AP Cup first semi final: Lions vs. Demons

We bring you all the live action from Salk Oval this afternoon, as the Demons and Lions fight it out to survive another week.

4:54pm: PALM BEACH 16.12 (108) – 7.11 (53)

It’s another grand final rematch next weekend, after Palm Beach beat Surfers today.

The Lions set up a preliminary final match against the Western Magpies at Grange next weekend, after a comfortable victory at Salk Oval.

Surfers fought hard all day, and played with a super intensity but butchered their opportunities in front of goal, and were punished the other way.

The visitors had all the momentum going into the final term, but the Lions got the first goal, courtesy of Ben Heffernan-Roper.

It was a stalemate for much of the rest of the quarter, but Palm Beach’s first-half dominance ended up proving a lot of the difference.

The only sour note for the Lions was the loss of captain, Angus Munro, who finished the game on the bench with a heavily iced right hamstring.

The Demons were left to contemplate their second straight semi-final defeat, while the Lions prepare for a shot at the 2013 grand final.

4:51pm: Not much space for either side, but Surfers’ start has come back to haunt them, as they face a second straight semi-final defeat.

4:48pm: Jesse Derrick gets one for the Lions and they’re cruising now. Up by 54.

4:46pm: Angus Munro is watching on the sidelines, with a heavily iced right thigh. Quad or hamstring issue, by the looks. Not a good sign for the Lions.

4:46pm: Josh Grocoggna kicks his second for Surfers, but it’s little consolation for the visitors.

4:45pm: Nathan Carr has absolutely launched one from the centre square and only an unlucky bounce on the line stops it from being a major score.

4:44pm: Surfers captain, Jacob Clark, takes a super mark on the goal line, continuing a solid performance for the defender.

4:43pm: Even the bounces are favouring the Lions now, as Darryl Dyson squeezes one through for Palm Beach, and they lead by 47.

4:41pm:  Things are at a bit of a stalemate here, as Dylan Armstrong lines up for a shot. But it’s another behind for the Demons, who’s scorecard now reads 6.11.

4:37pm: Tyson Dyer has just come off looking to be in a bit of pain.

4:34pm: Some vicious growls exchanged – oh wait, it’s just some dogs. Carry on.

4:31pm: Clint Kelly kicks another, as the Lions stretch it out to 44 points.

4:28pm: Karl D’Orazio slots a speedy reply for the Demons, and it’s back to 38.

4:27pm: Ben Heffernan-Roper gets the Lions off to a super start, kicking one as he’s brought down in a pack. One more goal and they’ve got a foot in the prelim final, I’d say.

4:23pm: One left. Here we go.

4:17pm: THREE-QUARTER TIME: PALM BEACH 12.6 (78)  – SURFERS 5.10 (40)

Surfers started the second half ferociously, kicking two of the first three goals, and showing improved efficiency.

Youngster Cassidy Haberfield set up three chances, including a superb run down the wing that gave Clint Cassidy a major.

Inaccuracy still plagues the visitors, but their dominance in the middle meant they kept having opportunities.

Tyson Dyer kicked his fourth in the third term, keeping the Lions up by 38 points, but Surfers was clearly the better side.

Lions captain Angus Munro left the ground with what looked like an ankle issue early in the term, in a major blow for the home side.

It’ll be a big ask for the Demons in the last, but they are well and truly back in the game.

4:16pm: Matt Dillon has a crack from outside 50 but it ends in a ball-up. Very close  tho three-quarter time now.

4:12pm: Thomas Thynne takes a  strong defensive mark. The kid has been serviceable today.

4:09pm: Tyson Dyer slots another. The Big Fridge has four.

4:08pm: Cassidy Haberfield takes a run down the wing and Clint Cassidy finishes it in style. It’s back to 32 points. They’re back in this and have had all the say this term.

4:07pm: And, right on cue, they notch another behind. Don’t think they’re going to be able to make up 38 points with behinds.

4:05pm: The Demons are showing some confidence now, and displaying their signature run. With a score of 4.9, though, they desperately need to convert.

4:02pm: Noa Corbett kicks a running goal to keep the Demons momentum going. They’re still 39 points down, but they’ve had all the footy this term.

4:01pm: Cassidy Haberfield sets up another opportunity, with the help of Cameron Steward and Jake Ryan, but it ends up with another point.

3:59pm: Cassidy Haberfield has just taken a great mark straight in front but it’s an ordinary kick and it goes through for a point.

3:55pm: Big, burly Nick Barling kicks one on the run and the Demons have a bit of a sniff.

3:52pm: Darryl Dyson slots a quick reply for Palm Beach and the margin remains at 54 points.

3:51pm: Worrying sign for Palm Beach, as captain Angus Munro limps off the ground.

3:50pm: Surfers get their first goal in more than a quarter, with a goal from Jimmy Nancarrow. Perfect start for them.

3:48pm: Aaaannnnd, we’re back. Second half ready to rock and roll.

3:31pm: HALF TIME: PALM BEACH 10.5 (65)  – SURFERS 1.4 (10)

Palm Beach put their foot down in the second term, keeping the Demons to one behind for the quarter.

After the Lions kicked the opening three goals, the Demons’ tackling lifted , but their turnovers from uncontested possessions let them down in attack.

It was clear to see how much the game meant to both sides, with each player showing complete desperation.

But it was Palm Beach who were able to break the stalemate, with another two goals to Clint Kelly and Tyson Dyer.

The Demons did themselves no favours, as their experienced heads and newer faces absolutely butchered the ball.

Their sole second-quarter score came from Jason Torney, whose shot drifted across the face.

