The Panthers trail by one.

2:15pm: Morningside’s back line doing a terrific job at the moment – nipping any Surfers’ attack in the midfield.

Demons co-captain Regan Finlay is doing a solid job on Kent Abey early – the big Panther forward hasn’t taken a clean mark yet.

2:14pm: The Demons stopped in their tracks on the midfield, and Morningside gets a shot. It misses.

2:12pm: He was dominating in the ressies last year, but Surfers’ Dan Green has found a regular pot in the seniors this season and he gets his first goal of the day. Surfers lead 12-8.

2:11pm: Morningside has their first goal, via Ash Evans.

2:10pm: After a good start, Surfers are doing everything they can to give Morningside an opportunity, turning it over in their defensive 50 far too easily.

2:09pm: A free kick for Ben Merrett gives a Surfers another forward entry, but  it ends up in the hands of the Panthers’ Alastair Nash who delivers it, via Matt Logan, out of danger.

2:07pm: The Demons are keeping tight on the Panthers today and so far have converted their opportunities.

2:05pm: Surfers young gun, Harrison Fraser takes a strong run on the win, and sets up a shot for Trent McIntyre. Surfers have the first goal – exactly the start they wanted.

2:03pm: It’s a tight contest early down here, with just the one point to the Panthers so far. Demons really competitive.

2:00pm: We’re just about underway here at Surfers. Can the Demons pull of an upset for the second week in a row or will Morningside keep their clean sheet?

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