Coorparoo Junior AFC 2023 Youth Coaches

Formed in 1935, Coorparoo Football Club was for many years an integral part of the Queensland football scene at the highest level. During the 1960s and 1980s in particular it was also highly successful.

The ‘Roos would re-emerge as a force during the 1980s, a decade which yielded both a dual premiership success and the club’s second dual Grogan Medallist in the shape of regular interstate representative Brendan McMullen. It was also the decade which saw the club bestow arguably its greatest ever gift on the world of football in the person of Jason Dunstall.

The club believes that player development can be maximized in an environment that:

• Provides the highest standard of coaching and development to the players in any given team
• Emphasises individual player development and player role/s in a team rather than purely team success of win / loss records
• Emphasises individual contribution from all players as an essential component of team environment & achievement
• Considers all players’ continuing long-term participation in football at a variety of levels, and in different team roles / player positions – not just the best players in each team
• Promotes a balanced approach to the players football learning and experience.

Coach Objectives – To help each player achieve their potential by educating and coaching in such a way that it develops every player’s:

• Football skills, football knowledge and physical attributes
• Emotional and physical wellbeing
• Confidence and belief in their abilities
• Positive personal behaviours and leadership qualities.

Coach Responsibilities – Players in each team are to be coached in a manner that:

• Provides them with the maximum opportunity to develop their football skills and game knowledge
• Facilitates the successful transition into high ager groups within the club
• Develop & establish an appropriate pre-season and in-season training program
• See that all players are involved in training sessions & games as much as practical.
• Adhere to the Club and AFL’s code of conduct for coaching staff and players that supports the Club’s objectives on & off the field.
• Liaise with other grade coaches to establish a consistent coaching policy throughout the Club.
• Provide suggestions to the Director of Coaching on the recruitment of appropriate coaching staff (eg. assistant coach/es) / team support staff (eg. runner, team manager)
• Attend any Club meetings or functions as requested
• Provide verbal and written reports as required by the Director of Coaching or Club Executive Committee throughout the season.

Training Program Implementation:

• Implementation of the Club’s coaching curriculum, integrated with player wellbeing and fitness programs.

Player Development & Wellbeing:

• Support player development through a coordinated approach with other club coaches & officials
• Cultivation of positive relationships with players and their families.
• Understanding of each player’s external sporting, school & family commitments and the possible impact this may have on their availability at different times of the season

Key Outcomes:

• Delivery of coaching and player development program
• Co-ordination of the team assistant coach/es
• Provide individual training & game feedback to all players in a regular ongoing basis
• Ensure the effective delivery of the Club’s coaching philosophy
• Mentor young people of the club through the development & implementation of a holistic football program

Key Competencies:

• Demonstrate ability to work well within a team, to build good working relationships with players of all abilities, fellow coaches, team managers and parents
• Demonstrate good leadership and positive role model qualities
• Ability to give constructive feedback to players, coaches and parents, while also be open to receiving constructive feedback
• Personal commitment to ongoing coach learning and development
• Ability to foster a positive team culture amongst players, coaches and parents
• Good communication and interpersonal skills
• Commitment to professionalism and being a positive role model at training and games


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Applications close Sunday 23rd October 2022 

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