Long-time AFLQ supporters Alphasport has prepared a detailed recovery program for flood-effected clubs in Queensland and offered them a free recovery kit.

Twelve senior and junior clubs state-wide were hit by the record-breaking floods which have seen 75% of Queensland declared a disaster zone.

According to AFLQ sources, effected clubs are located in Brisbane, Pine Rivers, Rockhampton, Darling Downs, Dalby, Gympie, Maryborough, Warwick, Nambour and Lockyer Valley.

And as they begin the recovery program Alphasport has offered their help in a tangible sense, and to ensure they are mindful of the threat of disease.

Wayne Messer, Director of Alpha First Aid and Alphasport, has today urged all players, staff and supporters at clubs hit by the floods to take appropriate measures to stay healthy in the weeks ahead.

Working under Queensland Health guidelines, he has put together an Infection Control Protocol in the hope of combating diseases that will be rife as flood waters recede.

It is very important, he says, that all clubs are aware of the heightened risk of inflection on playing fields that have been affected by flood waters.

Recommended procedures are listed below.

Also, Messer has offered an Alphasport kit to all senior clubs (value $155) and junior clubs (value $55) affected by the floods.

AFLQ will be in touch with those clubs shortly to arrange delivery.

Officials are flood-affected clubs with further queries are asked to contact Jane Gillett on 07 3341 8033.

Alphasport Infection Control Protocol

1. Players must shower after training and playing, preferably with a medicated soap such as Sapoderm, Microshield 4% Skin Washa or a PVP (Bedadine style) sponge.

2. Towels must be clear and not shared, and must not be re-used.

3. Grazes and cuts must be cleaned with Betadene or a Chlorhexadine Antoseptic and covered. They will heal much more quickly if they are covered.

4. If you have a fungal infection on your feet notify your club or personal doctor and wear thongs when showering. Apply Canesten, Daktarin or a similar product as soon as possible.

5. If you have a skin infection/boils or a rash notify your club or personal doctor prior to playing or training. It is imperative that any infection be covered whilst training or playing, and that the club medical professional allows you to participate.

6. If you have sutures they will heal much faster if kept clean and dry. A waterproof dressing is imperative.

7. Hepatitis and tetanus shots should be up to date.

8. Mouthguards protect against concussion and damage to
teeth and must be worn.

9. If you are suffering from flu or high temperatures do not play or train. Consult your club medical professional if unsure.

10. Protect against mosquitoes.

All products for infection control are available from Alphasport
Ph: (07) 3341 8033. Email:

Pictured: The main oval at Maroochydore Sports Complex was one of those badly affected by flood waters.

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