Isaac Conway: A Scorpion’s Tale

QLD Scorpion, Isaac Conway, is blogging about his rep season for AFL Queensland.

This weekend the Scorpions play our first game, against the Calder Cannons, at Yeronga.

The first game of the season is always really exciting and there’s a real positive feeling around the group as it gets closer.

We’re really keen to show the rest of the states that Queensland is a massive threat this year.

Balancing footy with my job as an electrical apprentice with Brisbane Fire Protection, I have to keep a pretty strict routine each week.

I make sure that I am prepared for the next day before I go to bed each night.

My week:

A normal day for me starts with a 4:30am wake up, breakfast and shower before starting work at 5:30 or 6am.

I generally work until about 2:30pm and I have to make sure that I keep myself hydrated through the day and have plenty on snacks on hand to maintain energy.

I really want to be excellent at what I do, so I focus on work when I am at work.

After work, I head to footy training, either at Yeronga for the Scorpions or at Aspley.

 I try to make it to training a little early so that I can have any strapping that I need done.

Since starting full-time work. I’ve made it a real focus to use the time I have before we start training since I don’t always have time during the week.

Sometimes I try and do some trigger point releasing, which involves using a cricket ball to help release muscle tension.

When I am on the training track, I take pride in making sure that I am giving my all in every drill, and aim to hit every target by hand or foot.

If I don’t have the ball in hand, I try to help organise and encourage the boys in each drill.

I treat training as if it were a real game and  I think putting in the full effort at training definitely transfers into games and helps me to play at my best.

Once training is over at about 8pm, I have an ice bath and warm down and make it home around 9pm, to organise everything for the next morning and then head to bed.

 Click above to see our interview with Isaac ahead of this weekend’s game.

Game Day Prep

I’m a pretty big footy fan so I try to watch some Friday night footy, the night before a match and have a bit of a stretch, to get my body ready to go.

I try to give myself 8-10 hours of sleep before a game so that I am well-rested for the match.

My game day breakfast is four weetbixes and three pieces of toast, washed down with a Gatorade and a banana smoothie with honey.

Everyone is different but I like having a big breakfast on game day and then grab a piece of fruit and muesli bar close to the first bounce.

I always wear my Calvin Klein jocks to play and I put my right sock on before my left and my right boot before my left.

The Queensland Scorpions take on the Calder Cannons on Saturday May 4 at 10:30 am at Leyshon Park, Yeronga

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