Junior clubs put kids first

Parents play an important role in children’s sporting activities, and while barracking and wanting your child to perform well is human nature, it needs to be done in a responsible manner.

AFL Kids First is a program that guides parents and supporters towards positive behaviour to ensure everyone – particularly children – obtain maximum benefit and enjoyment from their football.

All leagues in Queensland dedicate AFL Kids First round on Friday 3rd May – Sunday 5th April 2013. This weekend we celebrate the children who participate in junior AFL and the positive example parents set both on and off the field.

To achieve family friendly, quality environments, all junior and youth clubs across Queensland are required to conduct an AFL Kids First session for parents of new participants prior round one.  At committee discretion, clubs can choose to include returning parents to reinforce positive messages.

AFL Community Program Coordinator Aaron Hall says that although AFL Kids First is targeted at parents, clubs benefit enormously from the program.

“By providing the best environment possible, our clubs will recruit and retain participants, volunteers, sponsors and community support,” said Hall

Prior to this weekend, all junior and youth clubs are required to hold an AFL Kids First session for all new parents at the club. Furthermore, clubs are given flyers and posters from the league to promote aroud the club. 

Resources are online to easily enable club volunteers to conduct the parent session and promote the program around the club.  For resources and information, visit https://aflq.com.au/index.php?id=760

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