Friday 12 August 2011

Kedron SHS have won the Inaugural Brisbane North School Girls Cup in a fiercely contested game against Mueller College.

In a game where the final score didn’t reflect the quality and closeness of the game Kedron won 5.2.32 to 2.1.13.

Mueller College, under Coach Jason Mancktelow have been steadily improving over the last couple of year’s in the 9-a-side BSGSA competition.  In this latest 15-a-side competition to compete against the powerhouse Kedron SHS who have won several 15-a-side competitions over the past 5 years was a great achievement for the school.

With the Brisbane Lions Cup (Girls Division) looming, both schools are well prepared to potentially meet each other again to see who will progress to the next round of the Brisbane Lions Cup.

Eh ka Dot Ray from Kedron SHS won Player of the Match.

She is pictured with AFLQ’s Brett Fragiacomo.

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