McClennan back at the Magpies

Peter McClennan is back in the Magpies’ coaches box.

The Magpies have welcomed back 2012 premiership coach, Peter McClennan, into the Sherwood fold.

Since McClennan’s return to the Magpies, after a  stint at the Mt Gravatt Vultures, he has been involved in the capacity of an assistant coach, specifically focussing on the midfield, but hopes to get back into senior coaching next season.

“I still love the buzz of game day and looking from a strategic point of view at what’s happening over the game,” he said.

“I love that part of it and the implementation of the training plan – developing players, fitness strategy, skills of the game,” he said.

Senior coaching at the highest level is always a challenging task, and doing it successfully requires plenty of dedication, good people around you and heart to lead the way.

After taking up the Vultures job, McClennan said he found it wasn’t quite the right fit, and eventually he and the club parted ways, but with his strong family roots at Mt Gravatt, the Vultures will always hold a special place in his heart.

The fire still burns for the Queensland footy stalwart, though, and he said he had learned plenty from his time at the Vultures.

‘You’ve got to be the right coach for the right situation where they are in their cycle,” he said.

The former Magpies mentor said he was simply looking for a club that was the right fit for him in the future.

“In the last couple of years, I‘ve been successful in winning a premierships and then with the learnings I had  from Mt Gravatt, I think holds me in good stead to continually evolve as a Senior Coach going forward” he said.

“I’m really just looking for a club that’s the right fit and has the right belief and wherever that is, I’m keen to find out.”

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