AFL Excellence Profile: Narangba Valley SHS

During Term 2, we will profile each of the secondary schools offering AFL Excellence in Queensland. What do the students get up to in class? What are the highlights of the program? Who’s their greatest rival? This week Narangba Valley State High is in the spotlight.

School Name: Narangba Valley State High School – Vipers AFL Academy
Location: Harris Avenue, Narangba,
Students in AFL program: 130
Year AFL became an Excellence option: 2004
Final ladder position 2012: Juniors: 2nd Seniors: 7th
Greatest Rival: Mountain Creek SHS, Sunshine Coast
Staff who run AFL: Scott Gregory, Josh Beattie

What is a focus for your program in 2013?
Development and recruitment of surrounding schools.  Also Indigenous initiatives such as Cherbourg Cultural Exchange, where students bring AFL to the kids of Cherbourg, running clinics, passing on their knowledge and having fun.

What makes your AFL program unique to your community?
It is the only AFL program for school students in the area and was the first in the state to have female participants. The indigenous initiatives the school is involved in leads the way amongst the AFL schools.

Details of a highlight for your program?
Students from Narangba Valley High School’s Vipers AFL Academy annually play host to students from the Tiwi College as part of the school’s ongoing closing the gap initiative.
In a relationship that has continued to flourish, students from both schools join together forming the now famous ‘Tiwi Vipers’ combine side, uniting young indigenous and non-indigenous teenagers. Consisting of boys from years 8 to 11, the Tiwi Vipers tour South East Queensland with a mix of footy, adventure and chance to make new lifelong friends.
The relationship continues to grow from strength to strength, with lasting friendships that continue to shape and improve attitudes and perceptions towards a culture different to the daily life of a Narangba Valley student.

What do you and the students get out of the program the most?
A sense of community within the Narangba Valley Vipers both at school and in the community.

Who do you and your staff support in the AFL?
Brisbane Lions and Sydney Swans.

What is the greatest achievement of your schools’ program?
Junior Brisbane Lions Cup Premiers 2004

What is a personal highlight for you as coach/manager of the AFL program?
Seeing students from non-AFL playing backgrounds succeed on the footy field through perseverance and determination.

Example of a positive outcome from the program?
We have a young Year 9 boy who has turned up to every training session three times a week, he always gives it his all and never lets anyone down. The only thing is he is extremely short and had never played for us until last game when he was called upon at late notice. He played really well and showed some of the bigger boys up!

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