AP Cup QF: Palm Beach v Magpies

Join community footy writer, Beth Newman, for all the live action at Salk Oval between Palm Beach and the Magpies.

5:05pm: It’s all over. Hope you enjoyed the updates. I’ll be back tomorrow with all the action from Sir Bruce Small Oval, as Surfers and Grange fight for their seasons.

5:02pm: FT Magpies 19.15 (129)  – Palm Beach 9.11 (65)

It was a magic day at Salk Oval for the Magpies, as they played themselves into a major semi final.

After kicking 14 straight to start the game, it seemed little could go wrong for the defending premiers.

Kale Reed finished with five for the visitors, while Alex Dickfos kicked three.

Jackson Emblem was switched to centre half-forward early for the Lions, but it wasn’t early enough.

The home side had plenty of chances, but couldn’t convert.

Nathan Carr finished with four, in a strong performance.

Youngster Thomas Thynne was good on a tough day, while captain Angus Munro led the way for his side as well.

The Magpies now face Springwood in a major semi-final next Saturday against Springwood, with a grand final spot at stake.

Palm Beach will host one of Surfers or Grange at Salk Oval in the minor semi-final next Sunday, in a bid to keep their season alive.

5:01pm: The Magpies will have the final say, after a 50 was awarded against Palm Beach’s Blake Schneider.

5:00pm: Palm Beach kick the last in the final minute, cutting the margin to 63 points.

4:58pm: Carr misses another set shot, and that’s been the story of the Lions’ day today. They’ll be relieved to have another chance after a tough day at the office.

4:58pm: The heat has gone out of this game a bit, as the result has been pretty much decided. Not much time left, and the Magpies have sewn it up.

4:52pm: Emblem lines up for goal, but it drifts left. Palm Beach still taking the game on, and have plenty of run.

4:47pm: Judson kicks another for the Magpies, running through traffic, and it might be time to call it, as the Magpies lead by 72.

4:42pm: Anthony Corrie is being helped from the ground after a collision. Could be a massive blow for the Magpies’ finals chances.

4:40pm: It’s not going far past the Magpies 50 at the minute. Lions’ defenders, Sam Bourke and Brent Pearson.

4:34pm: Fourth quarter underway and it’s only taken two minutes for the Magpies to score and it’s come from Billy Moorhead.


A 10-goal last term has seen Aspley topple the Southport Sharks in their NEAFL qualifying final at Fankhauser Reserve, 17.10 (118) – 10.14 (74)

At Wynnum, Coomera has a one-point lead in the SEQAFL Div 3 grand final.

SPOTTED: Springwood and Grange coaches hanging out at Salk Oval – keeping an eye on the competition.

4:24pm: THREE-QUARTER TIME: Magpies 17.9 (111) – Palm Beach 7.8 (50)

It’s going to take a mammoth final term for Palm Beach to get over the Magpies at Salk Oval.

The third was an arm wrestle but it wasn’t to be for the Lions, who butchered their chances in front of the big sticks.

Kale Reed has continued some sensational form for the Pies, kicking five in three quarters, while Alex Dickfos has four.

Richard Wenham stood up well to the Lions’ barrage in that quarter.

It’s been a quiet day for Palm Beach’s big guns. David Manning was strong in the third, and looks right to run out the match.

4:22pm: It’s FIVE for Kale Reed. He has had a sensational day and this is the icing on the cake.

4:19pm: FOUR for Alex Dickfos! Slots it with ease and the Magpies are 53 points up, 25 minutes into the third.

4:18pm: Spent a few good minutes in the Lions’ Forward 50, but the guy who’s had the most touches is the Magpies’ Richard Wenham.

4:15pm: It’s been a great quarter for Palm Beach’s David manning, but he just limped off, wincing. Potential groin issue, perhaps?

4:13pm: No-one can take a mark at the moment, with both sides laying the pressure on thick.

4:10pm: The ball is parked on the Magpies half-back line, but neither side can make much headway.

4:04pm: Jesse Derrick replies for the Lions, but goal for goal isn’t going to be enough.Palm Beach trails by 45.

4:02pm: Alex Dickfos takes a strong grab for the Magpies, and kicks his third, putting the Magpies back on track.

4:00pm: After kicking 14 straight, the Magpies have now scored four behinds, making them look a lot less invincible.

3:55pm: Carr opens the scoring for the second half with a behind, and maybe the Lions will have to do this one point at a time. Not sure there’s enough time for that, lads.

3:54pm: And we’re back.


Looks like an upset brewing in the Division 3 grand final. At Half-time, Beenleigh leads minor premiers, Coomera, 7.8 (50) – 4.8 (32)

3:37pm: HALF TIME Magpies 14.3 (87) – Palm Beach 6.6 (42)

That second term was a lot better for the home side, who managed to cut the flow of the Magpies.

The visitors’ super accuracy, with 14 straight to start, has certainly blown out the margin, and it is set up for a far closer back half.

Jackson Emblem at centre half-forward was sensational for the Lions, while captain, Angus Munro, is standing up, in the half-back line.

Brady Allen is playing a super game on the big stage for the Magpies, on the wing, while Jimmy Rozynski was blanketed a little in that second term.

