QAFL Live: Broadbeach v Labrador

Join community footy writer, Beth Newman, for all the action on Ladies Day at H&A Oval.

4:30pm: FULL TIME: BROADBEACH 14.6 (90) – LABRADOR 12.8 (80)

The Cats have snagged a crucial win at H&A Oval. With a limited bench for much of the match, Broadbeach showed their character once again, and importantly got a win over a contender.

4:28pm: Simon Seddon gets a late one for the Tigers. A nice kick and it narrows the margin to 10 points.

4:27pm: It’s almost over now. Only three goals this term and almost 30 minutes in. Broadbeach are home.

4:26pm: Everything has slowed right up now. It’s hard to believe there was a 10-goal second term. It’s been 10 minutes since the last goal.

4:23pm: Broadbeach with it deep in the Labrador attacking 50, just trying to keep their hands on it.

4:20pm: The Tigers are still fighting but the Cats doing everything to keep them out of the Labrador 50. It’s getting slippery out there now, and everything’s a bit scrappy.

4:16pm: Ryan Davey is trying to do it all on his own this quarter. Doges a couple anf takes a leisurely run through the guts to up a Labrador goal, with Simon Seddon finishing it off.

4:10pm: A behind to Nathan Manczal takes the Cats’ lead out to 23 points. The rain has just started to come back, which will make the Tigers’ task that little bit more difficult.

4:06pm: Adam McKenzie scores another goal for the Cats, they’re just keeping the Tigers at arm’s length.

4:04pm: A brilliant tackle from Jordan Kingi gives the Cats a free kick i nthe middle of the ground. It’s locked in the Cats’ 50 at the minute.

4:03pm: Labrador with a quick reply, via Simon Seddon.

4:01pm: A mark for Broadbeach’s James Royes, right in front and ver yclose range. He makes no mistake – the Cats lead by 23 points.

3:59pm: Final quarter underway. Labrador with the first clearance, but it’s over the top of their forwards.

3:57pm: Nathan Manczal has his ankle strapped up and is testing it out with some runs on the sideline. Looks like he will try and play this out.


A shoot out that term, with 10 goals scored. Broadbeach hold the advantage at the final change but injuries have hit them hard, so they will be battling in the last quarter.

3:51pm: Another goal to Labrador, that’s the 10th of this quarter. Very good attacking footy.

3:51pm: Manczal limping along the boundary. Looks like an ankle.

3:48pm: Jye Warren kicks a goal for the Tigers, but Cats fans are watching Nathan Manczal, who went down grabbing his knee. He has just run off the ground with the trainer, so hopefully it’s not too serious for them. They have had a couple of injuries today.

3:46pm: Caleb Hay takes a text book mark. The 18 year-old shows he can boot it a fair way, kicking from right on the 50m arc, and it goes all the way. The Cats have a five goal lead now.

3:44pm: McKenzie again! He gets a bit of height, on his way to an intercept mark.

3:43pm: Adam McKenzie spears it to Andrew Siekai, for his first shot of the game. Runs a Buddy arc, but it finishes to the right. The Cats’ first behind for the quarter.

3:40pm: James Royes snags a sensational mark just in front of the behind post, and converts. After conceding the first three, the Cats have now kicked four in a row. Pretty good way to respond.

3:39pm: Taylor Haley marks and has a 50m penalty. From point blank range, he won’t miss. And he doesn’t. Three in a row to the Cats and they’re back out to a 17-point lead.

3:36pm: Another goal to the cats, through Adam Hall. It’s 11 points now.

3:33pm: A kick-to-kick between Matt Fife and Adam McKenzie ends in no score, but the Cats come up with a free kick 20m out, to James Royes. He kicks a vital goal for the home team, who have a five-point lead.

3:31pm: Labrador has wrangled back the advantage this quarter. They’re hitting more targets and they have more space.

3:29pm: Michael Gugliotta squeezes the Tigers’ third goal in a row through, and scores are EVEN!

3:27pm: Bit of friendly fire between two Cats players and Brandon Chadwick has come off second best. He’s being looked after by trainers and they’re walking him off the ground. Looks a bit worse for wear.

3:26pm: Simon Seddon with a shot for the Tigers. He slots it, and all of a sudden the margin is just six points.

3:24pm: Labador’s Adam Baird takes a super run out of traffic, setting up debutant Andrew Hollis for his first goal

3:20pm: Second half underway here.

3:00pm: HALF-TIME: BROADBEACH 7.4 (46)  – LABRADOR 4.4 (28)

The Cats are on top at the major break here at H&A Oval. Three goals to start of f the second quarter gave them some breathing space, before the Tigers hit back with two of their own.

2:56pm: Josh Searl takes a strong grab in the Cats’ forward line. A free kick for in the back as well. A goal here is crucial for the home side. It looked horrendous off the boot, but ends up right on target. His second, the Cats’ seventh.

