AFL experience for Japanese students

No matter what language you speak AFL translates as fun, a point proved recently by thirty female Japanese students on exchange in Brisbane.

The Sugiyama High School students from Nagoya were treated to an AFL clinic courtesy of host school Mary Mackillop College and AFLQ North Brisbane.

The school’s year 10 Japanese class were on hand to assist their new international friends in learning the skills of AFL which they implemented through games such as ‘Cross the Ocean’ and ‘Bomb the Teacher.’

For AFLQ staff it was also a chance to a learn some Japanese, though we think the students were a little quicker when it came to picking up a new skill …

AFL North Brisbane has developed a strong partnership with Mary MacKillop College over the past 18 months which includes a year round Sport Education program for grade eight to ten female students and last year’s 228 student intra-house competition.

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