Gorillas unite for inaugural lunch

Wilston Grange’s junior and senior clubs have banded together to organise their inaugural President’s Lunch.

The event is the culmination of an increased partnership between the two parts of the club, with the view of creating a more united atmosphere at Hickey Park.

Wilston Grange president, Bret Gillett, said the club had worked to try and bring the junior and senior sections closer together, with this inaugural combined president’s lunch a key step in that.

Brisbane Lions chairman, Bob Sharpless, will be one of three guest speakers at the event, along with Racing Queensland CEO, Darren Condon and former Major League Baseball player, Dave Nilsson.

Wilston Grange senior president, Brett Gillett, said the inaugural lunch was the result of the hard work of both the junior and senior components of the club.

“We work hard together to understand each other’s needs,” he said.

 “We are truly in a partnership.  This is our inaugural Lunch with great speakers.

Gillett said it was exciting to see the joint venture, which will hopefully become a long-term fixture on the calendar.

The lunch will be at Wilston Grange football club on August 2.

Tickets can be purchased at www.gorillas.com.au/events.

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