QAFL LIVE BLOG: Sandgate v Wilston Grange

Join community footy writer, Beth Newman, at Lemke Rd as Sandgate takes on Wilston Grange in an ANZAC Day Eve clash.

9:42pm: FULL-TIME: WILSTON GRANGE 11.11 (77) – SANDGATE 7.13 (55)

The Gorillas have claimed the inaugural ANZAC Cup with a strong second half. They withstood a hard running Sandgate team who fought right until the end. Gorillas captain, Steve Brittain was solid in his comeback from a shoulder reconstruction, while Jacob Huisman was strong  for the Hawks.

But the real miracle of all this is that my laptop is still running. It’s been a long day, thanks for following all the action.

9:41pm: The equation for the home side is simple: 3 goals. Reckon there’s only a couple of minutes to go, so they have to weave some magic. They could easily be the ones in the box seat now, but for their poor conversion.

9:39pm: Sandgate defender Nick Jackson sprints away into the Hawks’ attacking hot spot, but can’t finish off. Not sure whether to commit or pass it off, it ends up falling short and his teammate can’t take the grab.

9:37pm: The Gorillas get another and they’re 17 points up now.

9:35pm: Steve Brittain sets up a three-point play, that started and ended with him. Harris Andrews was the meat in that Brittain sandwich, and the captain finishes it off.

He has his own pocket of supporters tonight and they’re very happy with that one. Will be hard to beat Brittain for the Will Forbes/Graham Jewell Medal tonight.

9:34pm: There’s 11 points in it, but we’re getting close to time on. Hawks need to make something happen.

9:32pm: Liam Rutledge does a little pirouette in the last line of defence, getting Sandgate out of jail. It makes it to the opposite 50, swings back out and then in again.

9:29pm: Sandgate haven’t been able to take advantage of their opportunities this term. They’ve kicked 7.12 and quite a few were pretty kickable.

9:25pm: About halfway through the final term now and two goals kicked. Not easy for anyone out there.

9:22pm: Waiting for the centre bounce, there are voices coming from everywhere. It’s clear this means plenty for both sides, both in the context of the night, but also their respective seasons.

9:20pm: it’s been hovering around the Grange 50 for a little while and finally a penetrating kick hits Ben Haire. The big man puts plenty on the end of it and it goes through by a mile.

The Gorillas now lead by two goals.

9:19pm: There’s a healthy crowd out here tonight, but one woman in particular is impressive. Wrapped in a very warm-looking fuzzy purple blanket, her passion and dedication is pretty obvious. Great form.

9:17pm: A fakey from Steve Brittain gives Grange youngster Harris Andrews a shot in front, kicking from about 45 out. It drifts to t the right.

9:15pm: Blake Hartley misses a tackle but James Nelis backs him up brilliantly, with a perfect tackle, giving the Hawks a free kick. He’s on the end of it too – the Aspley-listed player kicks another one, putting Sandgate three points down.

9:13pm: Final quarter ready to go. Going to be a tight one here at Lemke Rd. Stick around as it unfolds.

9:06pm: 3QT: WILSTON GRANGE 8.7 (55) – SANDGATE 6.10 (46)

9:05pm: Only two goals have been kicked this term, and it doesn’t look like there’ll be any more too soon. Both sides have been relentless this quarter.

9:03pm: A super dangerous cross-goal kick puts Grange in a sticky situation. They manage to make the best of it though, with a boundary throw in the result.

8:59pm: Sandgate still have plenty of run and not afraid to take the game on. Three juggles for Jono Giles and he takes a mark, before passing it off to Lions Academy youngster, Blake Hartley. He has a shot right on the boundary and it is touched right on the line.

Sandgate has kicked 6.10 so far – that return may haunt them in what looks to be a very close game.

8:58pm: Dan Campbell takes a sensational intercept for the Gorillas in the middle, but they can’t take advantage. The return ball gets as far as the Hawks 50 arc and then Grange takes it back again.

8:55pm: Neither side able to break free this quarter. Sandgate has an opportunity, but it’s cut off by the first of Gorillas’ player-coach, Matt Trewhella.

James Nelis ends up with it and has another shot for the Hawks, but it’s touched. Grange leads 8.7 (55) – 6.9 (45)

8:50pm: Aspley rookie-listed player, Jono Giles, takes the tap for Sandgate while midfielder Tom Overington just pleads with him to “do something.” Giles does wlell and it ends up in a boundary throw in.

8:49pm: A monster from Grange’s Taylor McCubbin gives the visitors a strong reply. They’re 11 points in front now – but there ain’t no fat lady singing.

8:46pm: James Nelis kicks from outside 50, and it’s a foot race for Aden Rutledge and Lachie Nixon-Smith, the only two in the Hawks’ attacking hemisphere. The ball beats them both and goes through cleanly for a goal!!!

Margin back to five points now, in favour of the Gorillas.

8:45pm: It’s a tough contest to start this second half, with both sides working hard.

8:42pm: A lucky bounce gives Aden Rutledge a half chance and he scoops the Sherrin in one hand and snaps in hope, but it was all a bit too quick as it goes out on the full.

8:39pm: Getting a bit slippery by the looks of it. Both sides struggling to hang on to it early.

8:37pm: Second half has started here at Lemke Rd. Jim Mc Mahon gets the opening tap for Grange.

8:18pm: It must be getting close to half-time now, and literalyl as I typed that, the siren goes.


8:16pm: The visitors have another shot, currently leading by 11 points. Harris Andrews’ shot goes across the face and their lead is two goals now.

8:15pm: Dave Kettle sends a short cross into the hands of Jordon Roberts, but his shot is touched over the line.

8:12pm: Grange’s David Tough is lining up, to kick from 35 out. Another goal for the Gorillas.

