QAFL LIVE BLOG: Magpies v Sandgate

Join community footy writer, Beth Newman, for all the action at Chelmer today.

4:38pm: FULL-TIME: MAGPIES 17.16 (118) – SANDGATE 12.5 (77)

The Western Magpies have overcome a slow start to nab a comfortable win over Sandgate. Val Pope had a day out, involved in numerous scoring opportunities and getting one of his own. The Hawks turned over the ball too often in the latter stages and struggled to get their hands on it as the Magpies’ midfield increased its dominance.

4:35pm: Not much scoring happening, and the full-time siren only a couple of minutes away.

4:30pm: Aspley listed Ben Beaven, playing for the Hawks today, has just limped past my vantage point. Could be a knee.

4:27pm: A bit of clever play from the Hawks gives Aden Rutledge a shot and goal fro the visitors. He’s been handy again today.

4:21pm: Chris Judson has a shot from 50, absolutely boots it and kicks another.

4:19pm: A Magpie has kicked out of a pack for a goal. Couldn’t quite make out the number, but I think it was Ben Cooper.

4:17pm: Jordan Maynard snaps one from the boundary for the Hawks.

4:16pm: All of that possession has born fruit, with the Hawks’ Hayden Thompson kicking a goal.

4:15pm: Aden Rutledge boots it from on 50 for the Hawks, but it’s touched on the line.

4:13pm: The Hawks seeing more of it early this quarter, but look hesitant with the ball in their hands.

4:10pm: Final quarter kicking off. It starts with a recalled bounce and a free kick to the Hawks. To say they need one here would be an understatement.

4:04pm: THREE-QUARTER TIME: MAGPIES 15.13 (103) – SANDGATE 8.4 (52)

Another dominant quarter from the Magpies. The Hawks couldn’t get their hands on the ball and when they did, they panicked and turned it over. Val Pope continued his strong involvement, while Blaec Ablett has been good in defence, as has DOug Lawrence.

4:03pm: Sandgate is playing on with every opportunity, but turnovers are absolutely killing them.

4:01pm: There’s still a sliver of time left and the Magpies are going for another goal, from Matt Thompson. It’s his first of the day, after five last week.

3:59pm: He’s involved a third time, with two passes this time before it lands in Judson’s hands. The nuggety midfielder has slotted it and the Magpies have got one hand on their first 2014 win.

3:57pm: Pope’s going again, dancing around a couple of Hawks, before giving ift off to Chris Judson, whose shot slides left.

3:56pm: Val Pope kicks one for the Magpies, taking their lead out to 37 points.

3:50pm: A player down in the Hawks’ 50 and the stretcher is out.

It looks like Ben Beaven is the injured player, possibly an ankle injury. He’s at the fence with a trainer and limping quite badly.

3:47pm: The Hawks are giving the Magpies too much space and they’re taking advantage, claiming uncontested marks.

3:45pm: Matt Davis plucks it in the goal square and squeezes it through. He’s really getting into the game now.

3:45pm: It’s a goal for the Hawks, and it looked like Jordan Fuller.

3:43pm: Matt Davis kicks another one for the Magpies and they’re out to a 30-point lead now.

3:40pm: Cory Hopkins passes it to Jordan Bain and it’s another behind for the Magpies. The home side getting all of the opportunities.

3:39pm: Tyson Allsop gives up a 50m penalty, gifting Matt Garland a shot from in front, but he misses.

3:36pm: Magpies’ Mitch Stillard delivers a pinpoint accurate pass to Richard Wenham, for the home side’s second of the quarter.

The Hawks need to make something happen.

3:32pm: Sandgate’s Michael Richardson leapt for a speckie and then it all wnet downhill for the Hawks.
Magpies forward, Matt Thompson, cleaned up the spill and Peter Kilroy played the man in the middle on the way to Jordan Bain in the goal square, kicking his third.

3:30pm: The sun is just starting to fade a bit here too, so I’m sitting in beautiful shade. Can’t say the same for the players, though. Still pretty steamy out there.

3:29pm: Second half about to kick off here. Going to be a good one.


Plenty of footy on, and still some potential upsets brewing.

Palm Beach 5.8 (38)  – UQ 3.6 (24)

Cain Tickner has two for the Red Lions, and is the game’s leading goal scorer at the major break. The Aspley-aligned player has obviously given UQ some help in their forward department today.

Morningside 11.9 (75)  – 2.3 (15)

The Panthers are continuing to exert their dominance, in their first home game o the year. Ten individual goalkickers for Morningside, and the Cats have a lot to do in the second half.

Wilston Grange 4.6 (30) – Labrador 2.8 (20)

Both sides butchering shots down at Hickey Park, but the Gorillas edging in front.
Should be a tight second half.

