Emma Zielke named Queensland Under 18 Women’s Head Coach 

Former Brisbane Lions Premiership Captain Emma Zielke will take the reins as Head Coach of the Queensland Under 18 women’s team as they play in the 2024 Marsh AFL National Championship – Under 18 Girls competition.  

The Championships will again feature six teams, including Queensland, South Australia, Victoria Country, Victoria Metro, Western Australia and the Allies, which will comprise players from New South Wales, ACT, Northern Territory and Tasmania. 

Emma, who is also the Head Coach of the Brisbane Lions Academy Female Programs, will be joined in the coaches box by former Adelaide Crows AFLW premiership player Jess Sedunary, who will be her Senior Assistant Coach. Jess is the new Head Coach of the Gold Coast SUNS Academy Female programs.  

With most of the players selected for Queensland being Lions and SUNS Academy players, Emma said their role will be to bring them together as a group. 

“The Queensland team comprises players from the Lions and SUNS’ Academies, who will face each other twice before earning their representative spot,” she said.  

“There is a healthy rivalry between the two groups, so our task is to foster unity, forging a cohesive Queensland squad.  

“There is an abundance of talent within both pathways in Queensland, so getting the opportunity to work with and assist in the development of these players at an early stage in their careers is fantastic and something I’m really passionate about.  

“I’m looking forward to collaborating with Jess this year. She brings a wealth of great ideas and experience for how we can elevate this team.” 

Jess said she was grateful to join the Queensland coaching group and work with Emma.  

“I am feeling very grateful for the opportunity to add another valuable experience to my coaching journey and getting to work with the top talent in this state as a coach is undoubtedly exciting,” she said. 

“As an athlete, I have been fortunate enough to work in various high-level environments throughout my career in both AFL Women’s and cycling. This has given me the opportunity to work alongside and observe some of the best in the field and gain valuable experience. I have incorporated these observations into my coaching philosophy, and I believe a strength of mine is in my ability to create an environment where my athletes feel safe to be exactly who they need to be to perform at their best, whilst empowering them and providing them with the necessary tools and choices to initiate their own actions, feel like they can take on any challenges and perform effectively in their sport, all through a rare mix of gentleness and toughness in the way that I coach. 

The opportunity to work alongside Emma is both exciting and inspiring for me. I know she was a tough competitor when I played against her on the field, having briefly played alongside her in the Allies and following her coaching journey from afar, I can see that her values as a player, coach, and human align closely with my own.”  

In 2024 Queensland will host Vic Country and The Allies at a venue in their home state and then travel to the west to meet Western Australia.  

“The girls will undoubtedly gain valuable experience from these three matches, as they will be up against three formidable opponents. It’s going to be an exciting challenge for all of them,” Emma said.  

“Travelling to Western Australia gives the girls first-hand experience for what it’s like for a NAB AFLW player who travels week in, week out and what preparation is required to perform at the top level.” 

Queensland’s first game will be in July, with training expected to start in the first week of June.  







Sunday, July 7 

Queensland vs Victoria Country 



Saturday, July 13 

Queensland vs Allies 



Saturday, August 3 

Western Australia vs Queensland 




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