Brisbane win U17 Youth Girls State Champs

The Brisbane Flames have taken out the Kooga Under 17 Youth Girls State Championships in Cairns with an undefeated performance from the defending Champions.

The Flames closest game was against South-East Queensland rivals, the Civil Unlimited Southern Stars with Brisbane winning by just 7 points.   The Southern Stars’ only loss was to the Flames with the combined Darling Downs, Gold Coast & Northern Rivers team having another successful carnival after their runners up finish in 2011.

Well done also to Suncoast Storm, a culmination of Brisbane North & the Sunshine Coast entering their team in the competition for the first time.  They finished a very creditable 4th on percentage over some strong teams.

The highlight of the carnival however was the Crusaders team who laughed their way through each game while playing some high quality football and eventually finishing a creditable third place.   The girls off-field singing and dancing also kept the atmosphere up at Watson’s Oval culminating in a six team dance off after the final siren of the final game in the middle of the field.

All games were played in great spirit and high intensity making an unenviable job for Qld selectors to chose a squad for next year’s Under 18 Youth Girls State Championships to be held in May in Victoria.

Congratulations also to Hannah Sexton from the Brisbane Flames and Wendy Bristow from the Southern Stars for being joint winners of the Player of the Championships.

Congratulations to all the teams on their behaviour and good luck for next season.


Brisbane Flames                               20 points

Civil Unlimited Southern Stars          16 points

QANTASLINK Crusaders                    12 points

Suncoast Storm                                   4 points

Central Coast Cobras                         4 points

North Queensland Lions                    4points

Game 1                                                Suncoast Storm v Brisbane Flames

1.1.7 def by 4.10.34

Best Players:

Suncoast Storm                Paris Sells, Shannon Campbell, Morgan Whitney, Vayda Menmuir, Eva Agnew, Sophie Wheeler

Brisbane Flames               Emily Bates, Jordan Zanchetta

Goal Kickers:

Suncoast Storm                Brianna Noel

Brisbane Flames               Maddie Protheroe, Lyndelle Brooks, Regan Winterbottom, Jade Ransfield

Game 2                                North Qld Lions v QANTASLINK Crusaders

2.5.17 def 2.7.19

Best Players:

North Qld                            Elisha King, Luana Healy, Rachel Broad

Crusaders                            Vera Gibuma, Latoya Billy, Lititia Tabua

Goal Kickers:

North Qld                            Elisha King, Rachel Broad

Crusaders                            Vera Gibuma, Andrina Lui

Game 3                                Central Coast Cobras v Southern Stars

         1.0.6 def by 4.8.32

Best Players:

Central Coast                     Hannah Davidson, Hannah Hillman, Megan Hunt,   Gabby Mooney, Maddi Williams

Southern Stars                  Tala Zanotti, Zoe Lattanzi, Isabelle Baldock

Goal Kickers:                    

Central Coast                   Megan Hunt

Southern Stars                  Jade Loch, Wendy Bristow, Beth Pinchin, Tala Zanotti


Game 4                                   QANTASLINK Crusaders v Central Coast Cobras

                                                5.7.37 def 21.13

Best Players:

Crusaders                            Kathy Loban, Vera Gibuma, Renea Guligo

Central Coast                     Hannah Davidson, Megan Hunt, Gabby Mooney, Jade Johnson, Lucy Thompson, Annika Darlington

Goal Kickers:

Crusaders                           Kathy Loban, Elma Dow, Polly Matthew

Central Coast                     Hannah Hillman, Vera Duncan

Game 5                                Brisbane Flames v North Queensland Lions

                                             10.8.68 def 0.0.0

Best Players:

Brisbane                      Annamieka Mole, Jordan Zanchetta, Morgan Rose Morony, Olivia O’Donnell, Emily Bates, Gabby Collingwood

North Qld                     Shelby Peeters, Elise King, Ashleigh Amadio, Rosie Baragud, Sam O’Neill

Goal Kickers:

Brisbane                      Olivia O’Donnell (2), Gabby Collingwood (2), Regan Winterbottom, Tiarna Stehr, Maddie Protheroe, Caitlin Collins, Emily Bates, Jordan Zanchetta

Game 6                                   Civil Unlimited Southern Stars v Suncoast Storm

                                                6.6.42 def 1.1.7

Best Players:                     

Southern Stars                  Georgie Seaniger, Zoe Lattanzi, Belle Baldock

Suncoast Storm                Vayda Menmuir, Ashanti Garrawurra, Tayla Harris, Eva Agnew, Shannon Campbell

Goal Kickers:

Southern Stars                  Wendy Bristow (2), Keely McClelland

Suncoast Storm                 not supplied


Game 7                              QANTASLINK Crusaders v Brisbane Flames

                                           1.0.6 def by 10.4.64

Best Players:

