QAFL LIVE :Surfers Paradise v Broadbeach

Join community footy writer, Beth Newman, at Sir Bruce Small Park as Surfers Paradise hosts Broadbeach in a Gold Coast derby.

FT: BROADBEACH 14.9 (93) – SURFERS 7.8 (51).

Broadbeach burst out of the blocks today and never looked like being run down.

4:23pm: Jordan Kingi takes a mark straight in front. Right on the siren, the kick goes to the right.

4:21pm: There’s not much time left and the 42-point margin in the Cats’ favour will likely stay.

4:18pm: Taylor Haley launches a shot and it’s marked by Siekai in the goal square, who finishes with ease.

4:17pm: Simon Fenton tries to play on and spark something for Surfers Paradise on the wing, but ultimately kills the ball, kicking it straight into a Cats player.

4:14pm: Jordan Kingi kicks a steadying goal for the Cats and takes their lead back out to 35 points.

4:13pm: Broadbeach’s Andrew Siekai has a crack from the boundary line, sending the footy into a pack of players in the goal square. A free kick goes to Surfers, but the Cats force a turnover quickly and it’s back in their 50.

4:09pm: Trent McIntyre kicks a vital goal for Surfers Paradise. It’s his first of the day and the first of the quarter. Margin is 28 points, 10 minutes into the quarter.

4:08pm: The Cats struggling to convert this term. Two shots haven’t  made the distance, marked by Demons defenders.

4:06pm: Potentially some bad news for Broadbeach, with Caleb Hay limping off the ground accompanied by two trainers.

4:03pm: The Demons have pushed Brody Haberfield up forward, putting Darcy Dienjes on dangerous Broadbeach forward, Taylor Haley.

4:02pm: Surfers Paradise having the better of the opportunities early in this quarter. They were upbeat coming off the final break, confident they can run down this Cats side.

3:59pm: Final quarter just underway. A wayward Surfers Paradise kick across the face of the Broadbeach goal is saved by Sean Atkinson, who collects it just in the nick of time.

3:51pm: 3QT: BROADBEACH 12.6 (78)  – SURFERS PARADISE 6.7 (43)

Surfers Paradise grabbed some momentum late in that quarter, kicking the last two goals of the term.

Broadbeach still looks in control of the match, but the first goal of the final term will be a pivotal one.

3:47pm: A second in a row for the Demons, and it’s game on. 34 points the difference, into time on in the third quarter.

3:44pm: Simon Fenton slots one for Surfers Paradise. They trail by 40 points now.

3:41pm: Noa Corbett with a shot jut inside 50 for Surfers Paradise, but it goes into a pack. No one can take the grab.

3:38pm: Taylor Haley has taken an absolute ripper! He finishes off with his fifth goal of the day.

3:35pm: After a lot of congested footy in the Cats’ forward 50, the Surfers Paradise take the ball out of danger, mounting their own attack.

The resulting shot is just touched as it hastily bounces towards the goal line.

3:30pm: Taylor Haley going for his fourth. The kick always looked on track, and it’s a 40-point ball game now.

3:28pm: Dan Skrinis kicks the first goal of the half, taking the Cats’ lead to 34.

3:26pm: Surfers with the first score of the second half. It’s a behind.

3:23pm: Second half, ready to go.

3:03pm: BROADBEACH 9.4 (58) – SURFERS 4.5 (29)

The Demons have fought back this quarter, keeping the margin steady.

Atkinson still doing well for the Demons, while Kieran Brennan stood up fro the Cats that term.

2:59pm: Surfers gets a quick reply and the margin stays at 30 points.

2:58pm: Josh Searl has come straight off the interchange bench, and into the spotlight, kicking his first goal of the day.

2:57pm: Cassidy Haberfield rewarded for a tackle on Mitch Hopins, but an ineffective kick gives the advantage back to the Cats.

2:54pm: Patty Rankin has just kicked a very lucky goal. it didn’t look great off the boot, but the footy gods allowed a bouncing miracle.The ball had three chasers in Cats jumpers, but they couldn’t catch it.

2:54pm: Caleb Hay goes for a reply major, but it’s a behind.

2:51pm: Nathan Kenny kicks the Demons’ first goal of the quarter, from a fair way out. He’s got some class.

2:49pm: Taylor Haley with his third for the Cats, stretching Broadbeach’s lead out to 41 now.

2:46pm: Nathan Kenny goes for a run down the clubhouse wing and passes it to Trent McIntyre. He kicks it to a contest, deep in the Surfers forward line and the Cats come up with it.

2:43pm: A fast transition from Surfers Paradise, through the hands of Ryan Dienjes, gives Simon Fenton a shot at the carpark end of the oval. Noisy misses everything, though.

2:42pm: Taylor Haley takes a great mark for the Broadbeach on a tight angle. He kicks truly and has his second of the day.

2:41pm: Surfers looking panicked. They’re gettign a lot of the bal, btu turning it over far too often.

2:37pm: 50m penalty to the Cats’ Kieran Brennan, who has the first shot fothe term, but it’s a behind.

2:35pm: Second quarter underway now. Surfers Paradise gets the first clearance, but Broadbeach capitalises on a boundary throw in and feeds it straight back out.

2:28pm: QUARTER-TIME: BROADBEACH 6.2 (38)  – SURFERS 1.2 (8)

It was all Broadbeach that term, with the Cats kicking with accuracy.

The visitors had time and space with the ball and showcased the run and carry that suits them so well.

Surfers defenders, Sean Atkinson and Simon Fenton, working hard and youngster, Cassidy Haberfield doing well inside.

2:26pm: Just shy of quarter time, the Demons have their first, via Chris Mitchell. Michael Cunningham booted it into the Surfers 50, and Mitchell snatched up the ball at the back of the contest, snapping it through.

2:25pm:  A Surfers turnover in the middle and Broadbeach’s Nick Scott capitalise,d with an exciting running goal from just on 50.

2:23pm: A sloppy handball puts Surfers in danger, but the Cats let them off as the ball goes out of bounds.

The Demons defenders are working overtime right now.

2:19pm: Surfers have ahd a handful of opportunities this term, but they can’t seem to convert.

Captain, Ryan Dienjes is hoping to change that. He’s just taken a grab i nthe forward 50, finishing off some great work from youngster Cassidy Haberfield.

It drifts to the left. Broadbeach leads 5.1 (31) – 0.2 (2)

2:16pm: Mitchell Hopkins kicks a brilliant goal, the Cats’ fifth, and he loves it.

Great start for them. Surfers Paradise’s defence has been okay, but the Cats arte playing the run and carry game that they do so well.

2:14pm: Sorry for the delay, some technical difficulties.

Broadbeach have kicked four goals to none, midway through this first term, with Ellis, Andrew Siekai, Taylor Haley and James McNamara the scorers.

2:02pm: Nic Ellis boots a big kick straight through the middle, giving the Cats their first.

1:59pm: We’re underway down here at Sir Bruce Small Park

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