President Profile: Russell Ditchburn

New Mayne president, Russell Ditchburn is a Tigers stalwart, first playing for the club as a junior in 1968.

Ditchburn, who played as a ruckman and centre half-forward and is currently reserves coach, last pulled on the boots in 2011 to help out Mayne’s reserves.

In his long association for the club, Ditchburn says he has too many highlights to list, but has enjoyed every moment of his time with the Tigers.

His most memorable moment in that time was when the reserves were on a 42-game losing streak, 32 of which he coached, when they managed a four-goal victory over Wilston Grange.

Ditchburn says the greatest thing about Maynei s its rich history, which has been documented in a book by Bob Gower, “From Glory to Heartbreak.”

Since their last premiership in 1982, Ditchburn says it is the tenacity and determination of each of the club’s members that has kept the club, and its extensive history, alive.

In his presidency, he hopes to continue the Mayne spirit on and bring about some more success for the club.

The most important element of this role, he says, is to be inclusive and welcoming, be prepared to lead and be as organised as possible.

Ditchburn says it’s the people that make community footy so great.

“I love the people and their passion for the game, whether it’s the players, the supporters, or the committees and it is real footy to me,” he says.

“The game is still largely what it was when I started playing and there is no substitute for guys that can really play and have the natural talent for the game. 

“I still love the dressing room banter as well.”

The insurance broker says he wouldn’t change his job for much else, as it has given him the freedom to have plenty of family time as well s keeping up his involvement with footy.

Ditchburn says the best advice’s he’s ever received was to make the most of your opportunities that you are given.

He loves a good steak, and his favourite meal is a rump with chilli sauce and Idaho potato and coleslaw from the Breakfast Creek Hotel.

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