Cape York claim U16 NQ Champs

Cape York sailed through undefeated to win the 2017 Under 16 North Queensland Academy Championships.

Games were shortened to two x 15 min halves to have the carnival finish on Saturday to allow players  and families to return home early due to Cyclone Deb on the Horizon.


Match Results

Cape York 5.8.38  dft   Mackay 2.2.14

CY Goals: T.Lowah, N.Namoa, V.Bulmer, C.Googleye, H.Tabuai 1

CY Best: T.Lowah, M.Ahwang, H.Tabuai, M.Yunkaporta, N.Namoa

MCK Goals: K.Seimer , J.Clarke 1

MCK Best: A.Fedor, C.Johnstone, K.Seimer, R.Underwood, B.Medwell – Everett


Game 2

Cairns  2.8.20   dft    Townsville 1.1.7

CNS Goals: Bailey Hurst, Max Culpitt

CNS Best: D.Davidson, M.Culpitt, T.West, J.Frankland

T’ville Goals: R.Gilmore 1

T’ville Best: M.Newman, R.Gilmore, D.Kilty


Game 3

Cape York 3.8.26   dft   Capricornia  2.2.14

CY Goals: C.Pearson, D.Esrom, P.Toby

CY Best: H.Tabaui, T.Lowah, J.Sagauraz, D.Esrom, M.Ahwang, P.Toby

Cap Goals: R.Saatci, V.Fitzgerald 1

CAP: T.Drummett, B.Stebbings, V.Fitzgerald


Game 4

Cairns 9.5. 59 dft  Mackay  0.0.0

CNS Goals: J.Newell, L.Wren, M.Vy, D.Edwards, T.West, K.Petri, J.Frankland, C.Kirtly, B.Hurst

CNS Best:T.West, R.Bourinonall, S.Baldwin, J.Kneebone, B.Deslandes, J.Frankland

MKy Best:J,Stanley, D.Roden, B.Medwell – Everett, J.Rowlands, K.Seimer


Game 5

Townsville 6.10. 46  dft  Capricornia  0.0.0

T’Ville Goals: Z.Coleman, J.McLay 2, B.Wilson, J.Berry 1

T’Ville Best: M.Conroy, R.Gilmore, K.Hurst, B.Wilson, S.Hogan

Cap Best: T.Dummett, Z.Stephenson, A.Miles


Game 6

Cape York 5.4 34  dft   Cairns   4.2   26

CY Goals: C.Googleye, D.Esrom, B.Dau, F.Greenwool 1

CY Best: H.Tabuai, F.Greenwool, J.Sagauraz, V.Bulmer, E.Mairu

CNS Goals: K.Petri 2, M.Culpitt, L.Wren 1

CNS Best: D.davidson, J.Davis, B.Deslandes, J.Kneebone, M.Selsby


Game 7

Townsville 4.6.30  dft   Mackay 2.0.12

T’Ville Goals: J.Creme 2, J.McLay, B.Snook

T’Ville Best: M.Conroy, M.Newman, T.Bennett, J.Creme

MKY Goals: R.Underwood, J.Clarke 1

MKY Best: A.Fedor,


Game 8

Cairns     8.5 53        dft         Cap      0.0.0

CNS Goals: M.Culpitt 3, B.Deslandes  2 ,D.Davidson ,  M.Selsby 1

CNS Best: B.Deslandes, Daniel Davidson, M.Selsby, J .Davies

CAP Best: T.Dummett,  J.Mangion, K.Haua, V.Fitzgerald, R.Shanks


Game 9 :

Cape York  10.6.66    dft   Townsville   4.2.26

CPY Goals: F.Greenwool 7, H.Tabaui, V.Bulmer, C.Googleye  1

CPY Best: P.Naawi, F.Greenwool, R.Dau, T.Lowah, H.Tabaui

T’ville Goals: D.Kilty, M.Newman, M.Darcy, B.Snook

T’ville Best: M.Newman, S.Young, J.McLay


Game: 10

Capricornia       4.3.27   dft      Mackay 2.3.15

CAP Goals: C.Snitzerling 2, A.Miles, K.Haua 1

CAP Best: A.Miles, V.Fitzgerald,  K.Haua, T.Dummett, C.Snitzerling, J.Leach



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