AFL Inclusion Championships – final results


The AFL Inclusion Carnival is a week-long competition for footballers with an intellectual disability who compete for their State in a National Championships

States competing in 2015 are South Australia, Victoria Metro, Victoria Country, New South Wales/ACT, Queensland and Tasmania.

Along with playing, teams also get the opportunity to attend AFL matches and have the opportunity to play McDonald’s AFL 9s at half-time of the St-Kilda vs. Sydney Swan match at Etihad Stadium.


5 v 6 Final: Queensland 3.10.18 defeated Tasmania 1.7.13

Goals: Robbie Van Allen 3

Best: Robbie Van Allen, Graydon Poulsen, Shane Walker, Johnny Lawrence, Brad Lawrence – A great team effort

Coaches Comments: No doubt Tasmania came out with a strong desire for the contest. They jumped our blokes showing a clean set of heels and wanted to run.

We slipped into third gear in the third and a strong contest ensued. No one held back, bodies crashing in. In the end, small forward Robbie Van Allen stole the show, entertaining all with a colourful second half.

A fantastic week of football with many news friends and tall stories formed!

NOTE: Graydon Polsen and Josh Correra named All-Australian with Johnny Lawrence Best Queensland player.



Game 5: NSW 4.10.34 defeated Queensland 1.1.7

Goals: Luke O’Neill

Best: Gardon Poulse, Johhny Lawrence, Nick McConnel, Brad Lawrence, Robbie Van Allen

Coaches Comments: Somewhat disappointing as we felt confident. The Busyness of the week has taken its toll. Still, at days end after assisting a special schools competition we all ended up with smiles on our faces.


Game 4: Vic Metro 15.8.98 defeated Queensland 2.0.12

Goals: Robbie Graves 1, Shane Walker 1

Best: Nick McConnell, Zac Kimber, Luke O’Neill, Connor Dixon, Reagen Taylor

Coaches Comments: Tough Day at the offcie with game 4. Rested A few strategically but general aches and pains setting in. Now time for some R & R

Game 3: Vic Country 3.8.26 defeated Queensland 3.3.21

Goals: Josh Correa 1, Graydon Poulsen  1, Luke O’Neill 1

Best: Josh Correa, Graydon Poulsen, Luke O’Neill, Robbie Van Allen, Reagen Taylor, Johnny Lawrence

Coaches Comments: Wow we … What a game! Second and fourth quarter we owned. Rolled the dice at three quarter time in an effort to seal it. That we nearly did, with a last ditch push forward to kick the winner. Alas … nearly, but not to be.

A very strong team effort with our key play makers giving their all. Others all improving as their match knowledge grows.

Looking forward to the coming games


Game 2: South Australia 11.10.76 defeated Queensland 0.0.0

Best: Josh Correa, Graydon Poulsen, Brad Lawrence, Ben Haack, Phillip King

Coaches Comments: A very tough game. South Australia showed a vastly greater knowledge of the game; so much so that we went into our shells.

Tomorrow is another day


Game 1: Queensland 8.7.55 defeated Tasmania 4.0.24

Goals: Josh Correa 3, Graydon Poulsen  1, Connor Dixon 1, Raymond Riley, Robbie Van Allen 1

Best: Josh Correa, Graydon Poulsen, Luke O’Neill, Ben Haack, Brad Lawrence, Johnny Lawrence

Coaches Comments: Sound opening game with great displays of Teamwork as the boys gelled for the first time.

Some cracking goals, including Raymond Riley from Townsville who kicked a goal with his first kick in AFL

Pleasing display as the boys worked hard for each other – Tougher Game to Follow


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