3:32pm: You might as well call me the mozz, because the Magpies just kicked their first behind. Sorry guys.

3:31pm: While the Lions struggle in front of goal, the Magpies simply can not miss. Pope slots his second, taking the Magpies’ score to 14.0 (84) in the 24th minute of the second.

3:29pm: Carr has another miss. Palm Beach have done well stopping the Magpies momentum but can’t convert their opportunities this quarter. Magpies’ Reed slots his fourth, from right on the arc. They haven’t kicked one for a while, but this makes up for it. 13.0 (78) – 6.6 (42).

3:24pm: Magpies under super pressure in their 50, and some sensational rebounding from Blake Schneider leads to a goal for Ben Heffernan-Roper.

3:21pm: Munro boots it forward and Emblem loads up from outside 50. It hits Carr, who faces a tricky shot from the clubhouse boundary. He misses, and the score is Magpies 12.0 (72) – 5.4 (34).

3:20pm: Of course, as soon as I typed that, Palm Beach got one, cutting the margin to 39.

3:19pm: The home side are building in confidence, dominating the inside 50s this quarter, but they simply can not convert.

3:17pm: Carr lines up straight in front about 35 out and he’s MISSED!

3:16pm: Jesse Derrick lines up from the boundary, but it flass to the right. 12.0 (72) – 4.2 (26).

3:15pm: Carr loads up from outside 50 and it’s straight into traffic.

3:13pm: Magpies reply with a second from Dickfos, who is having a blinder this quarter.

3:12pm: Jackson Emblem has been thrown into centre-half forward and it is paying dividends for the Lions already, giving the homeside a strong marking target.
Jesse Derrick kicks his first from a goal square snap, and the margin is back to 41 points.

3:09pm: Jackson Emblem sprays a shot for the Lions and Alex Dickfos replies with a goal for the Magpies, making it 11 straight.

3:00pm: QUARTER TIME: Magpies 10.0 (60)  Palm Beach 3.1 (19)

It’s been all Magpies at Salk Oval in the first term. Jimmy Rozynski leads the classy midfield brigade, and they have been carving it up.

Kale Reed has been on fire in the forward line, leading the goals with three.

Palm Beach are looking a bit lost, with their signature grunt missing a little.

Youngster Thomas Thynne has been good, and once Jackson Emblem went to full back, he combined well with Sam Bourke to stop the flow a bit.

Nathan Carr has kicked all the Lions’ goals, but they really need to spread the load.

3:00pm: Judson goes for a run through the guts, boots it to Reed and the Magpies have kicked 10 straight ,with 10 seconds left.

2:57pm: Val Pope hurt the Lions last time they played and he snaps his first of the afternoon, taking the Magpies to nine straight goals, and a 35-point lead.

2:54pm: Carr builds up from outside 50, but the shot falls short, and the Magpies have achance to rebound.

2:53pm: Carr kicks his third and the Lions are down by 29 points, with 23 minutes gone.

2:52pm: It’s been hard going early for the Lions, but youngster Thomas Thynne is playing with poise off half-back.

2:51pm: Reid Dobson kicks his first for the day, off a Palm Beach turnover. It’s now  8.0 (48) – 2.1 (13).

2:49pm: Anthony Corrie in a race to the line and it looked like the ball beat him, but it went through untouched off the boot of Brady Allen, and it’s a goal!. Allen’s second.

2:46pm: Apologies for the gap, had some technical difficulties. In the meantime, Nathan Carr has kicked two for Palm Beach, and the Magpies got one back. Score is 6.0 (36) – 2.1 (13).

2:40pm: Former Magpie Matt Dillon has the Lions’ first shot, but it drifts left and the margin is now at 29 points.

2:38pm: Gerard Moore kicks yet another for the Magpies. 5.0 (30) – 0.0 (0).

2:37pm: It is raining goals for the Magpies. Youngster Brady Allen slots one, and they’re up by four.

2:35pm: The Lions midfield is looking out of sorts early. The classy Zane Murphy just kicked straight into the opposition.

2:33pm: The Magpies are blitzing the Lions at the centre clearances, and they have gifted Corrie with a shot from point blank range. They’re up 18-0. Palm Beach has some work to do.

2:32pm: Absolutely frenetic pace to start. Reed about to line up for a shot at his second. He’s kicked it and the Magpies are up by two.

2:30pm: It hasn’t taken long. The Magpies have kicked their first, through Kale Reed.

2:30pm: And the siren’s gone. We’re underway at Palm Beach.

2:17pm: Sides as named today.

2:04pm: Around the grounds

At Wynnum, UQ Div 3 reserves narrowly defeated Coomera,16.7 (103) – 14.8 (92), to claim back-to-back flags.

2:03pm: It’s been a good morning of footy for Palm Beach, who just defeated UQ in the reserves qualifying final. Could it be an omen for the Lions this afternoon?

It’s certainly a beautiful day for it.

2:00pm: Welcome to the first AP Cup live finals blog. I’m at Salk Oval as Palm Beach take on the Magpies for a shot at Springwood and the grand final next week.

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