2:54pm: Labrador debutant, Andrew Hollis, has two grabsbut an’t quite hold the mark. He has a free kick, though, and the shot is short and to the right. Broadbeach on the run now.

2:52pm: A little bit of something out of nothing from the Tigers’ Zac Brain. A boot out of traffic on the 50m arc and it’s straight through. Those two straight goals have cut the margin to just 11, into time on of the second.

2:49pm: A bit of class from Labrador’s Ryan Davey. A one-handed scoop off a hit out and he throws it straight on the boot for a goal. Looked almost touched, but the ball beat the man and the Tigers have their first goal since midway through the first quarter.

2:44pm: Josh Searl kicks his first of the day, and the Cats’ third of the term. Labrador need to stem the flow.

2:40pm: Labrador youngster, Jesse Walton, layts a brilliant tackle, earning him a holding the ball free kick. He’s going to be kicking from just inside the arc, on the change room pocket. It starts left, comes around a smidge, but not quite enough.

2:38pm: Adam Hall takes an ambitious around the body snap and GOALS!! He can add that one to the highlights reel. Broadbeach have the first two goals of this term and take a 19-point lead, six minutes in.

2:36pm: Nick Scott takes a mark for the Cats , slight angle but he makes it look easy. The Cats’ lead out to 13

2:32pm: Second quarter underway. Cats with the first clearance here.

2:25pm: Taylor Haley slots one for the Cats just shy of the quarter-time siren. They have had the better of the term, showing some strong run and carry.

Their back line has been especially good, rebounding efficiently.

2:23pm: Broadbeach’s rebounding has been sensational today. Strong pressure handed Nic Ellis a shot from outside 50 and he put everything on it and  goals. The Cats are up by seven points. They’re loving these dry conditions.

2:22pm: The Cats’ Adam Hall drops a mark, but fixes his mistake, setting up a shot for Josh Searl. Searl’s shot drifts to the right.

2:20pm: Michael Gugliotto has a shot on the far side, and he’ll be kicking from 45m out. It’s a big roost but misses everything.

2:18pm: Broadbeach’s Josh Searl looked set for the highlights reel for a split second, with a snap from a very tight angle, but it goes across the face.

2:16pm: Taylor Haley wins a free kick for a high tackle, just indside the centre square. It ends in the arms of Labrador’s Brett Davis, though. Both sides struggling to finish off those attacking plays.

2:14pm: Dyson Budarick has a free kick for the Tigers. Straight in front about 40m out. Not the best kick, but it does the job and Labrador takes a one-goal lead.

2:12pm: Looks like Adam McKenzie is going with Labrador’s Ryan Davey today. Already a good battle.

2:09pm: Sometimes you’ve got to go back to go forward, and that’s just what the Cats did. A couple of clever handpasses set up Eddie Burton for their first goal of the day. The rain has subsided for the minute and the Cats are settling into the match well.

They have a one point lead 12 minutes into this first term.

2:07pm: Taylor Haley takes a one-hander just on the 50, but his kick ends up in the hands of Labrador.

2:05pm: James Christie launches one from the forward pocket for Broadbeach but it doesn’t make it to the middle. Another behind for the Cats.

2:03pm: Dyson Budarick cleans up a missed mark in the Tigers forward line and kicks the first goal for Labrador, and of the match. They lead 1.0 (6) – 0.1 (1)

2:01pm: Josh Clarke nearly takes a brilliant mark, but can’t stick. The Tigers get a free kick out of the ensuing congestion and another chance to attack.

2:00pm: Broadbeach has been looking to slow it down in the past fortnight and they’re already showing that early today.

1:58pm: First clearance to the Tigers, and the rain is starting to come down lightly now. it’s going to be a tightly contested game today.

1:54pm: The Tigers have won the toss and will be kicking to the carpark end of H&A Oval first up.

1:52pm: Good news for the Cats, with Josh Searl shrugging off a shoulder complaint to front up today. Certainly a handy one for them.

1:50pm: My record isn’t too great at H&A Oval. I’ve been here twice before for one washout and a fortnight ago, the rain pelted down. Hoping to break that trend today.

1:48pm: It’s not just a big day for the players out there today, with one of the umpires celebrating his birthday in the middle.

1:41pm: Just under 20 minutes until today’s big clash between Broadbeach and Labrador.

Both sides should have plenty of motivation for the game – it’s the Cats’ Ladies Day and Labrador captain, Ryan Davey plays his 50th match for the club.

My guess is the person who will play the biggest part in the match will be Mother Nature. The Cats struggled in the wet at this ground a fortnight ago, unable to play their strong run and carry footy. The Tigers have battled against injury and are again missing some key players.

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