KickStart Championships – Day 3 Wrap

The results of the final day of the competition of the 2012 National Indigenous Under 15 Kickstart Championships being held this week on the Gold Coast, will South Australia and Western Australia to play off in tomorrow’s Grand Final.

The player of the carnival was awarded to Northern Territory player Ralph Dhamarrandji and the leading goal kicker was Kyle Jackson from South Australia.

The carnival featured all states and territories represented in a round robin tournament that will conclude on Friday April 13. Each team comprises of the 25 Indigenous players who were selected from state KickStart Camps held earlier this year. Victoria/Tasmania and New South Wales/ACT will play as combined teams. 

The 2012 Flying Boomerang Squad will be selected after the championships. The Boomerangs will participate in the NAB AFL Under 16 Championships which will be held Sydney July 7-14.

The Grand Final will be played today, Friday, at 10am at Southport Sharks AFC.

Results from Day 3

WA defeated VIC/TAS
7.7.49 to 1.2.8

WA, Ekijah Howard, Lochlan Daisybell, Neil Winmar
VIC/TAS, Anthony Young, Koolyn Briggs, Jade Gresham

WA, Lochlan Daisybell 3, Anthony Lawrence, Jayden Gerrand, Callum Ah Chee, Elijah Howard
VIC/TAS, Anthony Young

NT defeated QLD
2.5.17 to 2.2.14

NT, Brandon Parfit, Ezy Frank, Adiden Hill
QLD, Tristan Elu, Myra Tomsana, Francis Woola

NT, Steven Mole, Tyrone Fejo
QLD, Francis Woola, Luke Maymuru

SA defeated NSW/ACT
6.4.40 to 3.5.23

SA, Colin Sansbury, Kyle Jackson, Henry Drover
NSW/ACT, Jammarrach Firebrace, Kuiam Anu, Braydon Kilpatrick

SA, Gaylen Mentha 2, Jerry Austin 2, Kyle Jackson, Kingsley Nelson
NSW/ACT, Braydon Kilpatrick 2, Abe Davis

WA defeated QLD
7.8.50 to 3.1.19

WA, Josh Collard, Neil Winmar, Callum Ah Chee
QLD, Ethan Morgan, Nathan Boschman, Francis Woola

WA, Russell Wynne 2, Cody Ninyette2, Josh Collard, Troy Garlett, Elijah Howard
QLD, Adam Sambono, Nathan Boschman, Sam Stubbs

NSW/ACT defeated VIC/TAS
3.4.22 to 3.0.18

NSW/ACT, Jammarrach Firebrace, Jordan Etto, Abe Davis
VIC/TAS, Koolyn Briggs, Anthony Young, Abe Davis

NSW/ACT, Abe Davis, Jordan Etto, Anthony Treacy
VIC/TAS, Nelson Aldridge, Kyle Elston, Daniel Patten

NT defeated SA
6.3.39 to 5.3.33

NT, Sam Bonson, Ralph Dhamarrandji, Kailum Donation
SA, Jeffrey Taylor, Colin Sansbury, Kyle Jackson

NT, Steven Mole 3, Ralph Dhamarrandji, Sam Bonson, Brandon Parfit
SA, Kyle Jackson 2, Gaylen Mentha, Ethan Liddle

The ladder at the end of the week is:

Team Points %
WA 16 251.2195
SA 16 141.1765
NT 12 102.0548
NSW/ACT 12 73.15436
VIC/TAS 4 55.29412
QLD 0 60.2649

Best players from each state:
WA: Neil Winmar
SA: Kyle Jackson
QLD: Myra Tomsana
NT: Ralph Dhamarrandji
VIC/TAS: Jade Gresham
NSW/ACT: Jammarrach Firebrace

Player of the carnival:
Ralph Dhamarrandji from NT

Leading goal Kicker:
Kyle Jackson from SA.

The Boomerangs Squad of 40 will be announced today following the Grand Final.

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