Japanese visitors learn AFL secrets

By Emily courtesy of the Sunshine Coast Daily. Photo by Warren Lynam

EVEN with dozens of balls bouncing in the air, a happy group of Japanese students had plenty of time to pull their signature peace sign and smile for the camera.

Matthew Flinders Anglican College welcomed students from Morioka Shiritsu High School this week as part of a study tour visit.

The 20 international visitors so far have tried their hand at Aussie cooking lessons, Aboriginal cultural activities and today will learn about beach safety with a lifeguard at Mooloolaba.

Yesterday’s AFL clinic was a hit with the group, as Brisbane Lions player Brayden Hughes taught the teenagers some tricks and skills.

Matthew Flinders international coordinator Clare Markby said the partnership with the school enabled the kids to interact and learn from one another.

“It’s good for our students from Matthew Flinders to be able to have the opportunity to find out more about students from another part of the world,” she said.

The Honshu city Year 11 and 12 students will stay on the Coast for two weeks with Matthew Flinders kids who are learning Japanese.

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