Crusaders                            Latoya Billy, Kathy Loban, Tanya Jobi

Brisbane                              Emily Bates, Morgan Moroney, Laura Kealy, Olivia O’Donnell, Jordan Zanchetta, Maddie Protheroe

Goal Kickers:

Crusaders                            Moesha Soki

Brisbane                              Kaitlyn Kelly, Emily Bates, Ashleigh Colenso, Jordan Zanchetta, Olivia O’Donnell (3), Maddie Protheroe (2), Tiarna Stehr

Game 8                                Suncoast Storm v Central Coast Cobras

                                             3.3.21 def by 4.5.29

Best Players:

Suncoast Storm                Sophie Wheeler, Chelsea Ansell, Tayla Harris, Vayda Menmuir, Felicity McWaters, Taylah Wallbank

Central Coast                     Megan Hunt, Gabby Mooney, Amelia Bartlem, Hannah Davidson, Carly Beacham, Rhianna Nelson

Goal kickers:

Suncoast storm                  Morgan Whitney (2), Sophie Wheeler

Cental coast                       Megan Hunt (2), Tashina Ketchup, Amelia Bartlem

Game 9                 North Queensland Lions v Civil Unlimited Southern Stars

                                    1.0.6 def by 6.6.42

Best players:

North QLD                           Rosie Baragud, Hope Gibuma, Elisha King, Ashlea Mawer, Jamilla Riley, Tish Devene

Southern stars                  Georgie Seaniger, Mhari-Claire McAteer, Danielle Wall, Wendy Bristow, Beth Pinchin

Goal kickers

North QLD                           Elisha King, Rachel Broad

Southern stars                  Jade Loch, Wendy Bristow, Beth Pinchin, Tala Zanotti



Game 10                              QANTASLINK Crusaders v Suncoast Storm

                                                5.0.30 def 0.0.3

Best players

Crusaders                            none supplied

Suncoast storm                 Shannon Campbell, Chelsea Ansell, Vayda Menmuir, Brianna Noel, Madeline Briggs

Goal kickers

Crusaders                            Gwen Dau (2), Renae Guligo, Zita Mueller

Suncoast Storm                n/a

Game 11                              Central Coast Cobras v North Queensland Lions

                                                2.6.18 def 3.5.23

Best Players:

Central Coast                     Megan Hunt, Hannah Hillman, Vera Duncan, Gabby Moony, Rhianna Nelson, Amba Farmer, Amelia Bartlem

Nth Qld                                details to be confirmed

Goal Kickers:

Central Coast                     Tashina Ketchup, Megan Hunt

Nth Qld                                details to be confirmed

Game 12                           Civil Unlimited Southern Stars v Brisbane Flames

                                                1.4.10 def by 2.5.17

Best Players:

Southern Stars                  Grace Krautz, Georgie Seaniger, Tala Zanotti, Naomi Simpson, Zoe Lattanzi

Brisbane                              Annamieka Mole, Emily Bates, Hannah Sexton. Morgan Rose Morony, Laura Kealy, Caitlin Collins

Goal Kickers:

Southern Stars                  Aliza Bettiens

Brisbane                              Moana Taukoma, Annamieka Mole



Game 13                Civil Unlimited Southern Stars v QANTASLINK Crusaders

                                                2.3.15 def by 2.0.12

Best Players:

Southern Stars                  Tala Zanotti, Grace Krautz, Kody  Wolter-Smith, Zoe Lattanzi

Crusaders                            Renea Guligo, Latoya Billy, Shandel Sam

Goal Kickers:

Southern Stars                  Brae Bright, Tia Scorgie

Crusaders                            Latoya Billy

Game 14                              North Queensland Lions v Suncoast Storm

                                                3.5.23 def 1.3.9

Best Players:

Nth Qld                                details to be confirmed

Suncoast Storm                    Tayla Qualtrough, Tayla Harris, Mimi Hoger, Brianna Noel, Paris Sells, Eva Agnew

Goal Kickers:

Nth Qld                               details to be confirmed

Suncoast Storm                   Sophie Wheeler, Ainslie McCormick, Morgan Whitney   

Game 15                              Brisbane Flames v Central Coast Cobras

                                                11.5.71 def 0.0.0

Best Players:

Brisbane                              Hannah Sexton, Jordan Zanchetta, Caitlin Collins,   Laura Kealy, Olivia O’Donnell

Central Coast                     details to be confirmed

Goal Kickers:

Brisbane                              Lyndelle Brooks (4), Olivia O’Donnell (4), Kaitlyn Kelly, Emily Bliss, Laura Kealy

Central Coast                     n/a                        


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