McGuane happy to be home

It’s been nine years since new Lions recruit, Luke McGuane has lived in Queensland, but the Broadbeach junior is back in the Sunshine State.

It’s been nine years since new Lions recruit, Luke McGuane has lived in Queensland, but the former Broadbeach player has found his way back to the Sunshine State.

The 27 year-old followed Justin Leppitsch from the Tigers to Brisbane, recruited to the Lions as a delisted free agent.

Speaking at the club’s first pre-season session, McGuane said he was keen to get stuck in.

“Everything was falling into place with Justin coming up here, but also it was my chance to get home,” he said.

“I was very happy at Richmond, so it wasn’t like I was dying to get out of there or anything like that. 

“I think jut with the timing of everything and where everything was at, it was my opportunity to get home, so I just took it.”

McGuane shapes up as a handy addition to the Brisbane list, with an ability to play forward or back.

The Gold Coaster established himself as a defender early in his career, but more recently has been utilised in the forward half, something that he sees himself continuing at Brisbane.

“Hopefully, I’ll play that third tall role, I think most likely forward. But, obviously I’m willing to go down back if I have to as well,” McGuane said.

While he might be new to the Brisbane club environment, McGuane knows the new senior coach better than most, from their time at the Tigers, and said he’d be a pretty cool-headed mentor.

“I think they’ll find he’s pretty relaxed,” he said.

“He doesn’t get too stressed out with a lot of things.

“He’s pretty jovial and happy and obviously he’s going to have to be serious at times and he will.”

McGuane and the entire Lions senior list are currently on a training camp in Arizona, where he and fellow ex-Tiger, Andrew Raines, are rooming together.

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