3:08pm: HALF-TIME: MAGPIES 8.7 (55) – SANDGATE 7.4 (46)

We’re all set for a cracking closing half, after the Magpies’ second term domination saw them snatch the lead back from the Hawks. The home side’s midfielders took hold in that term, and their forwards finished brilliantly. Val Pope showed his class and Matt Davis kicked two in the term.


3:07pm: Val Pope puts the cherry on the top of a great quarter for the Magpies, running into the goal square and kicking from point blank range.

3:06pm: A monster fist from Hayden Thick has nipped a Sandgate attacking run in the bud, and Jake Heard goes for a run before giving it off to Chris Hunt on the wing.

3:05pm: The Magpies kick a quick reply and take the lead by three points, with half-time not too far away.

3:02pm: The Hawks have finally kicked their second this quarter, courtesy of a beuatiful running goal from Jordan Maynard. Magpies defender Doug Lawrence nearly got his hands to it, but the line beat him.

3:00pm: A great cross from Val Pope in the hands of Matt Davis and he finishes. Scores are all level now, 6.4 (40) a piece.

2:56pm: FOUR STRAIGHT! There’s no breeze here, but basically all of the scores have happened in one end of the ground today.

2:53pm: Three straight for the home side, with a second goal to Jordan Bain. They’re 12 points down, but wrestling the momentum away from Sandgate.

2:50pm: Two in a row for the Magpies and the margin is back to three goals.

2:47pm: Lots of congestion in the midfield,with both sides putting on a heap of pressure. It’s all happening between the 50s right now.

2:43pm: A series of short kicks around their midfield, a bomb and a bit of congestion, but the Magpies get a reply. Val Pope had a big part in that one. Chris Judson finished things off.

2:40pm: Sandgate’s Tom Watson has the first shot of the second term, and slots it easily.

2:31pm: QUARTER TIME: SANDGATE 5.4 (34) – MAGPIES 1.3 (9)

It hasn’t been the start the home side would’ve liked here at Chelmer. The Hawks have dominated across the ground and the Magpies have some catching up to do.

Some interesting scores in the other QAFL matches too, with a competitive first quarter from UQ at Salk Oval, the Gorillas with an early, albeit tight, lead over Labrador and Morningside holding a big advantage over Broadbeach. Could be some upsets today.

2:30pm: AROUND THE GROUNDS: Robina’s Korey Fulton has just kicked his 100th goal in Queensland footy, in the QFA South competition. Congrats Fults!

2:26pm: A free kick gives the Hawks another shot, but the post saves the Magpies this time. Getting close to quarter-time.

2:24pm: One of the Magpies’ Redland-aligned players, Jordan Bain has slotted one, and it looked almost touched by Millard, but it’s got the all clear and they’re on the board. Sandgate leads 5.2 (32) 1.3 (9).

2:22pm: Troy Millard is rucking well for Sandgate. He’s only back for this weekend, based out of Goondiwindi, but he’s having an impact early.

2:21pm: Sandgate has picked up another one – youngster Tom Watson’s second – five unanswered goals for the Hawks now.

2:18pm: Great spoil from Sandgate’s Fraser Jones and it sets up another Hawks goal. They’re up 4.2 (26) – 0.2 (2).

2:15pm: Allegedly it’s April, but it feels like February out here. Tipping a war of attrition.

2:13pm: The Magpies have their most impressive attacking passage yet, and Cory Hopkins has a shot on the run. It fades left, though, and just as quickly, it’s a Sandgate goal to Hayden Thompson.

2:12pm: Another behind for the Hawks, and the Magpies’ kick-in is seen over the boundary line.

2:08pm: Hayden Thick takes a strong one-on-one grab on the Magpies’ half-back line, and  now it’s really looking like a bit of ping pong, as the teams exchange turnovers.

2:07pm: The Magpies are getting their fair share of opportunities, but struggling to make it stick in their forward 50.

2:05pm: New Sandgate recruit, Ryan Eyles, has his first attempt, and it’s a goal. The Hawks went coast-to-coast for that one, building from captain Michael Richardson in the back line.

2:03pm: Hawks’ midfielder Tom Overington kicks the first for the visitors, and the Hawks are up 7-0.

2:02pm: Sandgate have  the first attempt , but it’s dribbled through on the right hand side.

1:58pm: It’s very sticky out here today, and will be tough. Before we the first siren, I may have to make apologies in advance, because I am attempting to be a Renaissance Woman today, armed with a camera and a laptop – so if there’s a slight gap between updates, that’s why.

1:45pm: Welcome to round two! I’m down at Chelmer as the Magpies host the Sandgate Hawks, in what should be an interesting match.

The Magpies had a loss last weekend against Wilston Grange, in a rare Saturday night twilight. That match was a physcial contest and the Magpies will be looking to maintain that intensity today. The Hawks are 1-0 after a win over UQ, and it will be consistency that they’ll be after today.

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