Morningside v Labrador, the Premiership History

While Labrador and Morningside have played 18 home and away games plus a finals series to get to this point, it would be remiss to not look back any further than 2015.

Thanks to the hard working team at Queensland Australian Football Forensics, the stats have been dug up, and the premiership stories surrounding these two clubs can be told.

Labrador is yet to take out a state league flag since their promotion in 1997, but have been runner up twice. Interestingly, they have both been to Morningside.

Previous to that, they have won five premierships in the Gold Coast AFL between 1970 and 1994.

Morningside have won nine state league premierships. The clubs first came 50 years ago in 1965, with the last in 2014, where they went through undefeated.

That streak was broken by Labrador in round 6 this year.

In a weird coincidence, the years in which Labrador won their last three GCAFL premierships, in 1991, 1993 and 1994, Morningside won the state league premiership as well.

By far the most unique part of the history between these two clubs is their ability to turn it around in similar time frames.

In 2012, Morningside won the wooden spoon, as did Labrador in 2013, yet both clubs were able to turn it around to play off in last’s years QAFL grand final.

So, will Labrador take their first QAFL premiership cup down the highway to Cooke-Murphy Oval come Saturday evening, or will Morningside return to Jack Esplen Oval to hang up flag number 10?

By Andrew Wiles and Greg Parker

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