Changes to the 2014 QFA competition

The QFA North and South competitions will be separate entities for 2014, after Wynnum elected to withdraw from the North competition.

Wynnum will now play in the QAFA (B) Central competition, meaning the North competition will now have eight teams, while the QFA South competition will have 10, with cross-conference games to become byes.

As this is the first year of the new community football structure, there will be no opportunities for relegation or promotion and as such cross-conference matches and the previously scheduled cross-conference grand final are not necessary.

Both the QFA North and South competitions will work under a final five finals format, due to this change.

The QAFA (B) Central competition, which will now have 10 teams, with Wynnum to play teams in what would have been their respective bye weeks.

View the amended QFA North draw here.

View the amended QFA South draw here.

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