Fun fact about Toughy, that I learned recently: his dad is the musician Toughy who is a regular fixture at some of Brisbane’s finest establishments of a weekend.

8:09pm: It’s been stuck in their 50 for a good while and the Hwks come up with the goods, as Trent Fuller kicks a good snap goal.

8:05pm: Skill execution is hurting the Hawks right now. Missing some easy handball targets in their attacking half, which is just making things harder for them.

8:00pm: Almost a goal of the year contender from Steve Brittain, as he snaps off his right boot, and it narrowly misses the big sticks. A consoling thought – you haven’t missed out on winning a car with that, Britts.

7:58pm: Hugh campbell boots a cracking goal for Grange and I’m not sure what Matt Trewhella said to his side at quarter time, but it’s obviously working.

7:56pm: He’s taken another one and then a 50m penalty and it’s third time lucky for captain Britts. Easy as you like, from the goal square, he slots it and cuases the third lead change of the term.

Meanwhile, my Queensland constitution is struggling with this dip in temperature.

7:55pm: He just missed one a second ago, but Steve Brittain makes no mistake the second time. A tight angle and it floats across the face.

7:54pm: Sandgate’s Brendan Colch steps around Ben Haire, but it’s ultimately fumbled into a contest. John James tries to run the other way for the Gorillas, but is taken down and over the boundary.

7:52pm: The Hawks get one back basically straight away. Jordan Maynard kicks it and they’re back in front.

7:50pm: Sensational mark from Grange’s Steve Brittain gives him the first shot of the term, and his second of the match. All class, he slots it an takes back the lead for his side.

7:47pm: Almost back for the second quarter. Such a short break that I didn’t even get a chance to eat my nutritious dinner of a banana and a can of sugar free Red Bull. Got to watch that sugar.

7:41pm: QUARTER TIME SANDGATE 3.4 (22) – WILSTON GRANGE 3.1 (19)

Sandgate  have had a good start for the second week in a row, giving Grange some thinking to do. The Gorillas’ physicality is up against the Hawks’ strong running, but a late goal to Harris Andrews is keeping them super close. Going to be a cracking game.

7:39pm: Jacob Huisman takes a brave step around Anthony Penny and a clever kick to Aden Rutledge, who can’t quite take the mark about 20m out from the Hawks goal. Huisman has been good so far tonight.

7:38pm: So, right on cue, the Gorillas kick a goal. Happy to be a mozz anytime guys. It’s young gun Harris Andrews who kicks it.

7:37pm: The Gorillas haven’t really been near their goals for almost 20 minutes now. Massive concern.

7:35pm: Some good work by Nick “Wiz” Jackson in the middle for the Hawks gives Brendan Colch a shot at a specky. He can’t quite make it stick. but almost as soon as it leaves, the ball goes back into the forward 50, with Brendan Forbes having a crack at goal.

It’s a goal and the Hawks are now nine points up.

7:32pm: Brendan Forbes gets his fingertips on a Grange rebounding kick, and a great shepherd allows Tyler Arnott-Hollick a free run, passing it to Huisman, before Nick warren ends up with a shot. It misses, but the Hawks have had probably the last five shots. They’re getting too much space to run, and they’re loving it.

7:30pm: A boot into space and now it’s a foot race. the poetry ends in a James Nelis goal – a long range grubber/dribble. Not sure how Jason Dunstall would feel about it, but it’s done the job.

7:28pm: Nick Warren fumbles a mark in the 50, but it ultimately ends up with a Jacob Huisman mark from point blank range. The new recruit has his first for the Hawks tonight and the margin is four points.

7:26pm: Plenty trying to play on tonight. Great to see sides taking on the game, but it’s costing both some possession. Need to choose when to run.

Another behind to Sandgate. They’re down 2.1 (13) – 0.3 (3)

7:23pm: Henry Leong is playing his first game for the Goirllas. The teenager showed heaps of promise for Mayne in the Allied Pickfords Cup last season and was rewarded with inclusion in the Lions Academy. A handy half-back flanker.

7:21pm: A free kick from a ruck contest gives Brendan Forbes his first shot for the Hawks. Forbes is one of Sandgate’s Aspley-aligned players.  His shot falls short and Grange can reboot from the back line.

7:19pm: Britts is back! The Gorillas captain announces himself with a sneaky goal off the ground in mid-fall. The visitors are up two goals to none now.

7:18pm: Ben Haire takes a textbook mark for Grange. It’s a bigggggg kick and the Gorillas get the first.

7:16pm: James Nelis is having a shot now, kicking from just a shade inside 50. It slides right.

7:14pm: Grange have the better of these early stages, dominating physically in the stoppages.

7:13pm: Harris Andrews has the first shot for the Gorillas, but it’s a bit left. Lots of talk out there tonight – someone just complemented an opponent on a “great haircut”. good to see there’s not too much bad blood out there.

7:10pm: About to get underway for real as Nick Warren and Jim McMahon compete for the first tap. The clearance goes Sandgate’s way but Grange clean it up and it’s a neutral ball again.

7:08pm: To download tonight’s record, click here.

7:07pm: It’s rare for a local footy ground to be particularly quiet these days, especially when situated on a main road, but that minute of silence just about did it. About as quiet as it could be.

7:00pm: Welcome to ANZAC Day Eve. Today is a Thursday, Wednesday and Friday all in one and there’s a healthy crowd here at Lemke Rd for some primetime footy.

Wilston Grange captain Steve Brittain, is in for his first game of the year, while Sandagte welcome Liam Rutledge into their side.

Playing for the ANZAC Cup tonight, this should be a cracker between two local rivals.

Significantly, this is also the first match I’ve needed to don a jumper for all year.

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