Brisbane North win Under-16 Championships

Brisbane North took out the Under-16 State Academy Championships.

Brisbane North claimed the Under-16 KooGa State Academy Championships , with a 17.7(108) – 6.2. (38) win over North Queensland.

Jordan Maynard kicked three in Brisbane North’s win, which completed the side’s championship clean sweep.

After the match, Brisbane North coach, John Taylorm paid tribute to the Kookaburras, whose players came from all over North Queensland.

“We, like most teams, had about 8-10 weeks of preparation. You guys only had about three weeks to put together a team,” he said.

“It’s a super effort for you to have made the grand final.”

Kookaburras coach, Jamie Fuhrmann, said the championships were a great learning opportunity for his side.

“We talked all week about how the education process of this would be the most important thing for us,” he said.

“I’m really proud of all the boys. After a couple more years of development, I look forward to seeing their names up in lights.”

Kookaburras captain Didymus Blanket won the annual Country Kookaburra medal, for his leadership and performance throughout the championships.

Brisbane North captain, Corey Wagner, picked up the coaches’ award for his side, while Joel Karwan was the Kookaburras winner.

Gold Coast North finished in third place, with a final round victory over Gold Coast South on Monday afternoon.

Brisbane South-East wound up their campaign on a high, defeating the under-15 Kickstart side.

Brisbane North vs. North Queensland

1st BN 4.2.26 NQ 2.1.13

2nd BN 9.4.58 NQ 3.1.19

3rd BN 13.5.83 NQ 4.1 .25

4th BN 17.7.108  NQ 6.2.38

Goal kickers: Jordan Maynard 3,Jayden McDonald 3Joshua Butter 1, Mitchell Crawley  2, Alex Barnes 3,Callum Royle 2, Corey Wagner 1, Josh Elmslie  1, Charlie Driffield 1

Best:  Charlie Driffield, Joshua Elmslie, Alex Barnes, Jordan Maynard, Hayden Jeffries, Jayden McDonald

North Queensland

Goal kickers Sean Nicholson 1, Jack Growden 1, Josh Brown 1, Jordan Harding 2 , Cody Filewood 1
Best: Joel Newman, Heath Molloy, Connor West , Didymus Blanket, Sean Nicholson.

Gold Coast North  v Gold Coast South (3rd vs. 4th)

1st  GCN 2.3.15 GCS 2.0.12

2nd  GCS3.6.24 GCN 4.1.25

3rd  GCN 6.8.44 GCS 5.1.31

4th GCN  8.8. 56 GCS 6.3.39

Gold Coast North:

Goal kickers Luke Reynolds 3, Kieran Le Jeune 2, Dyson Budarick 1, Joseph Bax 2,
Best : Clay Cox, Domenic McEwan, Dyson Budarick,
Shaw, Matthew Dickenson, Kieran Le Jeune.

Gold Coast South:
Goal kickers: Samuel Stubbs 2, Dylan Lancaster 2, David King 1,Jesse Joyce 1,
Best: Isaac Hay, Max Spencer, Ethan Reeves, Connor Riley, Sam Stubbs,
Jesse Joyce

Sunshine Coast (5th vs. 6th)

1st  SC 4.2.26 BW 1.2.8

2nd SC 8.3.51 BW2.2.14

3rd SC 11.5.71 BW 5.2.32

4th SC 14.6.90 BW 7.6.48

Goalkickers Nat Dennis 3, Ben Glover 6, Kelly Sidebottom 1,Baiden Howard 2, Callum Volker 1, Soul Cormick 1
Best: Ben Glover, Soul Cormick, Nat Dennis, Ben Meehan, Rhys Jackson,

Brisbane West
Goal kickers: Oliver Ritchie 2, Zac Stone 1, John Mason 1, Nathan Sharp1,
Matt Mazorelle 1,Wylie Buzza 1,
Best: Oliver Ritchie, Johnathon Macanawi, John Mason, Dan Mauch, Luke Penberthy,

Brisbane South-East vs. Under-15 Kickstart (7 vs.8)

1st BSE 4.1.25 K 2.1.13

2nd BSE 8.2.50 K 2.1.13

3rd BSE 8.7.55 K 2.5.17

4th BSE 9.7.61 K 5.9.39

Brisbane South-East

Goalkickers Josh Hickie 1, Jordan Bacic 1, Dan Valetic 4, Cam Wearne 1,
Brae Skillern 1, Lachlan McKean 1,

Best: Dan Valetic, Jordan Bacic, Tom Rolls, Callum Eddy, Josh Hickie
Goalkickers: Lennyn Christie 1, Roy Yeatman 1, Nicholas Munkley 1, Kobe Broome 1, Ezra Charlie 1,
Best Kevin Clarke, Philip Stumer, Ezra Charlie, Gavin Greenoff Junior

Coaches’ awards

North Queensland- Joel Karwan

Gold Coast North – Clay Cox

Gold Coast south – Ethan reeves

Brisbane North  -Corey Wagner

Kickstart U15 – Kevin Clark

Brisbane South East- Ben Keays

Sunshine Coast – Soul Cormick

Brisbane West – Oliver Ritchie

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