3:29pm: Jason Torney has a shot but it falls to the left of the big sticks. Palm Beach leas 65-10 now.

3:28pm: Palm Beach has got their swagger back. Jackson Emblem, Jesse Derrick and Sam Bourke have all been sensational the last few minutes.

3:25pm: Thomas Thynne has a shot and the young gun converts. He has had no problems with the big stage this season.

3:25pm: This game is competitive everywhere but the scoreboard at the minute, and that’s got to suck for the Demons.

3:21pm: Tyson ‘the fridge’ Dyer slots his third.

3:20pm: Heartbreaker from Clint Kelly, breaking the deadlock and giving the Lions a 43-point lead.

3:19pm: This is seriously hectic – Surfers have suddenly remembered what they’re playing for. All they need to do is get something on the scoreboard.

3:16pm: Surfers’ pressure has lifted in the last few minutes, as has the intensity from both teams. Plenty of hunger out there.

3:13pm: The pressure is looking to get to the Demons, as Regan Finlay turns it over with a regulation kick.

3:12pm: The goals have stopped for a couple of minutes, but Surfers couldn’t make the most of their first real chance at scoring.

3:09pm: Nathan Carr lines up and the Demons breathe a sigh of relief as it drifts left.

3:07pm: And Palm Beach gets another, this time through Bryce Perry-Bolt, before Surfers have even had an attacking chance.

3:06pm: Clint Kelly kicks the first for the term, and his second for the day. Surfers really need to get one back, or this could get dire quickly.

3:04pm: And, we’re back.

2:59pm: QUARTER TIME: PALM BEACH: 5.2 (32) – SURFERS 1.3 (9)

The Demons came out with intent, but Palm Beach wrestled the momentum back midway through the term.

A run of five straight goals put them well and truly on the front foot, while the Demons shot themselves in the foot despite a myriad chances.

Demons’ late inclusion Josh Grocoggma set the crowd alight early with a screamer for the opening goal, and his side’s only of the quarter.

David Manning has been strong running on the wing, playing a key role in the Lions’ potent counter-attack through the term.

Tyson Dyer leads the scoring with two majors.
Surfers captain, Jacob Clark, has been battling hard for the Demons.

2:56pm: Torney has a shot for the Demons but misses. These early misses could come back to haunt them.

2:54pm: Nathan Carr kicks his first and the Demons will be starting to worry. The Lions thrive on confidence and they are flying right now.

2:53pm: Jason Torney’s forward stint didn’t even last a quarter, moved down as a loose defender again. The Demons coaching stff will be hoping he can emulate his ripper game from last week.

2:50pm: Clint Kelly has the Lions’ fourth straight and they’re out to a 17-point lead.

2:48pm: Ben Heffernan-Roper has a shot but it fades right. The Lions have taken the momentum here, though.

2:46pm: Dyer has a second shot in as many minutes and converts with ease.

2:45pm: Palm Beach has the lead, but it’s been the Demons who have had the ascendency. They need to take advantage of their opportunities.

2:44pm: Simon Fenton gives away a push in the back free and Tyson Dyer kicks the Lions’ second.

2:43pm: There’s not much scoring going on here, but this is a great show of  finals footy, with both sides’ defence more than serviceable.

2:40pm: Matt Carroll slots PBC’s first, and scores a 1.2 (8) – 1.0 (6) in the Demons’ favour.

2:39pm: It’s a game for hard nuts out there today, both sides tackling ferociously.

2:36pm: Barling has taken a super pack mark, and h has a shot from a bit of an angle, and it’s across the face.

2:33pm: It’s parked down the Surfers’ end, with the wind and O’Hare takes a grab but can’t convert. Just quietly, apparently I’m terrible at reading the wind. We’ve got a swirly breeze favouring the cricket nets end of the ground.

2:30pm: Trent who? Late inclusion Josh Grocoggna has taken a textbook speckie right in front and slots the Demons first goal.

2:29pm: Demons coach, Beau Zorko, was true to his word and Jason Torney is starting in attack.

2:28pm: Here we go!

2:23pm: seven minutes to go, and it’s time for my lunch review. Palm Beach has a lovely outdoor BBQ set up, and the patties are pretty good, but no beetroot is a bit of a deal breaker for me.

2:21pm: Surfers heading back to the rooms after their warm up, and it  looks like young gun Harrison Fraser has a fresh cut, business at the front party at the back. He’s got a bit to go before he can compete with the glorious mullet of Palm Beach’s Sam Bourke.

2:08pm: It’s pretty windy down here, with a breeze favouring the clubhouse end of the ground.

2:07pm: SUNS fans look to be able to finish the year with a home win. They’re leading GWS 10.2 (62) – 4.4 (28) in the second quarter now.

The Demons reserves beat the Lions reserves 22.6 (138)  – 7.13 (55).

2:00pm: Final teams are in.

One change for the Demons, with Josh Graccogna in for Trent Mcintyre. That’s a bit of a blow for the visitors.

Interchange will be: Harrison Fraser, Cassidy Haberfield, Cameron Steward and Jake Tooma.

Jackson Emblem is a late inclusion for the Lions, while Kristen Higgs is out.

Emblem will be a huge boost for the side, providing options forward or back.

Interchange for Palm Beach is: Aaron Davis, Ben Heffernan-Roper, Prent Pearson and Tyson Dyer.

1:56pm: I’m at Palm Beach today, ready to see Surfers and the Lions fight it out for a preliminary final spot against the Magpies.

We’ve had two blowouts so far in today’s matches, with Maroochydore defeating Springwood in the colts by close to 100 points.

The reserves is just about done, between Surfers and Palm Beach, and the Demons have put themselves in the twos greand final, currently up by 70 points.

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